Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy

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Make pet exercising a real treat!

Delight in having the smartest, healthiest pet on the block. Exercising your dog or cat is fun, easy and effective with the Memory Puzzle Activity Trainer from Arf Pets. Designed for memory improvement and exercise, the versatile activity trainer encourages your pet to run and play by rewarding with treats: Each time your pet presses the remote release button, an exciting sound plays, and treats dispense into the feeding tray. Increase the difficulty level by placing the remote release unit in another room. Give your fur-baby a healthy dose of daily exercise and a doggone good time with the activity trainer from Arf Pets in your cart today!

Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy
Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy
Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Puzzle Memory Training Activity Toy

Customer Reviews

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Heather Hinderman
Two German Shepherds love this!

They LOVE this. Two GSDs. TIP: if on a counter like mine, take the tray out or treats get stuck. I mix half kibble, half soft treats & no problems, they love, love, love it.

Only three days to learn how.

Took about three days to get to this point. Really happy to give him another thing to use his mind towards. There are two small pieces I’m not sure what they do but I don’t really need anything with them I wish the company sold proper sized natural dog treats to easily order with it. Very happy and would recommend. To everyone training: I started by saying “press it” and pushing his paw into the button. Then after a day, I waited for him to put his paw to the button but helped him actually push. Then after another day I barely helped him push. Now I just say “press it” and once in a while point to the button. I’m sure he will be doing it without me saying anything really soon. 10 year old maltese.

Annie Brown
Great Fun for Food Motivated Dogs

I read the reviews and they seemed positive so I decided to order this product. Some people said that their dogs didn't learn to operate the dispenser and some said that their dogs caught on right away and it took others awhile. I have 4 dogs. My blind and deaf 19-year-old Fox Terrier kept walking across the activation button and then smelling the food and eating it. My big Pomeranian, seen with my Maltese in the video, picked it up in less than a day. In fact, as seen here, he had realized that none of the other dogs were catching on so he sits by the button dispensing treats for them. My older Pomeranian is mildly interested. :) This has been a lot of fun. We have to put it up or they'll empty the dispenser though.

Toy works well

I was able to teach my Great Dane to use this in about 5 minutes, it took my Border Collie a couple of days. It's not the most durable toy so dogs should be supervised when using it, but they seem to like it (it's interesting to watch two dogs vie for it).

Hailey M.
Worth every penny!

This is an amazing product! My Pitbull loves this toy! Its easy to learn, keeps her entertained, and loves it with food and treats. It is light weight, but nothing that takes away from the fun!