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How To Train A Dog To Listen To CommandHow To Train A Dog To Listen To Command

Dogs can be naughty at times; I mean very disobedient. Imagine having a puppy, and all they do is mess up the whole place, eat and sleep; that can be so frustrating. Having a dog is a good thing it’s a perfect decision to make, but what happens if they turn out to be a pain in your ass, you know exactly what I am talking about. Your canine can turn out to be anything you want it to remember they are smart, just like men, they can be friendly and sometimes highly annoying.

Why do dogs turn out to be needy and annoying?

Not all dogs; most canines are not annoying if adequately trained. Dogs need to be shown love as humans but overdoing it makes them needy; they are just like a child always having this sense of entitlement when over-pampered; you should love them but don’t overdo it. Dogs have been intelligent will always want to test you to see things they can get away with, but you need to stand firm; they have this bossy behavior in them, yes bossy; that illusion in them makes them feel they can get away with things quickly, but you have to make them understand from their tender age that you are their superior, doing that does not mean you shouldn’t be abusive all you need is to take them through the obedience training classes.

Take note of the following signs; when you see your dog barking or whining for no reason, they are looking for unnecessary attention, and if they are given every time they act that way, you should know you are in serious trouble because the day you decided not to reciprocate they won’t stop whining, and that can be so irritating. So please permit me to say HUMAN is the primary cause of dogs’ disobedience. See, no matter how good a dog, they are still animals and are open to making mistakes, so to say there is no good dog, there are just good owners meaning if you want your dog to come out being their best, you need to work on training the dog. Dogs will push boundaries at every slit opportunity they get, so if you are planning to have a puppy or you have one already, do not hesitate to continue making efforts to train these undesirable behaviors out of them.

Let’s try something; if you have a puppy or considering getting one when you get the puppy, try giving them food on your dinner; the following day before you know it, you will see them jumping on your food uninvited, or they will hopelessly whine and beg under the table. You, as the owner, can deal with such, but not everyone is willing to deal with such irritating nature. Train your dog so they can give you rest not only at home but in public places.

How To Train A Dog To Listen To CommandHow To Train A Dog To Listen To Command

The most annoying dog's behavior and how you can fix it

Dogs happen to be the best buddy among other pets but are the handful ones. As mentioned early they can turn out to be anything, their obnoxious habits are just too much to handle most time, and frustrated owners sometimes don’t know how to go about the canine training so they can be a better version of themselves. So if you are not someone that can tolerate noise, a slit of a mess or ready to take some dog training advice, then owning a dog is not for you. Some basic things canines do that seems very irritating are:

  • Jumping up to visitors.
  • Chasing cars and other pets
  • Chewing shoes and expensive furniture
  • Pulling while on leash
  • Begging for meals. This particular one can be so disgusting etc.

These habits have stopped so many people from keeping dogs in their homes because when they think about providing for their needs, give them some basic dog training lessons and still have to go through stress to keep them away from troubles discourages them totally, but it’s possible to help your dogs break these habits by learning some dog training techniques. So let’s look at these bad habits one after the other and training tips we can take to correct them.

Jumping at visitors:

Not all dogs that jump on visitors want to scare them. Some might be doing it as a sign of excitement, but the question is that “is it all visitors that like this.” The answer is no; not everyone loves dogs talk less of allowing them to jump on their body. Naturally, dogs enjoy jumping on people’s bodies to get their attention; how do you train your dog to curb this; the first thing you need to do if you want your canine to stop jumping on you or other people is to stop giving it attention when their foot left the ground, i.e., only provide them with attention when their front feet remain on the ground. Your dog will jump at you but make sure when they jump; you neglect them until their feet settle on the floor; with this, they will reduce the way they jump at you or visitors. You can also teach your dog other things to welcome you or visitors, like sitting, which will stop jumping no matter who Chasing cars and other petssteps in.

Chewing your shoes and expensive furniture. Dogs chasing your car when you are about to leave the house is not only annoying but hazardous, and also, dogs chasing other pets can be so embarrassing in public places and even put them into trouble. To end the bad habit, you will need to educate your dog on how to walk correctly on a leash and sit and stay on command. I will unveil tips on preparing your dogs to follow orders soon. Be consistent with this training; then, you can slowly expose them to situations that warrant them to chase to see if they’ve taken to corrections. Know this, you can’t completely stop them from the chasing exercise because it’s part of them already, but there is a way you can curb that a little because it is essential for the dog’s safety and your sanity, this dog obedience cost nothing they are just basic canine training session that you can do yourself.

Begging for meals. Puppies like to try everything on their tiny teeth as part of their growing process. This act alone can make you want to kill your dog, imagine you buying and expensive shoes for a friend’s wedding and the next day you found the shoe piece scattered all over the floor; I have overheard so many people say if it were me, I would kill the dog, I will disown the dog, etc. But will killing the puppy restore your shoes? It won’t, in other to save yourself this drama, take them through this dog discipline training, crate them when they are not in your supervision or spray the shoes or furniture with a chew deterrent, they are not harmful it will only stop them from going close to them when they come in contact. You can also get your canine enough toys to busy themselves with instead of destroying valuable things, all in the name of chewing practice. Try this Pet Plush Chew Toyshttp://loobani.com

This particular habit is humiliating, especially when you are out with them. Dogs are not always filled no matter what you give them; they will always want more. To you, it is a sign that you care about them. Just wait until they start sniffing on the food you kept on the table or following strangers about for prey. To stop that, you need to limit their access to your dining and teach them things like lay down when you are eating; in that way, they will know that it’s not everything that gets into your mouth they are entitled to. Whenever you notice them whining when you are eating, please don’t return the gesture by giving them a portion of your meal; instead, teach them the place command, so immediately they sight you eating, they will quietly go to that position once you instruct them, you can go through some dog obedience training manual online it will help you more.

Puling while on leash.

Walking with your dogs can be fun until you see them pulling you. Canine are sensitive the moment you allow them to pull you when they are on leash; they will see it as a habit and will want to try it occasionally. This act can cause you to twist your leg while walking or running, and you know what that can do to you. So please don’t allow your dogs to turn a peaceful Stoll into something disastrous. Take them through this obedience tips; when your dogs pay attention to you and stay beside you while walking reward them with a treat It’s that simple. Once they get a reward for doing the right thing, they will always want to stay by you while walking because they know it comes with a gift.

How To Train A Dog To Listen To Command

Tips on how to make your dogs obey commands

Dogs can’t talk, and they are limited to things they can hear, so consider some basic commands like stand, sit, come, sleep, etc. will do. You don’t expect them to know their name, so don’t bother teaching them how to pronounce their words because it will be a total waste of time and energy, but you can tell them their names, so if you or anybody call, they can look towards that directions. Canine works with signs and body movement, so we are ready to learn that too. You can do all of these yourself or search for dog training school near you to enroll your puppy

Let’s go through these tips together.

  1. Reward them when they get a particular command correctly; with that, they will want to do more and ensure they are of high quality.
  2. Ensure you don’t use your pup’s name negatively.

When I am talking about negative, I mean don’t yell your dog’s names when they get into trouble. When you were young, there is a way your mom will call your name that hits differently; even without going close to her, you already know you are in trouble. The same thing goes to your dog; when you continuously shout their name when they offend, it sensor fear into their brain, making them go back to their shell at the mention of their names. Instead, only use their names for something positive, for example, “Rubby sit” once he sits, gives him treats, and plays with him; this makes him learn how to sit, but it will make them start associating their names with positive things.

  1. Expose them to a large variety of situations; I am sure the first day you bought your bike was not the day you started riding it, so make your dogs learn to your command expose them to it. If your buddy’s primary challenge is listening to you when you ask them to stop, tame them for a walk, and allow them to run, then train them right there.
  2. Introduce them to a new environment. When you do this, they learn new things fast, and it eases you the stress of having to shout at them when they don’t listen to commands, a dog group classwon’t be a bad idea

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