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Dog Mental Enrichment Treat Dispenser


Interactive Dog Toys for IQ Stimulation & Mental Enrichment Treat Dispenser:

Total with 9 lids, each layer can place up to 3 lids;

The dog can only eat layer by layer from the top to the bottom, each layer can only be rotated after removing all 3 lids by licking;

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Instructions for use:
Place the food from the bottom layer and place the lids on,

Then place food on the second layer and place the lids on.

Finally place the food on the topmost layer and place the lids on.

Each lid has two sides with different heights, the lower side is more difficult for dogs to open, and to the opposite, the taller side is easier.

Extended holes for larger capacity.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful product

My dog loves this puzzle toy!

Dogs need to solve puzzles and use their noses to find things. It's a nice way to bond with your dog; build skills and beat boredom. This toy eliminates the boring of the dog.
The slider design is safe and will not be easily taken off. This toy is big enough, which is larger than I bought before, It’s so durable and suitable for my dog. He loves this toy it keeps them busy for a while. Took the dog 40 or so seconds to figure it out, but he has fun with it..

Good Quality Dog Toy

We bought this as the 'third' stage of difficulty for our pup. This did seem to be a step up in challenge for her. The main body of the toy is tough and spins freely without getting bound up. The white caps that go over the food/treat trays are the only piece that has been of any trouble - they are small enough that our dog (~20 lbs) can hold and gnaw on them. We've caught her in the act pretty quick so there are only teeth marks / cosmetic damage (pictured) but if she were to be left alone with the toy I could see her ripping it apart into little plastic bits.

Totaling entertaining!

This treat toy is really strong and well made. It’s so fun and challenging for my dog. Wonderful brain work! Only suggestion is to make the box easier to put the toy back in. The main part fits but it’s really hard to get the bones back in. Besides that little issue, I love this product!!

Great interactive puzzle!

I like to put treats and food in this puzzle to keep my little bunny active. It has easy swivel compartments she can nudge the turntable around with her nose and top lids she can pull off to get access to the food. I do wish the lower tray were a little deeper so it doesn't get stuck on larger pieces of treats but then I just break it up into smaller pieces so it fits.

Works well but it was missing one of the bone covers

It worked well for my 6 month old golden retriever but it was missing one of the bone covers when it arrived. But it worked out as the uncovered food definitely gets his attention and gets him working on the rest.