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Clog-Free Dog Programmable Food Dispenser


Automatic Cat Feeders Clog-Free 4L Automatic Dog Food Dispenser with Programmable 1-9 Portions & Control 1-4 Meals per Day

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Automatic Cat Feeder – Awesome Device for Feeding Your Pets!Can you imagine how nice it would be to not have to worry about whether your pet has been fed on time? Our cat feeder has been a true help in controlling your fur diet healthy feeding routine, no matter what time is it or where ever you are. It makes much easier to care your pet. Easy-to-Disassemble & Clean:This dry food automatic feeder cat is made of easy to clean food-grade materials and food tank, food bowl and lid are detachable designs and washable. Easy to Refill:With translucent dark viewing hopper of devokimi cat feeder allows you to easily monitor the food level and refill timely. No need to worry forget to refill the feeder anymore.

This automatic cat feeders precise portioning system allows you to set 4 meals daily with 1-9 portions per meal feeding schedule.The flexibly programmable feeding plan accommodates the specific need of your pet on a diet or urging for a scientific food intake routine by portioning out the feedings each time. it is the saver food dispenser and a good assistant to take care of your cat or dog, allowing them to live a healthier and more comfortable life.

Easy and quick program to set up on the panel of the automatic dog feeder.The LCD screen displays the actual time, meals, and portion, which will auto lock-up in 30s without any action to prevent tampering. No Wifi required. It is the perfect remedy covering for you to get pets fed while you’re sleeping in(No morning meal calls), working overtime, or going on trips.The manual feed option gives extra food as training reward or complement.

With Clog-free design, the dog food dispenser won’t grind to a halt and be trapped,securing to follow your timer feeding and dispense foods.This 4L Translucent hopper helps you easy to know when to refill and provide dry food for your pets smoothly for 1-2 week. It comes with a desiccant bag to make sure kibble always stays fresh. The auto cat feeder use the BPA-Free Material to protect your pet safe eating.

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Customer Reviews

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This thing is amazing

I used to have to get up at 430 in the morning to put down cat food for my kitty, who will literally start crying if she’s not fed by 431am. I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting one of these sooner, I can FINALLY sleep until a normal time! The voice record thing is awesome too, even from my room which is on the upper level and the opposite side of the house, I can still hear my voice playing out of the machine calling for my cat that it’s breakfast lol. I love this thing and would absolutely buy it for a friend.

Diana Maria Ramirez
Good product … love it

It’s a good product and option when i leave the house

Mary Steffin

Had a hard time setting it up and it does not dispense very much food even at the highest setting.


Great product!

Very useful when you're away.

I really like this product. I got it because I have a puppy who is still feeding 3 times a day so when I'm gone in the morning until late afternoon, she will try to eat everything else unless she gets her mid day meal.

I love that it's programmable and that there is a battery area for backup power. I love that you can set up to 4 feeding times. I really like the locking top feature.

I only wish the portions were a little bigger but I understand this is for a small dog or a cat too. I'm using it for my 5 month pitbull puppy.

Overall, a great product.