Automatic 6 Meal Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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Great product!

This does exactly what it says it does, it is a 6 meal feeder with easy set up. You will need 4 D cell batteries to be able to get it going. My cat used to vomit in the mornings after eating due to a build up of stomach acid overnight so my vet recommended an automatic feeder so we can feed her overnight and this has been fantastic. I split her daily portions and just let the feeder do the rest! Definitely worth the price!

Brad Compton
Sleep-deprived no more!

My dog has serious heart problems, so she needs heart meds 5 times a day on a fairly strict schedule. For the past year, that's meant rushing home from work, cutting short bike rides, and bailing on parties. And it's meant setting the alarm for the middle of the night.
I've been using my 6-meal feeder for just over three weeks, and so far, it's almost perfect, and it's changed my life for the better. I mix the various meds in with her meals or a few kibbles, and down it goes. She's a lab, so it only took one kibble to train her to it. She hasn't tried to destroy it, nor has she figured out the "feed now" button (surprisingly). For the first couple of days, she camped out on it, but fortunately, that's over now. The other day, I got home from a bike ride at 5, and she was happily fed. Every night, I hear the midnight food drop, and fall back to sleep.
The device seems well-made, and although I haven't used it for a long time, so far so good. I have been carrying it upstairs every night (so she won't break her neck racing for food), so it gets jostled around plenty, with no ill effects. I did manage to break off the silly little control panel door while putting batteries in, but (since she hasn't figured out "feed now") I'm happy to be able to see the display. One quirk: there's a secret OFF button on the back under the control panel. One night, I accidentally pushed it carrying the thing upstairs, and thought it was stone-cold dead until I figured out what had happened.
She's 65 lbs, gets three meals a day, and the compartments are plenty big.
I'm a happy (and well-slept) camper.

Can be used as outdoor feeder on covered porch

I have two ...the first one has been working flawlessly on the original batteries for a month ... until recently two feedings a day. Now I have two units dispensing kibble once a day at different times. This gives me 6 days between fill-ups. Our neighbors, who are kind enough to look after these strays when we are gone have expressed their pleasure at the new set up.

After trial and error I now have a system with these feeders that is raccoon proof (so far). They have been unable to get to the food and the screw on lid, in addition to the very secure storage box, has kept them out.

The maker does not recommend using these outside. My units are on a covered porch and also in a weather proof storage box, and have weathered below 10 degree temps and blowing snow with no drop in performance.

A bit expensive, but all in all a good product.

Cynthia J. Nour
Temporary cat feeder

This feeder was pretty confusing, for me anyway, to set up but after doing so it is working. I have two outside cats that I bought this for when we stay out of town. There are raccoons outside so my husband put a storage box with a locking lid on it that has the bowl sticking out of it in hopes the raccoons don’t destroy it!

Definitely Durable!

In the barely 24 hours that I've owned this, I can at least attest to it's durability! I bought for my very persistent, food motivated cat, in hopes that he would stop screaming at me (particularly in the early morning hours) for food. It was easy to set up and holds a good amount of food for small/medium pet. We came home tonight to discover our Shepherd/Husky mix had discovered the new feeder and attempted to eat the cat food. She knocked it off the dryer and tried REALLY hard to get into it. It's definitely no longer pretty, she was able to get some food to fall out once upside down, but she wasn't able to get the lid undone thanks to the twisting feature this feeder has. Thankful it still works and all that was needed was a refill and time resets.