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How to Train a Dog to Play with Toys

Does your dog enjoy playing with toys?

No! Don’t be sad.

Just add delicious treats to those toys and make your pup excited about toys. 

You should train a dog to play with toys and teach how to find them reinforcing and rewarding. 

You have to combine the dog’s toys with the things or treats he finds charming. 

You will also encounter various things you can train your dog to do. 

If you want your dog to play with toys, offer high-quality dog treats for training in toys to encourage their behavior. 

All you need is a little effort in training and motivation, and see your buddy will enjoy playing in no time. 

Let’s take an insight into this article. I assure you will find it a masterpiece. 

1.What Are the Merits of Using Dog Toys During Training?

Toys can be more than for fun. Toys are also beneficial in dog obedience training. 

When you see your dog accomplishing a specific task, reward a pup with a toy filled with treats to boost this behavior.

Toys find primary usage during your dog trainingThese will help keep your fluffy friend intelligent, active, competent, mentally, and physically healthy. 

Move on and get to know about some benefits of these toys:


Constant training can make your dog dull and lead to destructive behavior. 

Try to use dog training toys and teach them how to play with them and keep them mentally healthy. 

It will be advantageous to surprise your pup with interactive toys stuffed with yummy treats and make it a routine.

In this way, you can reduce your dog’s boredom and make him mentally fit and energetic. 


Does your dog feel alone? Is something cracking his mind? 

 It is best if you use a variety of toys to reduce the anxiety pressure in your dog.

Toys are productive things, and your dog starts to focus on those instead of indulging in negative thoughts. 

When you begin training, offering toys and your buddy finds the best reward, continue this act and train them to play with such toys.

It will be grateful as they build a healthier routine for your noble beast.

How to Train a Dog to Play with Toys


It would help if you listed exercise in your training schedule as it is beneficial to keep your puppy mentally healthy and physically fit.

It also reduces the chance of obesity and joint problems. The fetch toys help keep your dog active. 

Dental health 

During dedicated dog training, toys prove effective in massaging the gums of your lovely puppy.

Chewing toys makes their jaw muscles strong and eliminate the bacteria present on the teeth. 

Supervision is necessary for chewing toys so that they may not get into your pup. 


Learning toys also help build up their mind, helps your dog learn a new skill, and balances your doggy’s cognitive skills.

Food puzzle toy promotes their playing and exploring behavior. 

Loobani offers a variety of toys for both newborn and mature dogs.

It always carries away your worries by providing educational toys which build their confidence and sense. 

2.How Will You Train Your Dog to Play with Toys?

During dog training in your home, you should teach your (young or mature) pup to play with toys they are not interested in. It is quite a complex task but can be mastered with effort. 

When you play with your dog or make them play alone with toys, it enhances your relationship with your feathery friend and training period easier.

Begin your training by selecting the suitable toy for your doggy based on his age. 

If your pup is young, use a simple toy in an understandable activity. 

Set a schedule and let your puppy play in that time but not for the whole day long.

If a toy does not attract him enough, make it reachable by introducing treats. 

Start your buddy’s training in a short time to keep him motivated and engaged. 

Please give him a treat on one side and a toy on the other side whenever he touches that toy, clap, and praise this behavior.  

This appreciation will make it a habit and allow him to play with that toy.

In the first time, your honey friend may find it harder to play with them, but he will play with complex toys once he gets to play with toys. 

Always keep toys away from your dog’s reach, but close enough that it is worth seeing, and the pup wishes to play with these toys. 

Do not move the toy towards the mouth of your puppy but pull it away as if it is very delicate to have.

Practice playing with your dog using the toys and communicate with him frequently by calling the name of that toy.

In this way, when you play fetch, he will understand what you are talking about during training. 

See how to train your dog to fetch a specific item. 

To train your dog, initially play with the toy yourself and make your noble puppy understand what to do. Make your dog eager to play with that toy. 

Ensure that your four-legged friend finds it entertaining. It will be best when you stop the game before your doggy gets bored. Practice this act a few times a day. 

When your buddy competes for the toy and successfully grabs it, excite him by playing tug of war for a short time. 

After some training period, allow the access of toys to your dog, but not for long.

When the buddy gets used to it, reward with a treat when he plays well and appreciate him. 

By following this positive reinforcement dog training method, your loved one will find the toys exciting and learn to play with them accurately. 

How to Train a Dog to Play with Toys

Using Increment Treats 

After investing a lot in this training, still, you find your dog uninterested in playing with a toy.

Make it even better by putting some tasty treats inside the chewing and fetching tool. 

Before private training, learn how to train your dog to catch a ball.

Every time your baby dog catches a ball, he must find some incentive in it that brings positive reinforcement to the behavior. 

This type of treat training is best for dogs with a fear of approaching the toys. 

You can also use a puzzle toy during training that seems interesting to your dog, and he can’t resist joining you are while playing the game. 

These types of dog training methods develop a love for the toys and make training sessions both for the owner and the dog trouble-free. 

Dear all, before giving dog training, you must educate yourself or seek professionals to learn how to be a good dog trainer. 

3.How Will You Choose the Toy for Your Pup During the Training?

Selecting a suitable toy for your dog is vital for the training session. Being a good dog trainer, you must teach him to play with toys. 

The things you must look for when choosing a play toy to provide heavenly dog training are:

Age of Your Mutt

Choose a toy according to the age of your puppy. I prefer using a softer toy (rubber and plush) suitable for training a 3-week old puppy. 

When your puppy becomes nine months old, there is a chance he will chew everything he encounters.

Loobani comes up with exceptional chewing and toothbrush toys that are best for teething puppies. See train dog not to chew everything

When your dog passes teenage and becomes fully mature, look for the more rigid balls or other toys. 

Size of the Toy

Before starting your dog training, pick the toy with a suitable size and fabric that fits best into your pup’s jaws. 

If the size of the toy is too small and the texture is too soft to chew, this will result in chock injury. 

Also, replace the broken toy such as a dog training ball with the new one that is dog-proof. 

Thus, like humans, the canines require perfect-sized and textured toys as they age. 

You must learn from the best dog training books to know more about dogs for more information. 

How to Train a Dog to Play with Toys

4.Enlist the Varieties of Dog Toys You Can Use in Training?

Here are various options for toys that you can acquire during your dog’s training. 

These options are available based on your best friend’s age and chewing nature. 

  • Ball toys
  • Tug toys
  • Chewing treats
  • Plush toys 

5.What Can You Fill Your Canine Toys With?

You can use a variety of treats in stuffy toys to make it desirable for your puppy. The more aroma a food contains, the more your dog will chase it. 

Try to stuff your dog’s learning, chewing, and puzzle toy with favorite food and with the thing that is safe for him. 

You can take advantage of:

  • Peanut butter
  • Canned Pumpkin
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt

See healthy dog training treat recipes used in a stuffed toy. Using this trick, you can quickly bring happiness and peace to your puppy’s life. 

You may also get treat dispensing toys at Loobani. These are the best training technique one can ever provide to their dogs. 

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