LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling for Back Legs


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SUPPORT HIP SLING- Loobani mobility aids is a simple and effective solution especially for elderly dogs, weak hind legs, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, Arthritis pain, IVDD / TPLO / ACL / CCL surgery or other debilitating ailments

MAKE MOBILITY EASILY- Excellent to help your doggy stand up, up and down stairs, get in and out of vehicles, onto furniture, outside for a bathroom break, or to provide some assistance when taking a walk.

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Choose LOOBANI Lift for Your Dogs
Choose LOOBANI Lift for Your Dogs
Choose LOOBANI Lift for Your Dogs
Quick, Easy & Comfy Mobility Aids for Your Dogs with Weak Rear Legs

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arnie fox
hind leg sling

Maybe I bought the wrong size? I have an 80lb lab. so I bought the large. Straps are too long, Sling works ok for horizontal walking vs towel, but I needed for going down steps so it doesn't work for me. Too bad. It is made well

Not for large dogs

The straps don't adjust short enough to use on a medium to taller sized dog. You have to keep your arms bent when using it, thus giving you elbow, shoulder and neck pains. It is also not firm on the area where the straps attach to the sling so that when you pull up, the sling area collapses to a single point of pull on the dog. You might as well use a padded rope. Additionally the hand grip is not attached to the straps and will be the first thing to lose. The whole thing just doesn't work.

This sling is great ! Very comfortable and has adjustable straps.

I bought this for my 91 lb Staffordshire Terrier awhile back because his back legs were getting weak. I'm so glad I did because we've had to use it constantly in the past 2 weeks. Very easy to use and strong enough to support his weight. We also use it to help him get up. It's also washable which is good to know because he peed on it the first time we used it but that was our fault for we didn't remove it fast enough. Wouldn't happen with a female dog.


My mom’s dog had a TPLO surgery and needed a sling. I am a vet tech and see clients with this type of sling, so I ordered it for them. It works great! It is nose and strong. My mom’s dog is 94lbs and it has no problem supporting him! It’s very soft and comfortable for him. It’s been six weeks and the sling is fine even after constant, daily use.

Seems perfect!

Came promptly and is easy to use. Most importantly, my dog doesn’t seem to mind it. The handles are adjustable, which is nice. I’ve also found it helps getting him in and out of the car!