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How to make dogs’ paws less slippery

Slippery floors ain’t good for dog paws

You may think that your beloved dog may be adorably cute when he or she was stumbles around the floors clumsily, or just gliding around like an adorable pet ice skater. However, some tumbles like those could be dangerous to your dog’s health seriously up to some points you know? Sometimes, a young and healthy lovely dog may risk pulled muscles or even worse like torn ligaments and so on. And things may go worse if you were keeping a special needs or an elderly dog, can you imagine about that?

Normally a dog may get injured by falling on some smooth but slippery surfaces if you ever pay attention to that. For instance, some materials like tile laminate, and hardwood surfaces even look great, and also very easy to keep them clean which is also what we need in our real life. At the same time, maybe you need to consider that those dog paws were not designed to walk or to do some else move dog paws needed on such slippery surfaces. Right? And that slippery may lead to sliding or even falling, which may get some potentially serious injury if things get worse.

How to make dogs’ paws less slippery

We can try the best flooring for our dogs

As we know, one of the best floors for dogs should be vinyl flooring. And that is an inexpensive, scratch, stain-resistant, and also waterproof type of floor, which is also considered comfortable underfoot for most of us. Usually, the vinyl flooring could make both your beloved dog and you joyful. How do you know about that so far?

Try to make the flooring less slippery 

We can go with the basic moves like mopping the floor with some mixture of grease-fighting washing liquid with some mild water. Or you can just apply the mild water on the mopping job if you prefer that. Besides, maybe we can put on rubber coverings on the flooring, particularly if you were keeping your dog in a specific area like a cage, then you try something like may non slip rubber matting for dog cages, which may work well for you.

If it’s tile flooring in your house, then you can apply some mixed-up solution to your tile while using the mop to spread it or some suitable garden sprayers to coat the surface if you want to. Or you could go with some other solution especially for your beloved dog like the non-slip floor mats for dogs for the areas your dog was active in, the dog non-slip feeding mat for the areas your dog is being fed, and the non-slip bath mat for dogs for your dog when bathing, etc…

How to make dogs’ paws less slippery

How to make dogs’ paws less slippery?

There are so many ways to make dogs’ paws less slippery, especially on some surfaces like tiled or wooden flooring in our daily life.

Firstly, we can do something on the dogs themselves, like trimming their long-haired fur in cycles. Because that hair between the paws may interfere with the flooring contact up to a point. Because their dog paw nails may just touch the surface of flooring while they were standing.

Then some mats or rugs like we slightly mentioned above could be ideal as well. The non-slip mat floor covering for a dog can be the best choice for most families because that not only works well for all dogs, including young puppies and older dogs but also works well for us human beings regardless of babies or adults normally. How do you think? Occasionally, some dog owners may own the smaller areas of wooden or tiled flooring for dogs to prevent the slippery, you could go with the anti-slip dog bowl mat or the non-slip dog grooming mat for specific usages for your beloved dog if you want.

Dog toenail grips could be an interesting solution due to those durable dog grippers can be placed on every single toenail on your dog. If your dog does some movements like standing up or walking, the dog nail grips could offer some traction without having an entire device confining his or her feet. And the most interesting part is you do not have to worry about your dog’s foot size with the dog non-slip nail grips you chose because that would be one size fits all normally. Isn’t it cool?

Although some dog toe treads may not be the best way for disabled or senior dogs who may suffer some difficulty with and walking or standing on some slippery flooring, they can play a practical part for some young, able dogs those just slippery around while moving on some hardwood at home.

How to make dogs’ paws less slippery

Non-slip dog mats for grounds or stairs could become another viable solution for helping your dog to remain stable on some slippery flooring. Placing the non-slip pet mats in some spots where your dog may have troubles could provide your dog some extra traction as long as needed. Normally these traction mats for dogs were sold by sets, thus you could place them all over your place if you want.

Like the LOOBANI anti-slip mat for dogs could be an ideal choice for most families who were keeping pets in a place covered with hardwood flooring. This dog anti-slip can work well as a dog traction pad. For instance, if your dog always struggling with the slippery laminate, tiled, and hardwood flooring, these tread mats could give a hand with some extra grips for a dog on hard flooring. 

At the same time, can work as a floor protector to protect most of your furniture and hardwood floors from suffering any scratched, also can help to reduce the clicking noise on your hardwood flooring dramatically up to some points.

The LOOBANI anti-slip treads mats also can play a part as the non-slip mat for the dog crate. Because those come with a very comfortable fiber for covering, which would keep your dog safe while he or she was napping on the treads mats, the excellent soft surface could offer better ease down up to some points. Have you ever tried that?

One more thing you need to know about the LOOBANI dog-friendly floor mats can work well as a training pad, which was also perfect to protect crates and furniture from your dog, under some lining kennels and playpens, or just under the bowls like the non-slip mats for dog bowls and so on…

How to make dogs’ paws less slippery

Final note

In a word, the tile and hardwood floors could be the worst enemy of a dog up to s point. Since those are very slippery to varying degrees, but if you chose some pads of your dog’s feet falsely may cause them to slip around, which could make it harder for your dog to walk confidently. 

Some senior dogs or some special dogs with hip pain or arthritis may have difficulty getting up, especially on the slippery tile or hardwood flooring. If you ever noticed that your beloved dog is slipping more or just suffering some issues with getting up, then you may want to take your lovely furry friend to see the veterinarian to check if there are not any underlying health problems there. Because we love our cute furry friends and want everything great for them in this world, that is also the reason we are here to discuss all these, isn’t it?

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