Smart Pet Feeder WIFI App Control Automatic Cat Feeder Timed For Dog Cats

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Andy Ma
Good feeder with high quality!

Well designed. Well built. Easy to use. A perfect feeder that can control my cat’s weight efficiently. I recommend this feeder.

Fatty's Feeder

Yippee!! I finally found an automatic feeder that I can actually make work. It's sleek and cool looking. I've tried many, they can be complicated to set up but this one is not and run by an app. I've read so many reviews on how difficult it was to pair with wifi, I had no issues. I did a test run, food came out and Fatty came running. Fatty needs to slim down, this feeder is ideal for timed and perfectly portioned meals. My one problem, perhaps it's just my unit but AA 1.50 V batteries do not fit the unit and why I gave it 4 stars. Maybe it's me but I can't fit batteries into the machine. It's okay, I'll use it plugged in but battery back up would be helpful. Buy this feeder, you won't regret it.

Lindsay S.
Love it!

I'm really loving this feeder so far. I've had a few others in the past and so far, this is my favorite.

- I love the stainless steel bowl. Stainless steel is supposedly better because bacteria can't grow as easily.
- It seals really well! I've had issues in the past with food getting stale in self-feeders, but this one seals well at the top and around the dispenser when not in use. It also has a spot for a silica gel packet, which also helps keep the food fresh.
- It's on the small side, so it doesn't take up too much space.
- The portion sizes increase in very small increments, so it makes personalizing meals very easy. I don't like it when self-feeders have like, four portion size settings because it's harder to get it just right.
- Most of the pieces can come apart to be washed in the dishwasher! Major plus that other self-feeders I've had do not include.
- The app will notify you if there's an issue with the feeder (low on food, jammed, etc.), which is nice.

Cons (all minor things that I want to point out, but don't affect my score):
- The app is a bit extra. There's a lot going on and it can be a bit confusing at first. It's fine once you set everything up, and some might actually like all of the extra features, but it just doesn't need to be as fancy as it is, in my opinion.
- Although I do like the bowl, I still wish it was a tad bit shallower. It's also not quite as tilted as I expected.
- The food storage is on the smaller side.
- This is definitely just for cats. I actually think this is a plus, because I don't like how most feeders seem like they're for dogs, but cats can also use them. I like that this is sized for a cat, but I'm noting that in the con list, just in case someone was looking for a dog feeder.

Works great!!

Easy to use! Cat runs every time it comes on

Indah Citra
Best cat automatic feeder!

I love this automatic cat feeder, less chore to fill kibbles for my kitten, save time and the app is easy to use.