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How to train your dog to like cats?

Cats? Yes, cats; are unique species. First, the shape of their eyes is breathtaking, that fluffy hair surrounds their skin the feeling is everything, imagine the way they walk; their steps invented the “catwalk” isn’t that beautiful, finally that “meow” sound so cool. So tell me why you won’t love this wonderful creature.

Now a lot is running through your mind. First, you have those eyes fixed to the topic “how to make a dog like a cat” how is that possible? I guessed right, I am not a seer, but I can see curiosity from afar. It is possible to make your dog and cat be the best pals by training your pets.

Who rules dog or cat?

There is no smoke without a fire. Before solving a problem, we must first understand what causes the pain. Dogs from man’s company and its social nature share the same habitation as man and hurt for prey just like them; their instinct is developed around chasing objects that move. Cat, on the other, has a similar trait, too, making these two creatures contradict each. Communication is another factor that can create enmity between your cat and dog. Dogs, for instance, tangling their tails passes a signal of playfulness, but a twist in the bottom of cat irritates them, now imagine what happens when a dog gets close to the tail of a bothered cat, immediately the dog will get a flip of that tail on the face.

Yes, we’ve heard several stories; even some encounter dogs hitting cats but are dogs evil, or are cats and dogs destined not to live in harmony? The answer is NO; they are not. These two pets can be united; in fact, not all dogs attack cats when they see them; some dogs get along with cats so quickly. This can only be possible if your dog is trained and gets to associate with a cat earlier; puppies introduced to living with a cat at their tender will find it comfortable staying with them when they are adults. The ball is now in your court; choose to get these two proper training classes when they are minor or watch them grow and turn your house into a battlefield.

How to train your dog to like cats?

How then can you make your dog like cats?

Training your dog to like cats is possible; no doubt it might take time but trust me, the process is worth it.

1. Teach your dog to be obedient

You might be wondering if it’s only the dog that needs to go through this obedience training; the truth is cats has no problem. They are fantastic and calm until you get on their toes, but see dogs. They jump on cats at every slit opportunity they get. When there is a fight between your dog and cats, the dog is always the cause because they have a higher prey instinct than a cat. Canine picks on every moving object, be it a ball, rodents even other pets; this trait in a dog makes cats fear them a lot. To curb this act, teach your dog basic commands like “come,” “go,” “stay” so you can take total control when there is a fight between your dog and cat.

2. They should interact only when under supervision

To prevent the fight, make sure your dog and cat come in contact with each other only when you are around; your new puppy and kitten should not be left alone unsupervised when you are trying to introduce them to one another for the first time

3. Do a proper introduction

You’ve trained your dog on basic command, and you’ve learned not to leave them together alone; the next thing on the line is to do a proper introduction. Their first contact should be from each other’s crates, reducing the risk of them getting injured. If they maintain their cool in that state, now bring them together in a single room but don’t leave them alone so soon; still, keep your eyes on them.

3. Train your puppy to remain calm around cats

Teaching them basic commands is not enough; training your canine on maintaining their cool around cats. Chasing is a general instinct for dogs, but they try as much as possible to make them understand that being on their best behavior with a cat can be fun. To do this, always ask them to sit in the presence of the cat when they are together. This way, your canine will understand the benefit of staying calm

4. Create a long-lasting relationship between your dog and cats

Your dog can stay calm when they contact a cat; this is the best time to make them the best buddy forever. Allow them to interact with each other while under supervision; when they pass this obedience class, reward them with a treat; please don’t give one and not give the other both the dog and cat should be praised for a job well done. Keep them under check for some time until you are sure they can interact without supervision.

5. Taking proper measures

Even when your dog and cat can interact, ensure you take proper steps to prevent an accident when playing. Things like cutting the dog’s and cat’s nails, cover your kittens and puppy paw with a paw cover this Dog Paw Protector Anti-Slip Grip Pad 12set 48Pcs is perfect for your puppies, engage them with enough toy you can try these interactive pet toys Interactive Pet Football Toys With GrabLOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys and when your dog and cat are getting along you can use LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads x2 to save the stress of cleaning when everywhere is messed up.

How to train your dog to like cats?

How to know if your dog will get along with cats

  • The first sign is this when you see your puppy going close to cats without any form of causing trouble or yelling at them.
  • Secondly, your puppy does not want to leave the kitten behind when she is leaving. This way, you will know they are already buddies
  • Another thing to note is when your dog loves to sleep beside a cat without any irritations or chasing around.
  • When your dogs easily share their water can interact with cats, this doesn’t seem very easy, but some dogs can do that when getting along with a cat.
  • Your dog knowshow to calm things down when she gets into a fight with a cat
  • Your dog can stay for hours without getting into a fight with a cat.

How long does it take for a dog to learn how to get along with a cat?

I’ve received tons of questions on this; the truth is it won’t take much time, depending on how confident the cat is. Dogs are bold so that connection will come from the cat in most cases, so it’s is advisable to allow your kitten to settle in for 3 to 4 days before introducing them to a dog. It can take 4 to 6 weeks; please don’t rush the process; it will indeed happen; be patient with the pet, if you feel the process is rigorous for you looking for a pet training school around will be a perfect idea.

Are there any chances of dogs getting along with cats?

Researchers find out that 80 percent of dogs that stay with cats turn out to be peaceful and fun. However, one in ten dogs wouldn’t get along quickly with cats. I would like you to know this dogs and cats can’t talk like humans; they only understand body language and signs, both of them are different species. Don’t expect them to get along immediately; you have to help them achieve this. It’s normal for your dog to see a cat as an enemy for the first time and vice versa because of their differences; some dogs even hate their fellow dogs, so it’s normal. Lastly, don’t over pamper one and leave the other; the same love and care you will give to your dog should be passed to your cat; one should not around weigh the other for peace’s sake.

How to train your dog to like cats?

Final take

For a peaceful beginning between your dog and cat, make sure they are kept in a separate room or crate, then slowly get the dog closer to the cat. Once this is achieved, educate your dog to remain calm around the cat when playing. Keeping your pets clean is vital for new dogs and kittens to ensure they are vaccinated before introducing them to the environment. Prevent accidents as much as possible by making the area more conducive and accident-free. You can pad the place with some soft materials and clean them up after playing.

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