Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy

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Carlo Nicolino
Big lab loves it

This has been an excellent source of stimulation for our dog. He tips it over, pushes it around the house, and carries it around. He does drop it too so be wary of hard floors, this thing is heavy. The internal adjustable orifice is a great idea, since he is able to open the outer door, which I guess enhances the game for him. He does like to chew the top, but the internal threads are unaffected so it still works fine.

My German Shepherd loves getting his meals in his Bob-a-Lot

I wanted something to make my German Shepherd's meals more fun. I also wanted to slow down his eating since his breed is prone to get bloat. From the first time I fed him in the Bob-a-Lot, he loved it. When I am loading his kibble into the toy, he does a little happy dance. I am also thrilled that it is taking him about 15 minutes to eat instead of 30 seconds. He is also having a wonderful time. My almost 4 year old dog is very laid back, easy going and not a chewer.

So for my dog, this is a home run. I have a complaint. It would be much better if the narrow part of the top of the toy twisted off to make loading the food in, and cleaning the toy, much easier. It takes me a few minutes to get all his food through the little hole on the top.

Does what it says it can do! Yea!

The smaller version is bottom heavy so when my Chihuahua swats the top it can rock and pop back up. The best part is that the two openings, one on top and another on the side, have sliding doors that you can open wider for bigger treats and close smaller for smaller treats so the flow out can be adjusted. At first I thought it was too heavy for my young Chihuahua, but she figured it out and won't stop swatting it until it's empty. My medium sized dog who is older, won't bat it over to get the food out, but she stays close to the action to grab a treat when the other dog bats it and food comes out. While it keeps both dogs' attention, I'm freed up from the busy body Chihuahua who always wants my attention. So, I'm happy with the product. Finally, one that does what it says it can do! Yea!

A fascinating toy

I got this to help keep my puppy busy, and it's working. He was immediately interested in it. I wasn't expecting my older dog to like it, but she does. This is the small size. In the photo, you can see it compared to our two month old Brittany and our 65 pound pit mix. It seems a bit big for the puppy right now, but that's good because he won't outgrow it in a couple of months.

I've been using his puppy kibble to fill it, with treats mixed in. The little training treats like Gooberlicious or Nutro work well, but I think larger ones like the Charlie Bear disc shaped treats wouldn't. I like that the hole can be adjusted for different treat sizes, and to make it easier or harder to get them out.

If my pitty was left alone with this, she could pretty easily break it apart. It's a durable toy, but the small size would not be a good match with a large, strong chewer.

Brian Mullins
Durable dry dog kibble dispenser toy.

This is an edit to my original review after using this for a year. My 65 pound yellow lab enjoys this toy. It is weighted well, and a good size, allowing it to wobble back and forth when it is nudged by a dog’s nose. The toy is thick plastic and is very durable. When you introduce the toy to your dog, wobble it a few times and they will learn quickly to do it on their own. I cut out the inside filler plate to allow easier filling. It is fine as it is but I like the kibble to go inside easier. I plan to post a picture of my suggested modification. I had small Shelties visit and it worked well for them too.. The large top cap is thick chew resistant plastic. I recommend this food dispenser. I highly recommend this feeder.