Pet Food Feeder and Water Feeder Set No Spill Dispenser Automatic Gravity

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Top Ben
very easy to clean

I like it 👌

Cortez Elementary School
Worth buying

Love the water and food feeder.Bought for our cats.They love it.Nice looking and easy to use.My cat cats/drinks a little at a time and i only have to refill it about once every 5or 6 days!Saves a lot of time.Easy to set up,easy to clean,No problems with clogging.I can ive my own life without worrying about going home to feed my pets or whether!i ve used this on several trips recently where it worked perfectly.highly recommend these food and water bowls!Great product..

Easiest pet feeders I’ve ever used!

I like how easy it is to use both the food and the water dispensers. Unlike other units these are extremely easy to clean and refill. I have 3 cats and they all use these for dry food and water.

Brittany Kuhn
Does exactly what it should, water bowl needs regular cleaning.

Been using this for two weeks and the food flows out fine. No need to intervene. My cats get their water bowl dirty, and when cleaning it you do waste some water, just be careful removing the basin. My two cats have gone several weeks before needing any refills. I don’t fill the water and food all the way just to prevent staleness, but you certainly can fill them to the top and go on vacation and not worry.

Natalie Jo
Perfect !

As someone who is away from home almost 10 hours a day for work I didn’t want to worry about my animals running out of food and water while I’m gone. Both of these are very spacious feeders and are also nice to look at (especially the little cat shape on the feeder).
However, the only complaint I have so far is that the food container wasn’t/was difficult to snap together as it wasn’t put together correctly when shipped. But I got it to snap together.
Other than that I enjoy these and so do my animals!