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Automatic Feeder Two-Way Splitter


Automatic Feeder Stainless Steel Pet Food Dispenser Two-Way Splitter Double Bowls

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Programmable Timed Feeding – No longer woken up by pets in the morning, no need to worry about pet feeding when going out! Automatic Cat Feeders can provide the timed and quantitative meals for your pets, 1-4 meals a day, 1-40 portions per meal (5 mg per portion). Start customizing a healthy diet for your cats and dogs now!

2-Way Splitter & 304 Stainless Steel Body – Perfect suitable for multi-pet family. This 4.5L cat feeder is equipped with 2-way splitters, baffles, anti-clog design structure, which ensure dispensed evenly between the 2 bowls. The pet food storage container and 2 bowls are made of 304 stainless steel, which can provide the more healthy and hygienic meal for your pets.

Dual Power Supply Design – Even if power outages, no worry about the cat food dispenser not supplying food. This Automatic Cat Feeders is powered by 5V DC adapter and/or batteries. Even if the pet feeder power outages, 3 alkaline D-type batteries will keep the equipment running normally. In addition, it equipped with setting memory, you don’t need to reset the parameters after power off.

10s Voice Recorder – You can choose to call your pet before meals! Long press the “Mic” button of auto cat feeder to record 10s voice, calling your pet regularly and let your voice accompany them every meal. You can also choose to cancel the recording, no voice will be played before the meal.

Easy & Friendly Operation – Easy installation/disassembly + clear programming allow you to get started in 5 minutes. Easy Clean & Support Dishwasher – 304 stainless steel material is easy to clean, support the automatic cat feeder’s food storage containers and 2 bowls were washed in the dishwasher.(NOTE:The main unit with the display can not be washed)

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Customer Reviews

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Marisa C.
iPettie Auto Pet Feeder is so reliable, easy to set and my cats love it. Hungry no more.

I like coz it's so easy to use and very helpful for my two kittens. Hungry no more. 4 Liter just good enough for them.

Jessica Gottlieb
I get to sleep past 6am & the cats are happy

No matter what we did our cats would wake up at 6 demanding food.

This has been a great solution for us - we can feed them automatically up to 5 times a day on a schedule with each meal being a different size.

I love that a portion is small because it allows us to fine tune their meals.

Some people have mentioned that it gets clogged. After several months I realized in horror that we’d been adding kibble to the feeder and never emptying it out in between. Of course it clogged up. With several months of crumbs never having been cleaned out the whole canister was gunky and I’m lucky our cats didn’t get sick. I’d recommend giving it a thorough cleaning every time you open a new bag - which for us is a couple of weeks.

Works great for people with two cats!

The system itself was easy to use and can be also easily adjusted for more/less food. My two cats love it and the divider is great because they never fight over their food. We use this as well as giving them wet food when we are home and it’s the perfect solution for us. If you have animals that have sensitive stomachs and aren’t sure if your cat can handle wet food, try giving them a mix of both so that if you are at work your fur babies will stay fed! 9/10

It does its job

Its a nice product for the price. You can adjust times and portions but sometimes portions per bowl differ also the bowls are too deep for my kitties they do not care for their whiskers to touch it so i put a flat plate on each


Very cool device. Helps for when I’m out work or not home on weekend. The cats quickly got use to the schedule. Set up was simple and connecting was fast. Had to figure out the portion sizes but it’s well worth the purchase. Now I can rest easy knowing my cats will be fed on time. Thank you!