Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toys Crinkle Squeaky Interactive Burrow Activity Puzzle Chew Fetch Treat

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Brittney Brown
Just enough work for her!

I saw one of the reviews said that the holes were a little small to get the pizza out. YOU’RE RIGHT, but I prefer that because otherwise the fun is over in seconds! I love that there is only one hole and not 2 or 3. She does have to work a little to get the pizza out of the box but she loves it. 10/10 recommend.

C. L.
Best puppy toy, multi use, durable, great value would buy again and again & I have.

Order pizza mutt but we lost a piece of pizza… no longer available in Canada! Found it on Amazon.com for over double the price due to shipping but Lily NEEDS this toy or should I say I need this toy… literally hours of entertainment! Lily love digging treats out of the bag but loves pulling out the pizza pieces to… yes I pd more then double and bought 2 more because I’ll need them down the line and it’s the best puppy toy ever. Put treats in it, pull out pizza , they crinkle & squeak. Found the pizza piece we lost buried in the snow and it still crinkles & speaks!!!

My dogs new favorite toy

From the moment I took this toy out of the Amazon package, my dogs went nuts for these. I think it’s the fact that the pizza pieces squeak and crackle that has made them my dogs’ favorite toy. Perfect size for both my 10 pound dog and my 20 pound dog. They love this toy so much that I’m going to buy a second one to keep in the closet for when they’ve torn through this one!

kea leor
Perfect for teething

I bought this for my 4 month old Yorkie who is teething and chewing on everything except his toys. He seems to like the “pizza box” more than anything because of the sound it makes when he’s digging into it. I love it because it takes his attention away from my socks!

Dayna E.
My dog loves these

They’re so cute and my dog loves them. She hasn’t ruined any of them yet!