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how to restrain dogs in cars

Have you ever thought about how to restrain your beloved dog in the car? Or some other vehicle? Do you know that it is estimated almost half of Americans are keeping dogs, and also half of those dog owners like to travel with the dogs in the car or some other vehicles routinely? That means tons of dogs on the road, like many millions a year or even more. Can you imagine that? 

However, the overwhelming majority of dog keepers in a survey admitted they never restrain their dogs in the car recently. For reasons, staying at the gamut from a powerful desire to hold the lovely dogs during the whole ride, maybe just to outright denial that the dog needs it to begin with or to insist that is too much trouble up to some points.

how to restrain dogs in cars

Besides, maybe we should learn about some compelling reasons to restrain our dogs when driving:

1. Sometimes, an unrestrained dog could be a driver distraction in so many ways.

2. Sometimes, an unrestrained dog could be a projectile that may cause harm to the dog himself, even some other passengers in your car together.

3. That’s required by the law in a few states in the US. You could consult the interactive dog seat belt map to figure out if your state, or any state you were traveling through, was prohibits any unrestrained dogs out there.

4. What’s more, an unrestrained dog may pose some potential threats to the emergency workers and is himself or herself at some risk of harm if the dog gets escaping the confines of a car, which usually may happen in some events of the accident.

Thus, you’d better never think about letting your baby boy or baby girl get to anywhere with no properly-being restrained in your car. Likewise, so does your baby dog deserves such the same protection up to a point. How do you think about that?

how to restrain dogs in cars

Ways to restain dogs in cars

That was not being created equally with all dog restraint systems for cars. Or there is not any official oversight of safety testing or standards with all these, and other dog products in the US. However, some were made better than the others, and lots of systems seem to work better than the others as we can see.

The dog car harness, dog crate, and the dog car seat barrier should be the two best dog restraint systems for those dog owners who like hitting the road with their beloved dog, which was continually vying for those top spots with effectiveness and safety. The carpet barrier for dogs could be better than nothing at all if you’ve ever tried but serves only to separate the passenger from the dog’s compartment, which means that may not restrain the dogs in cars up to a point.

No matter what system you make for your choice, that is important to be aware that placing your dog in the front seat of your car is a bad idea all the time. Then the best spot is the back seat in cars or cargo area in SUVs, we should keep in mind that is the crumple area inside so many vehicles.

 The Dog Harness

We know that the dog harness which works for car restraint, should be in tandem with a car’s seat belt system to get tether a dog to the car seat, right? This should be an effective way to contain the dogs after an accident. Mostly the system of dog harness goes with two parts, which is the harness itself, and the tether that connects the harness to the car seat belt. Lots of dog harness systems could inhibit a dog’s ability to move wherever he or she wants within the cars. Also, you may want to consider some important things when doing the purchasing, which include:

1. Double-check the crash test statistics on the product page.

2. Comes with the pad or broad, padded straps thickly, particularly the one that would be running the length of chest on your beloved dog, which may help distribute the force of an impact as widely as it could be.

3. Also, the tether should be short enough to minimize tangling, at the same time can limit the propulsion from the dog in such an impact up to some points. You know that should attach to the harness at the back of your dog, instead of his neck. Right?

4. There are lots of car harnesses double as such a standard harness for leash walking conveniently at some points.

Additionally, a dog harness car restraints were recommended for the small-sized dog, and up to medium-sized dogs, and sometimes may work well for some larger breeds of dog. There’s something you should be vigilant when getting your dog accustomed to the harness on a short trip first, which should be that a dog harness system may not be that suitable for the problem chewer, then maybe you ought to use it only under your supervision closely, also never in the front seat of the car.

how to restrain dogs in cars

The Dog Crate

Normally we like to choose the dog crate or kennel for keeping our dog stay in the cars with well-behaved because that could be an excellent method to restrain dogs in cars up to some points. Which could be significantly cut down the rates of driver distracting by the agitated dog around, and also contains a dog after an accident effectively. But the effectiveness and safety mostly depend on more than the crate itself you know? There are a few things to consider during the purchasing like the following:

1. Double-check for how sturdy the construction was.

2. Make sure to get the right size, which means that could correctly be fitted crate cut down the rate of how much the dog was throwing around inside it. Just double-check if the size is suitable for your dog before paying.

3. Then, if the vehicle you have is an SUV and you were planning to use the cargo space for the dog crate for your beloved dog to use, I think you need to figure out if it is the crumple zone inside the SUV. That may get to be the worst spot for a dog crate or kennel if you do not pay more attention to it.

4. And if you have to use the area in cargo for the dog crate, you may want to use it in tandem with placing a car barrier between the cargo spot and the back seat.

5. Sometimes the dog crates were designed to secure with straps on them, especially if being placed in the flat spots of trucks. Read carefully about the instruction manual from the manufacturer, then decide if the straps were required for the safest framework.

Apart from that, the dog crate ought to rest lengthwise in the back seat if it fits in your car out there or just in front of the back seat but on the floor if the dog crate was small enough. Take off the dog collar before a dog gets into the dog crate to keep away from strangling with any entangled tags that may happen on your beloved dog.

The dog car barrier

The dog car barrier is more about separation than restraint for dogs you know? There are so many different dog car separators, like the dog car barrier mesh and dog fence for car, etc… which on the market that we can reach, most of them may provide limited protection to your beloved dog in accidents. Although the car dog net barriers could be a very effective way to limit your dog to move around all the time when still on the car or SUV during transit. Helpfully minimize the distraction of drivers up to some points. And below are some important things to consider during purchasing the best dog car barrier for your beloved dog:

how to restrain dogs in cars

1. Get a dog car or SUV barrier that is made of sturdy materials, and also can be installed securely on your own. We surely know that you get what you pay for, so the more you would spend on a dog car safety barrier for your beloved dog, the higher quality could be expected at some points.

2. The car divider for dogs should be very easy and convenient to apply, but also must be installed and sized properly.

3. The front seat dog barrier and the back seat dog barrier should be the most effective way when that was being used in tandem with a kennel or crate. That can also help to minimize some injuries to the passengers of the back seat in a car during an accident.

4. Your dog may still be a projectile during any accidents if you use the vehicle pet barrier alone, you know? 

5. Be advised that there are lots of dog care barriers for cars using, like the LOOBANI best barrier for dogs in the car, trunk, minivans, and so on… can be dislodged or crumpled during an accident.

how to restrain dogs in cars

In case that your dog travels with you but gets loose in the vehicle areas you allowed, the collar on your dog’s neck could be a strangulation hazard if the tags are caught in the travel car barrier. Therefore, the collar should be removed after placing him or her in the cargo or car areas if you are not going to restrain your beloved dog.

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