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Dog Training Pad Sniffing Mat


The  Snuffle Mat is a clever and simplistically designed educational toy for training your pet and it is both fun and engaging for your pet.

It is a well-designed mat with multiple layers of different colour blades and pockets which can hide food chunks easily. It acts as a puzzle to intrigue your pet’s curiosity and stimulates their brain and nose to search out the hidden treats.

The Snuffle Mat is a large size mat suitable for all sizes of dogs and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Benefits of our Snuffle Mat:

The Snuffle Mat is a fun way to help enhance your pet’s smelling sense and stimulates their brain. Our mat helps enhance their natural snuffing sense to find food, it also helps dogs to slow down their eating and benefits good digestion.
It reduces anxiety and helps with mental stimulation. Our mat is an ideal present for anxious/nervous and older dogs. It is also good for handicapped pets.

The Snuffle Mat, help relieve stress and relax your pet even when left alone at home. It will help dogs conquer their urge to destroy furniture, by calming the pets down.

The Snuffle Mat is Ultra-Soft and tear-resistant. It is made up of sustainable hand-made anti-pilling fleece material and most important dogs are safe and healthy when sniffing.
It is machine washable.

The Snuffle Mat has a non-slip thick material at the bottom that holds it to the floor. It also has two strings to tie it firmly.

You will receive our Snuffle Mat Large (90cm x 90 cm), packed with our Quality Assurance.

Our customers are our priority. And that’s why we invest in our product quality and design. Standing proud of the achievement of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ashley Alvarez

Fantastic, pics say it all.

Phillip Campbell

It doesn’t take her long to find them all, but it gives her 10 minutes of using her natural foraging skills and some enjoyment.
Once she has found them all she still returns looking for more and sometimes finds one or two she has missed.

Great little toy for dogs :)

Murphy Kimberly

Perfect delivery very fast, and the carpet better than I expected.

Doris Meyer

Super fast

Ortega Douglas

Super cute mat! Difficult, so good for the brainwork. Not only let smidgen then he will the possibly try broke to bite. Beautiful!