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Talking Pet Starter Set


Talking Pet Starter Set – 4 Pack Recordable Buttons for Dog:

Sized for Dogs Big and Small!
Measuring 3.5″ in diameter, these speech buttons are ready to help dogs of all sizes share what they have to say!

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Teach Your Dog to Talk!
Discover the only pet communication tools with easy step-by-step guides written by Christina Hunger, speech pathologist and creator of the talking dog movement!

Recordable Speech Buttons!
This set’s 4 speech buttons are recordable—use them to teach words like “food,” “play,” “bed,” and more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
T. Sanders-smith
Great training and communication tool!

We opened this Christmas Day and my 1.5 yo dog got it in 4 days. We did Hungry, Outside, Play, and Mommy for his words and he is using all! He pushes the buttons...repeatedly to get what he wants. I will definitely be purchasing more buttons!

HINT: Speak loudly close to the speaker, especially with certain words like Play...even give enthusiasm in tone...they will feel it.

Yolanda hoffman
Sadly, didn't last.

I was so excited to order this! I've been following Stella for months now on social media, and thought my dog would pick it up so quickly! Well... he's a Dutch shepherd who's too smart for his own good. He was extremely interested in them when we set them up, to the point of picking them up and dropping them to make sounds. He began communicating through them and we respected each request when he pressed them! But a week after getting them, he tore them up while we were gone for an hour. He's not a destructive dog unless balls are involved, so we didn't even think to put them away while we were gone. Unfortunately my dog won't be able to talk until I figure out a more indestructible way to communicate with him :(

Dawn McAferty
Great tool for communication

Easy to record and re-record, buttons are large enough to be easy to access for puppy feet. Recording sound quality is pretty good for the price point. Having fun teaching my girl how to use them!

She learned in 30 minutes!!

She really wanted a snack !

Amazing product

My dog is legitimately learning to communicate with this item. So cool!