Premium Treat Dog Toy XL Extremely Durable Natural Rubber Toy

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Hi Gis
Excellent, durable chew toy

My XL (100+lb) GSD has had this for almost a month and there's barely any sign of wear on it after daily heavy chewing and 1-2 hrs of long range fetch. This is a record for him - usually his toys only last a few days, and he goes through bully sticks in half an hour max. Great toy, would absolutely recommend to people with their own big chew toy enthusiasts!
(Sorry for how dirty it is, he was upset I took it to photograph in the first place)

Pups Were Exhausted!

We bought the two pack. We have two dogs. One Pit Bull and one Lab/Beagle mix. I put their food inside as it said and added water. Put into freezer and when we decided to give them to them we smeared a bit of peanut butter over the opening. They spent a good hour and a half working on these puppies (no pun intended)! After that they were out cold with a nap. It wore them right out. We appreciate that! Winter months are hard when it's too cold to go out and stay outside. So they do not get as much activity.

After they cleaned them out of their food, which shocked me at how well they cleaned them out, haha. I took them from them so that they couldn't start trying to rip it apart. The Pit Bull has jaws of steel and can get through even a Kong. So this product will only be used for the purpose of giving them something to do while filled with food. Otherwise I get them back for cleaning and storing after they are through.

Price Point...

Just as good if not better than Kong due to the price. I got the XL Kong and XL Chew King. Main and MOST important difference - I got TWO Chew King for less than I paid for a single Kong.
They're the same size and width essentially. The Chew King feels a bit harder maybe but not by much - May add to durability in the long run. All in the only downside I can see is that Chew King does not have an XXL size which I may end up needing for my Daniff (Great Dane - Mastiff).

Better than black Kong! (Like, WAY better)

New dog, extreme chewer. He doesn't eat the pieces so we let him destroy a toy to the end.

He had two black Kongs at the same time that he'd play with interchangeably, one large and one extra large. They were both completely destroyed to bits within 6 weeks, so each one last about 3 weeks on its own. (And cost $14 & $20, respectively)

I gave him one Chew King 3 weeks ago. It has some tears down the seams because of the way he chews on it, but overall it's still in one piece. I hope to remember to update this review when he finally destroys it to give a final lifespan.

Considering within 3 weeks the Chew King is still almost completely intact, vs the competitor which is completely destroyed. The value is unmatched.

Aside from the durability, my dog LOVES this toy - almost an unhealthy amount. He barely plays with other toys, he carries his Chew King everywhere, and even keeps it nearby when he naps. Sometimes I have to take it away or he'll be too preoccupied to go to the bathroom!

I may never need to buy another type of dog toy again.

Mia Gulan
Best quality/size/price ratio

This is my second or third time buying a two pack of these. Not because they don’t last, but because I want more to make my meal prepping for the dogs easier. This is more durable than the Squirrel Dude, bigger than the large kong extreme, and you get TWO for the price of what you’d normally pay for one of those other brands.
I love that it fits an entire meal for my 45lb dogs. I mix kibble with some canned, stuff it and freeze it. Each of my three dogs gets one every night during TV time so I can have some peace and quiet.