LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys


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IQ Training:The food puzzle toy is designed to provide challenge to keep your pets thinking.For puppies, the slots is a good intellectual development toy,which is a smart toy for puppy brain development.For senior dogs, the mental stimulation toys help to keep your dog sharp through the years,reduce risk of mental decline.

Ideal Pass Time:You have the kind of hectic daily schedule and have no time and energy to play with your pets , but for most them, this can add up to a lot of boredom and loneliness.This food dispenser can offer hours of entertainment,exercise, and overall fun for both cat and dogs.The challenging toys can keep dog busy while you are at work.

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dog puzzle toys

Why We Design Loobani Puzzle Feeder toys?

When you trace the ancestors of dogs, you will find that they spend most of their time on predation. Now, you have all kinds of busy arrangements every day, envious of your dog sleeping all day. However,A day of napping is great. But a lifetime is boring!

The dog puzzle games and toys are designed to fulfill those needs:

  • Keep the dog busy while you are at work.
  • IQ training to reduce senior dog’s risk of mental decline
  • Provide fun, challenge and intellectual development
  • Slow feeder to reduce the risk of bloat, avoids vomiting


Loobani dog puzzle toys

Choose Loobani Feeder Toy - Dogs will love it !!

Loobani Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys
loobani Puzzle Feeder Toys


Don’t get discouraged if you have a puppy or senior dog who has never seen a dog puzzle feeder before, for instance, he may not immediately grasp the concept.

But with a little trial, error and effort (plus some help from you), your smart dog will puzzle out what to do.



Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

Fixed the base – First, align the holes of the two plates, and then fix them with screws(If you can’t see the hole, I suggest light the hole by torch flashlight.)


how to install puzzle feeder toys

Fix the vertical furring on one side – tighten the two screws on the side first, then tighten the screws on the bottom.


how to install puzzle feeder toys

Fix the wooden stick – Select the height suitable for your dog. First use the screw to pass through the vertical plank, then use the wooden stick to align the hole position, and then tighten it.


how to install puzzle feeder toys

Put in the feeder bottles and Fix the another vertical plank on the other side.Put treats in the leaky bottles.

Done! Enjoy the Time!

Reminder: If missing some accessories in the package, please relate with us.

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Customer Reviews

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Loobani is Great!

The Loobani puzzle feeder is amazing! My mini goldendoodle had surgery and couldn't do much of anything. This feeder allowed her to work her mind, eat food, and have fun while doing it. I highly recommend this product!

Kelly Russell
Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder, Unstratified

The balance of the food holders is not good, making them hard for a dog to be able to work them. Watched the video as was suggested and still neither of my Aussies which are smart dogs got the hang of it. When the swing wasn't fluid the jerking motion was more of a distraction then a motivation. Tried to return and was treated terribly by the return department, tell me I could return them at my own cost and with a refund of 30%, when I paid $188.00. I would not recommended this company.

Excellent puzzle toy

This is a great way to get the mind working for the pup! It’s incredibly well made with three adjustable heights and has three openings per bottle for treats to come through. Makes meal time fun, especially for inclement weather days!

Great enrichment toy

This is great for mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs during meal time. It took my dogs a few tries to learn how to use it but now she loves it!

Claudia Carter

Our Bunker loves this. It only took him a few minutes to figure it out.