How to Train Your Dog to Attack Strangers

Are you a pet lover and fond of keeping dogs? That’s good.

But apart from treating them as a pet, you want more from your dog. 

Do you want your dog to protect you on signals? 

For this, you need to teach your dog some skills and provide him with protection dog training to attack strangers. 

Although dogs are man’s best friend, an aggressive dog may cause some harm. Your doggy has to protect you but not tend to be aggressive at all. 

You can also seek professional dog training to help your dog attack strangers. 

Please go through this article and learn how to train your dog to attack strangers.

And see how to train your lovely dog to attack on command. 

1.Explain the Tricks to Train, your Dog to Attack Strangers? 

The protection training of your puppy demands the competitive nature and alertness of a dog. You have to teach your dog to protect you and your family from strangers. 

Firstly, get dog training courses and make your buddy understand the commands. 

The following techniques are required to train your dog to attack. 

Step 1: Educate Yourself before Training

Before you start to provide noble beast dog training, you should learn to differentiate between an attack dog and a guard dog. 

Step 2: Personality Traits of Your Dog 

  • An excellent protective dog must not react out of aggression and fear. 
  • A defensive or a guard dog must be possessive about its owner.
  • Should be obedient to its master’s command.
  • Your buddy needs to be confident.
  • Our protection dog should be assertive. He feels no fear of approaching a new person. 
  • It would help if you socialized with your dog. 
  • Your dog must be level and is always willing to put himself in harm to protect in any way. 

To provide you with dog training advice, you have to look for these characteristics when selecting your dog. 

In this way, your dog will be curious about the new person or a dog present in the surrounding area. 

Step 3: Socialize Your Dog 

Set a dog training time per day and take him out for a walk and make him socialize with friends, neighbors, and your family. 

Proper socialized training is mandatory for a protection dog to attack a stranger. 

Start socializing your dog at the age of about 3 to 12 weeks.

Thoroughly vaccinate your dog at an early age so that you may not encounter any difficulty during the training period. 

The dog socialization training makes him well aware of the known and unknown persons. Also, it provides you the answer to the questions, how to train your dog not to bite?

Step 4: Basic Obedience Commands 

Is a dog whistle good for training your buddy? 

Dear all, whistle training is not only pleasing but also excellent. 

To start training your dog to attack strangers, he should be able to listen to your commands. You can also use training sounds for dogs

Teach him to follow basic commands during the training period like “STAY, SIT, HUSH, ATTACK, and DOWN.” 

See, sit-stay come dog training to gain knowledge.  

By acknowledging these defensive skills, your dog will learn to be alert and bark when his master comes across danger. 

Try to come with unique attack works like “REST.” Whenever a stranger approaches you, speak this command to alert your dog to attack him. 

The dog parents can also use a dog training button to practice obedience. 

You should also give your dog the command in a happy and enthusiastic tone. 

Step 4: Consistency in Training 

Try to be consistent with your little pup by using the same verbal command or a hand signal. See dog training hand signals. 

When your dog barks at people or other dogs, he means communicating something.

Your dog also barks for many reasons. You will find your dog’s bark helpful to teach your puppy to bark at an unknown person/stranger. 

Tolerance, patience, and a positive attitude are required for providing barking training to your four-legged friend. 

Step 5: Use Treats 

Try to use dog training treats during the period. When your best friend starts to bark seeing the stranger at the door, regard it as an advantage. Make him bark for few times. 

Practice this method and every time he sees the strangers. He starts to bark.

This training provides him with lots of appreciation treats, cookies, and chew toys. 

It would be best to praise him verbally like “good boy” to show him that you are happy with such an act or behavior. 

If food motivates your dog to learn things faster, you must take advantage of them. 

Loobani provides healthy training treats to encourage your doggy to learn quickly. Check the price on Amazon. 

Step 6: Testing 

Walk with your dog on a leash for a long time. It would help if you learned how to train your dog to walk on a leash. 

Evaluate the training behavior of your doggy by making him walk beside the strangers and the known persons. 

When he comes along the known persons, give your dog a pat and a healthy supplement. 

When he walks along with the stranger, give a panic command loudly.

When your dog barks at them, tightly pull on the leash and repress his aggression by commanding the word “HUSH.” 

If he becomes calm and silent, reward him with delicious food or an interactive toy to reinforce this behavior. 

In this way, the concept of a stranger becomes apparent, and he moves forward to attack the stranger when any harm approaches.

You can also tug on the leash as a cue for a stranger’s presence. 

Step 7: Repeat the Process

Invest your time to gain fruitful results.

Practice as much as possible the above steps until your dog excels in the attacking and barking training required for the stranger. 

Imagine it is the winter season, and you are walking on a street in the evening or at night holding your dog’s leash.

When your dog encounters a stranger, he will surely bark to alert you and protect you from him. 

You will effortlessly transform your pet dog into a handsome attacking dog or a guard dog. 

Your baby dog can attack and stop immediately at your command by considering all these points.  

How to Train Your Dog to Attack Strangers

2.At What Age Should You Start Attack Training of Your Dog? 

The master has to start training his lovely puppy on the very first day. Puppies are expected to learn obedience training at 9-12 weeks

Once they become successful in obedience training, provide protection training to your buddy. 

The best age to train your pup to attack the stranger is 16 weeks old. 

However, it is a difficult task and tricky, but you must do it right. 

You can also provide good dog training in a school near your area. 

3.Is it Good to Train Your Dog to Attack? 

Yes, it is good to train them to attack strangers when your protection is in danger. But never prepare to attack any person or a thing unless your safety or life is in danger. 

Guard training of your dog is an admirable act and grooms its behavior. Make them attack upon your commands. 

Please do not allow them to attack intentionally on someone. 

How to Train Your Dog to Attack Strangers

4.What Types of Dogs Serve Best to Attack the Strangers for Your Protection? 

Do you fear walking alone at night? 

Do you want to train your dog to prevent you and your family from threats? 

A disciplined and well-trained dog uses his natural abilities to protect you and the family. 

Your dog is your partner for leisure as well as stressed time. The more you spend time with your buddy, the more he attaches to you. 

Here is a list of possessive dogs for their owner and the family. 

These are the dogs that are all ready to attack the strangers for the safety of their master. 

When trained correctly, these dogs can perform exceptionally as better attack dogs. 

  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Bullmastiff 
  • Komondor 
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Giant Schnauzer 
  • Staffordshire Terrier 
  • Puli 
  • Cane Corso 

5.What Types of German Commands Do You Need to Use to Train Your Dog to Attack a Stranger? 

An excellent way to train your dog is to use German words in the training period. 

These commands are practical and valuable as they are easy to understand and put force on the act. 

German word training is famous all around the globe.

Try to use German words rather than English which restricts him from paying attention to anyone.  

A dog is liable to understand the German language best. The German words to train your dog are: 

  • Fass (Attack)
  • Gib Laut (Bark)
  • Hier (Come, Here)
  • Fuss (Heel)
  • Bleib (Stay)

To let you know, dogs are not just weapons but are also precious living creatures. Treat them nicely to build a strong relationship. 

Furthermore, if you got any other queries, comment below and let me know of them, I will try my best to answer these queries or questions as soon as possible. 

How to Train Your Dog to Attack Strangers

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