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How to Train a Dog without Treats

Are you training your dog for future assistance? 

Well! That’s good. Training a dog is necessary to transform your dog into a humble or noble beast.

Food treats help best in the effective training of your hot doggy. 

Best dog training treats are the gateway to a good relationship, but these are not always mandatory.

You can offer several things instead of treats as dogs may develop a habit of listening to you. 

Never rely on a piece of butter in a training session to motivate your dog. 

However, you can also give rise to positive reinforcement dog training without treats. 

In this piece of work, you all will be able to know how to train your dog without treats. 

1.Explain the Methods to Train a Doggy without Treats?

Fading away from the treats is essential. 

If a puppy becomes addicted to these treats, it will be difficult for a master to tackle such behavior and have difficulty entertaining. 

Can you train an old dog?

Some people say that training an older pup is complex and tricky. But it is not always true.

You can provide top dog training to a mature and young puppy that benefits a happier life for an extended period. 

We have been applying old traditions during basic dog training methods for many years. But now, we have to change the criteria of puppy training. 

It would be best to affiliate them with treats while learning something new or making a connection. 

In this case, they will focus more on treats than you and the task. 

Here are some recommendation methods you need to apply when training a dog. 

  • Know your dog 
  • Be consistent and patient during the training 
  • Praise your dog 
  • Spread love towards your buddy 
  • Provide a gentle touch 
  • Offer plays and toys (real-life rewards)
  • Attention 
  • Provide freedom 
How to Train a Dog without Treats

Method 1# Know Your Dog

One of the most important things to do while training is to understand the mindset or nature of your dog.

No matter whatever dog you keep, such as German shepherd, Huskies, Labrador, Rottweiler, and Malinois, you should know their nature first before you start training. 

Some of the dogs have stubborn, and some have calm nature. You need to evaluate their daily patterns of behavior.

This understanding will prove fruitful to know how much time they will take during dog obedience training. 

These are the most straightforward creature to train than any other pet to let you know about dogs. 

However, if you feel difficulty training your dog without treats, you should seek dog training classes. 

Apart from aggressive nature, doggies are also sensitive, intelligent, and loving.

Before starting training, you should have a thorough study of these factors. 

Method 2# Be Consistent and Patient during Training

Hey friends, do not hurry in the dog training period. Be patient, and have a positive attitude.

Almost all the dogs require some time to polish their behavior according to their master’s lifestyle.

When you bring a new little feathery creature at home, he might feel odd and nostalgic in the early days but will set its behavior with time.

In this situation, your new friend will start to listen to your command without demanding any food treat in return.

So, be careful when starting the dog training, do use some treats but reduce their quantity as the time-lapse to avoid health issues.

The lenient and soft attitude you show towards them, the more attraction they will have towards you.

Method 3# Praise Your Dog

Most dog parents begin their training sessions using treats but gradually lessen their amount to develop a routine with no treats. 

In this case, if you decrease to offer treats at each desired behavior, you need to increase the level of appreciation or praise for your honey fellow. 

By practicing this trick, appreciation becomes much more than a mere food treat. 

When your dog accomplishes the task, provide a massive round of applause and praise him with “Good boy or a Good girl.” 

You need to pat at its body to encourage this behavior. 

In this way, you will reduce the treat rewarding act. 

How to Train a Dog without Treats

Method 4# Spread Love towards Your Buddy

When you begin providing good dog training without offering treats, you must show a caring attitude towards your pup. Make your furry fellow attach to you but not the things. 

Treating your dog with love increases its learning capacity. There is a chance that he will respond quickly to your command without expecting treats. 

Avoid dog training treat bags and praise him frequently by using warm words or treating tug play or toys.

Such loving words prove the best reward for him. 

Method 5# Provide a Gentle Touch

When you avoid using treats in a training period, you should provide a gentle touch to your puppy as a reward that seems fantastic. 

Suppose you give command of SIT, STAND, COME HERE” to your pup, and he at once respond to it. Reward him with toffee, or peanut butter, give a gentle pat to him. 

Does your doggy have any place where he likes to be touched? So, rub him at that place. 

Make it a habit in your training schedule. If the puppy steps forward to you for more touch, it confirms that this reward is pleasing for your puppy. 

Method 6# Offer Plays and Toys (Real-life Rewards)

When you start your dog training, use training treats as a reward to motivate your buddy without providing them treats at each instant.

The best dog treats for training puppies are toys and plays to make them stress-free, apart from food.  

When training your dog, please use real-life rewards to lessen the treats faster and engage him more towards the task. 

Guys, Loobani is here with outstanding and valuable chew, interactive toys, and other assistance products to make your dog training session easier. 

Method 7# Attention 

To provide certified obedience training to your dog, give him a bundle of attention to encourage good behavior and make him well-mannered. 

Treat your noble doggy in a loving tone and show good body language towards him. 

Reward him with attention when you train the dog to lay down. Also, attention serves as a good treat when you train the dog off the leash. 

Direct your attention towards any other thing when your fluffy friend opposes the behavior. 

Practice this method until your dog understands well and does not want any food reward in return from his trainer. 

Method 8# Provide Freedom

A dog’s master can also provide freedom as a reward instead of food treats to cheer such behavior. 

Give your puppy some space or freedom to remove social pressure. 

So, these are how you can lower the amount of dog training treat bags when you don’t feel good using treats every time. 

Whenever you call your dog to go outside as a reward, the pup should wait for you at the door and give him a pat on the body. See dog door training to gain more information. 

By following these methods, your new and older puppy will obey your commands (Hand signals, Verbal words) without wanting treats. 

How to Train a Dog without Treats

2.What Are the Benefits of Using Real-Life Rewards During Your Dog Training?

When you use real-life rewards during the training session, these have lifetime benefits such as: 

  • These treats lessen the want of material things.
  • Thishelp increase his owner’s value.
  • Always use these real-life treats to reinforce good behavior in your dog after each task. 
  • It’s a better way to restrict your dog from taking treats from an unknown person.

Without food-treat, you can also establish strength in you and your doggy relationship.

This act will make you sure that your buddy will respond to you without using treats. 

3.How Much Time Does Your German Dog Take During Training?

To make it a routine, you should provide happy dog training without treats for at least 15 minutes each day.

Ask your family members to direct him for certain acts. When your dog accomplishes the tasks, reward him with verbal praise and affection to limit the want of a food treat. 

If you use six treats per command, start to use one per command and reduce them. In this way, your dog will perform better to deserve that treat. 

Practice as much as possible, gradually fade out the treat pouches during training and make your doggy attentive towards you and the work. 

For more information, you should consult dog training books to learn how to become a dog trainer. 

4.What Are the Side-Effects of Using Treats Every Time During Training?

Treats are advantageous as they create a strong relationship and prove effective in training. But, apart from such merits, too many treats may cause harms such as:


Treats are the leading cause of obesity in dogs resulting in health issues such as joint problems because they are high in fat. 

Attitude issues 

The more you reward your dog with treats, the more they become confident.

In this way, they will expect more from their parent to offer treats at each act and develop the habit of howling, barking, and whining when there are no treats. 

How to Train a Dog without Treats

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