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Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs

74 Reviews


  • Support & Rehabilitation
  • Safety Protection
  • Emergency Lift Harness
  • Comfortable Material
  • User Friendly
  • Not Fall Off Design


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A help them up harness for your dog to boost their confidence and motivate them to get back to their normal routine

Old-Dogs who reach advanced ages often suffer from reduced mobility, and they may require the help a dog support harness provides.
Injured-A dog lift harness can not only help your dog get around better after an operation, but it can also help prevent her from straining muscles or popping stitches.
Arthritis-Arthritis can occur in response to an autoimmune disease or long-term overuse, but help them up harness can be helpful in both cases.
CCL rupture-CCL rupture is one of the most common orthopedic injuries, dog lifting harness offers support and stabilization.

LOOBANI Emergency Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs
LOOBANI Emergency Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs

More details about LOOBANI Dog Lift Harness—Securely & Comfortably

LOOBANI dog lift harness is specifically designed to support a dog with joint injuries, orthopedic injuries, Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, ACL, or elderly dogs. Give you a way to support your mobility-limited dog.
Our lifting harness provides full body support, and both front and rear legs have straps for protection. You don’t need to worry about your pet falling down the stairs and causing secondary damage.
Great to help dogs up and down stairs, go for a walk, pee, and get in and out of vehicles. Combine a thicker and longer foam padding to protect your shoulder with convenient handles on the side, you can lift a dog with ease.
Breathable fabric and a T-shaped neck design won’t be painful for injured or older dogs. At the same time, the back leg straps add more padding for the sensitive rear legs so the pet will not feel rough on the underside.
Our help them up harness has a urination hole design, tear off the tape, and the male dog can urinate when wearing it. For female dogs, it is better to stick the tape to increase the force area.
With adjustable back straps and safety buckles, you can adjust the tightness and make the sling harness fit your dog better. No need to hold the harness for a long time, it will not fall off when you release the handle.
Please measure your dog’s CHEST & THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE LEGS to choose the right size! The XXLarge lift harness is 15.7inches wide and 39.4inches long.

It is normal that the dog may be scared when wearing it for the first time, please be patient to guide.

1.Let your dog semll and touch the sling to relieve its anxiety
2.Wrap the harness around the bottom of your dog
3.Fasten the buckle on the back and make sure the dog’s genitals go through the hole
4.Fasten metal and D ring
5.If the shortest length still feels too long for your dog, you can choose to cross buckle.
6.Adjust the shoulder strap according to comfort
7.If your male dog needs to urinate, please tear the velcro from the urination holes

LOOBANI Emergency Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs

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Yes, he has no discomfort when lifted, I use it to help my dog get on and off.
No, our support harness has a pee hole design, so your dog can wear it to urinate.
Sorry, we don’t have a separate chest strap extension, the strap is adjustable, you can try to adjust the length of the strap.
It use the harness on my 15 year old dog to help get up/down the stairs and in/out of the car. At first it was weird for both of us,(independent Aussie) but now she steps into the harness with no problems. She just wants to get to flat ground and do her own thing. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable with any straps.
The material of this auxiliary belt is made of high-quality materials, so you can use it with confidence.
Yes, you only need to contact our staff in time after confirmation.

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Doesn’t fit/customer service

We carefully measured our dog. When we tried it on her, it was too small, only coming midway back. I contacted them on chat and have heard nothing in 3 days.

Good but, that one velcro (?).....

I got this for my poor dog, he developed a sickness that lead to a leg infection. For the limited time he had left, this helped us get him around, into cars, and support him. When putting on, remember thar the logo ALWAYS is on his left side (it looks the same backwards as forwards), but there's a weird velcro in the back near the private area that Im still confused how it was intended to be worn.

Nice harness

It looked great. The company was fantastic! Great customer service!

Secure and full support

This appears to be well made. I like the full support through the torso, but I did have some trouble deciding on the right size. I think the size I got based on measurements is a little long for my dog, but that may be my own error. The harness has lots of support and my dog wasn’t crazy about being lifted but he didn’t seem physically uncomfortable, so that’s what would be important. I mostly got this for future and for emergency use, so I’m satisfied with the quality and function.

Kindle Deb
Nice harness

It looked great, but we returned it. My 14 year old Shar Pei passed away before I even was able to try it on him. The company was fantastic! Great customer service!