LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads x2


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ASY TO CLEAN & NO SMELL: No assembly, settings are instant, fast and simple, reusable. Easy to clean, wash with soap and warm water in under 10 minutes and let it dry out. The mat comes with special agents built into the backing and the yarn—which helps to minimize odors and prevent the growth of toxins.

PERFECT FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR: use indoor, porches, patios, balconies, backyard, apartment, pet carriage etc, portable and weatherproof, make you and your furry friend’s life more easier.

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Artificial Turf Pet Grass Mat Replacement for Puppy Potty Trainer
Dog Fake Grass Pee Pads
Replacement Grass Mat Cleaning Tips

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Customer Reviews

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A must buy for potty training

A must buy for potty training. My puppy would run off with the potty pads. Once I started using this he stopped. It is worth it to help train your puppy.
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corine kunz
So durable

I have a 40 pound dog using this mat 6-10 times a day and this mat has stood up to abuse, weather, being hosed off and even soaked for a year. Only now have a gotten replacements and that’s just so I can swap them out when washing one. Great product

Frugal Finder
Lacking quality

There are actually two separate pieces of artificial grass in the Box. I did not use this product because when I handled the item the grass was falling out with little manipulation. I Shook it and even more grass fell to the floor. I knew it would not last long, especially since the dog does that scratch kick thing after she pees.

Just ok...

The grass is “cheap” and sheds kind of like an artificial tree. My pup def used it so for potty training purposes, it’s great. I ended up throwing these away and bought a new one from Chewy with a tray under it to really help the absorbency.

Janiece Hayes
What happened to these?

I only ever order my grass pads from here and have been for awhile now, however this most recent purchase is terrible. They were extremely thin, creased, and literally falling apart. Grass was everywhere once I opened them and made a huge mess. Pretty disappointed because now I feel like I have to find another brand for my dog when I truly loved these.... Not sure what happened or if I just got a bad two pairs, but it’s frustrating :(