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How to train a dog to use the toilet?

Think about the worse thing a dog can do to you. Then it would be best if you were looking at them messing up the whole room with their feces. I am a living proof on this, coming back from work to meet a new couch stained with bubby’s poo; that day wasn’t funny but did I throw bobby out? No, I didn’t because it was not his fault but mine. The poor dog was only attending to nature’s call, me on the other hand, who had refused to train my dog how to use the potty from when he was little. I faced the consequence that day, and trust me, the aftermath was terrible.

Dogs’poo stinks, it does, so training your canine to use the toilet is an option for everyone who has a pup or trying to get one. Generally, dogs move their bowels three to four times daily; for those having a running stomach, it can be more than that; now imagine you have to clean this feces three to four times per day or even more. Here comes where you have to decide if you want to continue reading this and save yourself the stress of packing poo or skip this post and continue your sanitation routine daily. I am sure you are still here? Great, here you will be learning “how to train your dog to use the toilet.”

How to train a dog to use the toilet?

Welcoming a new puppy into the house can be overwhelming; that moment everyone is excited, the thought of you training a little puppy won’t come to your mind in the first few days of their arrival. But it is vital to introduce the potty training classes to them a few days after they’ve settled; when I say soon, I mean once their paw steps out of the day, an early start will make the job easier and faster. Please do not wait until things start getting out of hand before you teach your pup on how to use the toilet. According to research, puppies adapts to toilet training quicker when they are between the age of 8 to 17 weeks; at that stage, their brain is still fresh anything that gets in there stick faster and stays there forever. A puppy can learn how to use the toilet from their mothers if they are not adopted earlier or their owners.

Why is this dog training session necessary?

It doesn’t matter how long your puppy spends being indoor or outside. The most important thing is that dogs get the training they need when moving their bowels. No matter the breed or age, all canines should be trained on using the toilet; giving your puppies  a behavior training at home on potty usage comes with many benefits. To mention few

  • As the owner, your mind will be at peace when having a pleasant time with your dog both inside and outside.
  • They wouldn’t soil your car or the crate while traveling.
  • You know how embarrassing it is  having your puppy messing up the houses of your friends and family, but if they are toilet trained, that won’t occur.
  • Your dog learns to defecate in the right place rather than doing it anywhere.
  • Dogs are messy; training them or emptying their bowel in the appropriate places helps curb that behavior to some extent.
  • When your canine are trainedto use the toilet, you can easily  track their health issues if they soil other places rather than their usual spots.

I can go on and on; the benefits are infinite. To start with, here is the must-have equipment you will need for your canine toilet training, the Washable Dog Pee Pad, Waterproof Anti-dirty Auto Trunk Pet Seat Mat, Puppy pads holder, Puppy training crate, puppy toilet training pads, stain and odor cleaner.

How to train a dog to use the toilet?

How to toilet train your dog in the house and garden

Your dog needs composure wherever they find themselves inside the house or outside in the garden; remember, the park is part of the house. If you plan to stop your dog toilet training inside the house, you are making a huge mistake. The motive of making your dog go through the house toilet training is to get them to empty their bowel outside. Though the garden is out, it is still not an option to allow them to spoil the place with those feces, so educating your dog in both areas should go hand in hand.


  • Set a specific feeding time, no dispute dogs like food but monitoring their feeding will help you know when it’s likely for your puppy to use the toilet.
  • Take your dog out to the Exact place you want it to toilet. It should be between the space of 30 minutes to one hour, stressful. Just try to be consistent. In a few days, they will get used to eating. Also, take them out a few minutes after eating or playing.
  • Train your puppywith a command; something let “go there,” pointing at the area you want your canine to use. That sinks better than just dragging the dog continuously outside.
  • Reduce the way you play with them during the dog training session; this way, your puppy will take the lesson more seriously.
  • Always praise your dog after a job well done. You can touch the dog on the head or back and say words like “good boy” “that’s my girl,” depending on the gender of your dog.
  • After rewarding your dog with a warm pat, clean him up and take him inside.
  • Repeat the same process the following day and days after
  • It will take about four to six months or even lesser for your dog to be fully home trained depending on your consistency

Remember this

  • You can reduce the interval you take your dog out to the toilet.
  • Clean your dog up after using the toilet and always pack their poops from the garden
  • If you catch them pooing where they are not expected to take them out immediately, do not wait till they finish messing the place up; that way, your dog will know what they did is wrong.
  • Always guide them through this process, don’t leave them alone to do their business. Going through some how to train a dog lessonsand a dog training guide will do the magic.

How to train your puppy in an apartment with a garden?

Not everybody has the opportunity to live in a mansion with a garden. But the kind of house we live in shouldn’t restrict us from having pets, except there is a form of pet restrictions by the landlord or someone in charge.


The steps are the same as the training for the house with a garden; the only difference is that here you will have to use the indoor dog toilet, just like you train your canine in the garden without playing much with them, using the indoor toilet once they are on the doggy toilet minimize your play and ensure their feces are disposed of adequately once they are through.


  • When your dog starts sniffing the edge of their indoor toilet, praise them. It’s a sense of improvement
  • Keep the putty clean always. Wash with antiseptic soaps to prevent infections
  • Clean your dog up after every toilet
How to train a dog to use the toilet?

What do you do to a dog under toilet training I'd you are out?

Your dog toilet classes should not stop in any way, whether you are out or in. When you are going out of the house, you can lock your puppy in a crate because they might not have mastered the training well and will end up staining the house if you leave them alone inside. If you are gone for more than an hour, consider locking them in a single space in the home, let’s say the toilet or store. With that, you will know the mess will be in that region they were when you left. Make sure you have these Pet Plush Chew Toys So they won’t destroy things when you are gone.

How to toilet train a dog at night?

Training your dogs to the toilet at night depends on where they sleep. It’s better to have your canine sleep inside a crate because leading them outside to use the bathroom at night can be so stressful, and I am sure no one will like to forfeit their sleep for puppies toilet training. When your dog is in a crate at night, you can leave it partially opened so they can rush to their pooing position if they want to for those who have mastered the job well.


  • Training your dog to sleep in a crate at night will help you a lot.
  • Always keep the crate open; some dogs, once they have a particular place, they empty their bowel. They will always go to that spot no matter the time. Ensure their crate are partially open, if not totally.
  • For new puppies you are just trying to introduce to this system, you will need to set the alarm to wake up to take them outside or use their indoor toilet, whichever you are using to train
  • It’s advisable to take them outside at night 4 to 5times until you are sure they can do it themselves.
  • It’s a process, and different dogs have their timing to be patient enough for them.

How often should a dog use the toilet daily?

 The number of times dogs poo per day should be consistent; though it varies, there is always a specific amount of time they are expected to use the toilet daily. There is a way owners can detect if their canines have infection or digestion problems through the number of times they use the bathroom. This is only possible if they are under toilet training; this is the only way to track their pooing times and know if they are normal or abnormal. In a way, this toilet training helps detect any form of abnormality in the dog’s system.

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