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Pet Feeders Wi-Fi Dispenser APP Control


Automatic Pet Feeders 4L Wi-Fi Food Dispenser with APP Control:

If you fail to connect to the device, please check the following:
1. The default connecting mode should be with Bluetooth, if you still fail to connect, please try again or switch to AP mode.

2. Exit the app and try again.

3. If you still fail to connect, please ask our team for help.

IMPORTANT: Every time you reconnect, you must press and hold the setting button on the feeder for 7 seconds.

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1. This automatic pet feeder is made for dry food only.

2. In order to prevent food jams, the pellet size should not exceed 1.5cm.

3. Do not put your fingers into the food outlet or try to touch the rotor.

4. Do not submerge the main unit in water as this will damage the electronic components.

5. The automatic cat feeders can only connect to the App and operate normally when it is powered by the USB cable. If the power is suddenly cut off, the battery mode can only be used based on the previous settings in the App. Battery mode cannot be used to connect to the app and control the feeder. Note: when in battery mode, the App may not connect to the feeder, meaning a new or existing feeding plan may not be changed.

Customer Reviews

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Genesis M.

AmazIng portion control! Keeps good safe and dry! Highly recommend.

Buena opción

Me gusta el diseño y las croquetas de mis gatos no se atoran y a ellos les encanta

Mel Crow
We have 3!

We have 3 cats and set up 3. That being said it has taken a little bit to get them adjusted to go to THEIR feeder. Also when you go to set the time they don’t all go off at the same time no matter how you try to get them to go together. But it has worked wonders when the cats need to have their food portioned out because they can’t handle self feeders. The part where you set up the portions is VERY confusing and took LOTS of trial and error on my part. Cat weights range from 9-22lbs (which is why we needed multiple feeders)
They have been running about 2 months. So we were confident in their continual running. We just went on a week long vacation. (We did have someone come check just in case) The feeders were the perfect size! We did fill them completely but the lights weren’t red when we got home!
One of the feeders we have to constantly dump the rest back or the other two eat it and that container’s clip broke. Of course that had to be the cat that also would drag her bowl… we swapped it with one of the other containers and it is just fine.
They do have battery back up which I only have put batteries in one to to try it out. That clock seems to not stay consistent and I have to keep advancing it. We thought we would have more need but haven’t so may just take the batteries out unless we are away again…

Amazing! Changed our life!

Really love this feeder. My cat is a binge eater so previously when i fed her she would scarf it all down so fast and throw up almost daily. With this she hasn't thrown up at all. I can space out her feedings into small portions throughout the day and have peace of mind while im at work! She caught on to how it works in just one day!! She hears the feeder go off and drop her food and she goes running. Thank you so much!! Youve given me a peice of mind not worrying about her getting sick and being able to still feed her while im at work or out of town. I only have one cat so i cant speak on how well it holds up to big dogs or multiple pets. Its very durable and super easy to put together and set up. Once you get the hang of it adjusting settings and portions is a breeze. Definitely purchase batteries as backup in case the power fails. The top of the feeder has a lock so you shouldn't have to worry about your pets getting into the top. Cant say enough good things!!

One of my favorite purchases

My parents are on a long vacation. Since their cats are outside, and other animals will sometimes eat their food, then we wanted a way to limit the amount of food in their bowl. I specifically looked for one that would allow me to manually feed them. So we aimed their security camera at it and it notifies me when there's activity at the feeder. If a cat is there, but the bowl is empty, then I simply press the "feed now" on the app to manually release some. For the remainder of the time, you can set it up to automatically feed at certain times. I also like that the hopper is opaque enough that I can see the amount remaining in it. The app was easy to set up and my stepdad just shared his password. Once I logged in, then I automatically had access. I'm always looking for a way to save money and since I don't have to use my gas and time to go over every day, it was well worth it! If you're on the fence, then I'd say go for it! (I excluded a screen shot and short video to show how I use the split screen on my phone to observe that the food is dropping and it's not out or jammed)