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Rubber Puppy Chew Ball with Squeaker


Squeaky Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Rubber Puppy Chew Ball with Squeaker:

Squeaky toy relieve boredom and develop dog’s healthy habits
Non-toxic natural rubber materials to ensure safe play
Squeaks attract the dog’s attention and inspires dogs to keep playing
The surface groove is convenient for the dog to grab and bit in touring games
It is a necessary interactive toy for owners and their love pets

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Interact with Your Dog
Use this toy to play roving games with your dog. The irregular bounce adds to the difficulty of catching it. In the interaction to enhance your relationship, let the dog love the game and you.

100% Safe
The raw materials are natural rubber purchased from Southeast Asia, and the unique formula makes the rubber extremely elastic and durable. Without any chemicals, the rubber will generate a rubbery smell that attracts dogs, helping your dogs learn appropriate chewing habits.

For Squeak-Loving Dogs
Featuring a built-in squeaker, the EASTBLUE Squeaky toy grabs dogs’ games of fetch.It’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Outdoor Play
Durable, highly elastic rubber is strong enough to withstand the high intensity of a dog’s outdoor activities. Safe chewing toys make games more exciting.

Bring More Fun To Your Dog

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Best little football.... Puppy Approved 5++

My puppy absolutely loves this little football.... My puppy is about 8 months old. He is absessed with this little blue football. He was amazed at the movement of the football. He discovered it squeaked. He throws it up in the air and plays with it... He takes it everywhere he goes outside and inside the house. He chased it all the way to the woods. It is the first thing he gets when he first wakes up in the morning. It is durability and sturdiness is a 5+. I have gotten him several toys and other then his piggy this is now his new favorite toy. I can't say enough about his little football. It is great value for the money. This blue little football keeps my little dogs interest the way it wobbles at times. He is soooo happy playing with it.... When I ordered it I thought it was a regular football but it's movement keeps his interest and it squeaks and that is a plus. I would definitely order it again. I wish this company had other toys made like this one.... It is a Awesome little toy that is made tough and will last... So pleased with this little blue football. The only thing is... I just wished I had found it sooner.... I am relieved that I know it is safe for him to chew on and nothing being chewed off of it... Very happy that my baby loves it sooooo much ❤️

Cinthya Parker
Fun dog toy

Boone never knows where this football is going to land. So funny to Watch . He like it

My Eyes Are Up Here!
Reaper, our Belgian Malinois can’t kill it!

We have subscription toy services for heavy chewers. Reaper, our 7 month old Belgian Malinois, kills all those toys. He especially loves to kill rubber toys. I didn’t have much hope for this cute little blue squeaky toy.

It’s still alive! And in perfect shape. He plays with it all the time, chewing and chewing. No damage. His teeth sink in and the toy survives. I’m sure eventually it’ll give up and go to toy heaven but it’s outlasted all those expensive subscription heavy duty chewer toys!

Best toy we’ve purchased for the price so far.

Laura Strother
Heavy Duty

This is the first toy my puppy ( 5 Months) has not chewed up. She is not able to make it squeak yet. I can toss it around in the yard and it does have a little bounce to it. It is tough and heavy duty. Needless to say it was suppose to be an outside toy... She totes it around with her. Very pleased.. I have a box of toys she has either destroyed or has no use for.

joseph r gilmore
Obama Approves!

Obama🐶 loves this ball. As a Pit Mix, he likes to destroy, but not this one. He is a rescue and never had dog toys, this is the only toy he has that he learned to squeak! This thing is great