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Dog Ball Thrower Toy


2 Sets Dog Ball Thrower Launcher Fetch Retrieve Tennis Chucker Scoop Toss Pet:

Measures approximately: 19.7″ L
* 2 Pet Ball Launcher Sets
* Available colors: Black, Red and Blue – SHIPPED RANDOMLY!!
* Measures approximately: 19.7″ L
* Listing includes 2 pc launchers and 2 balls

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2 Pet Ball Launcher Sets Tennis Scoop Toss Dog Play Fetch Games Park Fun Training

* Available colors: Black, Red and Blue – SHIPPED RANDOMLY!!
Dogs love playing fetch and with this Dog Toy Ball Launcher you can play slobber-free with hands-free pickup.
Includes a sturdy plastic launcher and a tennis ball.
Simply fling the ball with the launcher and then easily scoop it back up.
Enjoy a fun game of catch with your fury pal by using this ball launcher dog toy.
It’s convenient for older pet owners and those with an injured arm. It comes in assortments SHIPPED RANDOMLY.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James M

I use it every time I play with my dog. Supposedly, the 26M Launcher throws it farther, but I really want to keep my dog within sight anyway (I live in a big city). This is useful for picking up other balls too. Doesn't have to be this exact ball. I use it for a squishy one that's way bigger, when we play with 2 balls. So I make her drop 1 ball before releasing the other, while she fetches, I pick up the ball that's been released. That way, they come back and I don't have to walk a long distance for the balls (which is the whole point anyway, so I can stay lazy ;)

No dog slime on your hands

My dog is sometimes very smart. But sometimes not so much.

My dog will see me with the empty Chuckit Launcher, and swears to me there is a tennis ball in it. Her eyes ask "why aren't you throwing a ball for me?" I tell her, because you haven't brought the last ball back. But she doesn't understand.

Dumb dog.

(But great product.)

Maurice Cossette
Go Fetch

My dog is now 7. Fetch is her passion. I used to use tennis balls but the white powder that comes out when she finally destroys the ball makes her cough. After years of the white stuff, I decided it's time to get her a better option. I bought this launcher with some ChuckIt! rubber balls. The included ball is weak tennis ball that my dog destroyed in minutes. The launcher on the other hand is topic notch made with heavy plastic. I actually had to relearn how to throw using a launcher after switching from my older cheap launcher to this one. If your pup is showing a love for fetch, don't wait 7 years like I did and just get it now.

Great for OCD sufferers.

I have always disliked playing fetch with my dogs because I get nauseous when I touch the spit/dirt covered ball. I saw this and I thought it was so silly. But I decided to order it after it sitting in my cart for a month and I LOVE it. It easily picks up the ball without even having to touch it, and it helps me to throw it far. I am a terrible pitcher and my dog loves that she can run more than 10 feet away to get it. I really recommend this. As a bonus, my new puppy LOVES chewing on it, especially the funny shaped ball end of it. Great for his teething. This thing is not just a gimmick or for lazy people, it really improves fetch-playing.

Barbara Griffin
Great for small balls and small yards.

This launcher is my favorite size. I have the larger ones but my standard poodle only likes the small Hartz duraplay balls and this launcher works well with them. It is durable, too, as long as my doodle doesn’t grab it for a game of chase.