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Pet Snails Snuffle Mat Slow Feeder


Interactive Dogs Puzzle Snails Plush Toys Nonslip Pet Snuffle Mat Slow Feeder:

Whether you’re looking for an exciting birthday, Thanksgiving ,Christmas or Valentines day dog gifts?Don’t miss Spanomic dog squeaky animal chewer stuffing plush toys.

Brain stimulation – Dogs will find hided treats through explore,it’s a mental exercise for them,as we known,10 mins snuffle exercise equals to 1 hour of physical exercise.

Longer – It got 28 inch long,they can play tug-a-war /tugging/fetch/flops around /swing around/toss up,it will keep them busy and happy, interactive play dog toy.

Great dog toys for small little medium large breed dogs.

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This lovely toy with 3 attractive round noisemakers. Easy carry for small dogs, toss and roll will keep delivering sound to make entertainment.

There are multiple pockets on the body of snail for hiding pet food or treats which allows the dog finding food themself ,It can slow down dog eating and also train dog’s nose & IQ.

This plush toys pack for dog are made of polyester and got very soft plush, which is safe to your dogs and it can protect dog’s gum clean teeth.

Bring More Fun To Your Puppy

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Adams
Best investment I've made. I need more!

Great invention. My dog loves this toy and is holds up for a long time. Well worth the money. My dog loves it. She bring it to my room and throws it at my feet and sits.

Best Toy

My 17-year-old baby had gotten to the point where all she did was eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep. So i got this for her just for the heck of it especially since it's soft it won't hurt her little old teeth but I wasn't expecting much. Turns out she LOVES it! Highly recommended.

Jackie Zigman
A great find!

I love this thing already. There are not many Toys my 12 year old basset still likes to play with, and when I came across this I was just looking for something to challenge her mentally just a little. For the price I figured why not try it. First I didn’t realize it squeaks so that’s just a bonus. But it’s a pretty neat toy. My dog liked it immediately (obviously the treats were motivating) but even with just a small one she liked it. It took some time for her to get it unrolled from the snail position, which gave her something to do. I could see how a dog who crews things might distort it though… with the soft material.. but for dogs who don’t eat their toys it seems pretty great.

Fun snuffling for treats!

I recently purchased this for my 10 lb puppy. She loves it, and so do I! She will spend a good amount of time snuffling to attain the hidden treats. It seems to wear her out a bit and that’s a good thing!

I doubt this would hold up to an aggressive dog. She is not aggressive or big and strong.

My dog loved this!

My dog loved this snail. I hid treats inside the long roll out portion and rolled it up for him to find. He’s a squeaky toy killer so he did destroy this toy but he had many many weeks of play before ultimately the toy met his demise. Will purchase another similar toy, these are so great to provide a break in routine and stimulating play.