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How to Train Dog to Wear Boots

As you know, dogs are the man’s best friend. Seeing a dog walking beside its owner seems excellent.

Are you a fashion influencer? Do you love to put on boots on your puppy?

Alright, it’s good to style your pup and take care of your dog to protect his foot from snow.

When you and your partner are on an adventure, you should seek walking assistance for your dog to save him from sudden harm.

This write-up will get information about training a dog to wear boots.

Let’s dive into this article.

1.What Do You Know About Dog Boots?

Dog boots are the best accessories to style and protect your dog.

However, a dog naturally can walk on rough surfaces but cannot bear extreme temperatures well.

But some dog breeds are well-adapted to the harsh environment.

Dog boots are made of rubber, plastic, and other hard material to keep away the injuries. Dog shoes also offer stability to your dog when standing.

How to Train Dog to Wear Boots

2.How Can You Train Your Puppy to Wear Shoes?

Dog shoes are a unique and cute accessory. Dog’s boots are beneficial as they protect your dog from severe weather and chemicals. 

Is your doggy reluctant to wear boots and not like walking with them as much? 

Do your dog’s shoes wear often?

Do not be disappointed. You need to provide some happy paws dog training to make them comfortable with the shoes. 

Stop stressing and worrying about your four-legged friend and immediately protect him from shoes. 

Kindly look for these things before you begin training:

  • Set a schedule 
  • Be patient 
  • Consistency
  • Rewards (toys, treats)
  • Distraction-free area

Here is the proper way to train a puppy to wear dog boots

Introduce the Shoes

Start your dog training plan before encountering a walking issue in your pup. Begin your training with patience, motivation, and tolerance. 

In the beginning, your fluffy friend may not feel natural when he wears snowshoes but get used to it by the end of training. 

Call your doggy, make him lie down over the rug or floor, and introduce the training boots to him.

Make your dog smell the shoes. When your pup comes close to it, praise your doggy and reward with the healthiest dog training treats

Practice this step and do not hurry in training. Try to link your dog with the boots and excite the furry fellow with food treats. 

After associating your pup with the boots, try to put a single shoe on his foot. 

Let him wear it for a few seconds and let it off without allowing him to walk. Again offer your buddy a delicious treat. 

Also, train your noble hound to wear boots on command. Use easy dog training commands to make your companion understand what you want to say. 

Frequently use the command you want your Russian dog to let you put his shoes on his feet. 

Repeat the process until your dog feels comfortable wearing it. Your pup should primarily focus on the treat. 

Make Him Comfortable with More Shoes

Now increase the number of shoes by three or four, and make sure your canine feels cozy and has convenient walking.

Now strap the boot one by one and see your dog’s reaction. If your dog reacts, stop this at once, and you should know how to provide reactive dog training. 

Start strapping again when your dog becomes calm. Provide your dog with peanut butter or yogurt to please it. Your goal must be to teach your furry fellow that shoes are protective. 

After tying all the boots, confirm that your pup does not hesitate to stand or walk. Before stepping outdoor, take rounds of your house, accompanying your dog wearing boots. 

If your encounter your dog chewing the shoes, distract him by offering treats. See, train your dog not to chew everything. 

If you are doing Russian dog training, ensure the comfort walk of your friend, then take him outdoor with all the boots on to walk or run on the snowy surface. 

Loobani offers variable dog training boots to reduce your worries during training. 

Take your dog to his favorite places to encourage positive reinforcement dog training.

Never forget to load your pockets with dog treats and toys as a reward. 

Now, you need not worry about your dog’s paw. I assure you nothing can harm your pup with the shoes. 

Play games with the canine as fetch and allow the doggy to run, retrieve the specific item and bring you back. See how to train a dog to share toys

Repetition of the Process

Some puppies are more fretful than others. Try to put on the shoes which fit best in your pup’s paws. It must not be too tight or loose, which results in injuries. 

Easy walking is not possible with few steps. It may take some time. Repeat the above-listed methods to provide adequate training to your dog. 

As it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect.” So, the same is the case with the dogs. 

Continue to provide dog obedience training and fortify a positive attitude by taking advantage of treats and appreciation. 

How to Train Dog to Wear Boots

3.How Can You Take Paw Care of Your Dog During Winter?

Does your dog slip over every time he walks on snow? 

No worries! Loobani offers dogs’ paw protection boots and helps them walk easily on ice land. 

Try to use dog accessories to provide a cozy and warm sensation to your adult dog in winter as they are more exposed to cold.

Here are some recommendations for your pup’s paws winter care:

  • Check the paws
  • Trim nail
  • Use wax 
  • Trim the paw’s hair 

To save your dog’s paw from harsh weather, regularly inspect his paws to limit the chances of injuries. 

Try to trim your doggy’s nails short as long nails may cause difficulty walking with boots and expose the sensitive areas to get crashed by ice or concrete. 

You need to apply some wax on the inner sensitive areas and paws. Wax prevents contact with your feet from the snow. In this way, snow does not accumulate in your boy’s paws.

Trim the hair of your buddy’s paws to avoid snow clumping into hard ice, which may cause injuries. 

4.What Are the Advantages of Wearing Dog Boots During Training?

Suppose you provide Lorenzo’s dog training, and your pup is quite active. 

What are you waiting for?

You may order dog protection boots at Loobani according to the size of your dog’s paws. 

Dog boots are unique and beneficial for energetic canine training. 

Like humans, doggy’s paws are prone to scratches and injuries involved in various exercises, hiking, running, and walking in extreme climates. 

These excellent boots reduce the risk of cutting off paws, getting burns, or freezing. 

From simple puppy training to complex dogs, boots are beneficial from place to place and time to time. 

Here is a list of advantages when training your dog to wear boots. 

Prevent injury 

When you walk with your dog on a mountain, beach, or rough place, there are chances of cuts and scrapes on his paws. 

However, if your puppy wears boots, I assure you his injuries will heal quickly.

Freeze protection 

Dog boots from the paws from slipping over the snow or ice. 

Make your dog comfortable with the shoes, and every time you both step outdoor, firstly command him to wear boots. 

These boots provide a practical walk on a sharp salt crystal. 

Protection from sunburns

Are you living somewhere in a hotter climate?

Immediately get your dog boots to protect his paws from extreme weather

Your, as well as dog’s care, is vital to enjoying lifetime adventures. 


If you and your dog have a wanderlust, consider using dog boots. 

When you both are on your way to hiking, don’t forget to put on protection shoes on the doggy to avoid the painful sensation of rocks

Prevent allergies 

Using dog boots is vital during training as it protects the doggy’s paws from allergies due to contact with pollens. 

If your dog hesitates to walk on the ground, try to use shoes to avoid irritation over his paws.  

Dog shoes clean the dirt, mud, and snow from accumulating on your best friend’s paws. 

Also, if your home floors are made of hardwood, these amazing booties protect the floor from scratches. 

There are various types of boots, and you must consider those that are suitable for your pup.

How to Train Dog to Wear Boots

5.What Are the Signs That Your Adult Dog Demands Booties?

Dear all, if your adult dog fears going outside in the snowy weather, some may be reasons. 

Here are the signs that show your mature German shepherd dog’s paws are cold and demand booties. 

  • Your German shepherd dog picks up his paws when walking outdoor.
  • Your honey pup shivers. 
  • When your dog’s paws are dry, they are cracked or cut. 
  • Your dog shows arthritis issues.

Your dog has some injury and cannot walk properly.

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