Before you get a wheels for dog, you must have noticed that your dog has a mobility issue. After closely observing your pet, you visit a vet to identify or diagnose your pet’s specific problem and cause. As a dog owner, relying on your doctor’s diagnosis is advisable.

 If the vet decides that a dog wheelchair will be the best option or treatment for your dog, then you have the responsibility of finding a suitable wheelchair for dog. If your dog has front leg mobility limitations; then a dog wheelchair for front legs is what you should be looking for. In addition, if your dog’s back leg is affected, then a wheelchair for dog back legs will be a suitable option.

After you have decided, based on the dog’s medical condition diagnosis, to get a dog wheelchair front leg or a dog wheelchair for back legs for your dog, the next thing is to acquire one, so are you buying or are you making one by yourself? If you want to save yourself the stress and time, you can decide to buy one in any drug equipment store or just order one online market. However, if you want to make one for yourself, this article will guide you through simple and easy steps to building a dog mobility cart.  

DIY Dog Wheelchair

Deciding to make a DIY dog wheelchair for your dog can be the best effort for your disabled dog. Creating a dog wheelchair DIY for your pet can prove to be as rewarding as it is fun. Some dogs may benefit from location changes and specific furniture, while others may need certain medical equipment.

Wheelchairs for pets are now new way to extend their lifespan. It is essential to know the different variety of DIY dog wheelchair methods. Knowing the plans will help you decide the best equipment to aid your dog in regaining its mobility.

DIY Dog Wheelchair Plans

Do-it-yourself dog large dog wheelchair for back legs also helps solve the problem of elderly canines who have lost control of their back legs because of polyneuropathy. Thousands of people go on vacation yearly to an exotic location as a family with their beloved dogs. In most cases, dogs stricken with old age suffer from polyneuropathy, which makes it difficult or outrightly impossible for them to walk without aid. 

wheelchair dog

You can find very few doggie wheels in the market designed for this specific condition. Moreover, the price will give you a chase when you eventually find one. Hence, making the dog wheels yourself presents two benefits. You get to design according to your dog’s condition, and you get to work within your budget.

If you have ever wanted to give your dog a happy environment by making a homemade dogs wheelchair, you will find these plans helpful. This article will provide ample information on how to make a dog wheelchair.

Making A DIY Dog Wheelchair for Your Disabled Dog

Seeing your once agile and robust dog becoming weak or crippled is not easy. While some happen due to old age, others result from accidents or sickness. Issues like arthritis result from old age. It can affect either the dog’s back legs or the front legs. It is sad to see a dog dealing with mobility issues in its young years. Fortunately, those situations are not the end of them. An adjustable dog wheelchair can improve your dog’s quality of life. This type of wheels for paralyzed animals can be customized to fit your dog’s height, width, and length.


Check with your veterinarian when deciding on the best wheelchair for your dog. I believe your vet is in the best position to identify specific issues about your dog’s health that you need to consider before getting a wheelchair.

The Advantages of Building Your Dog Cart

Numerous benefits come with building your pet wheelchair. However, one benefit stands out the most. Creating your dog wheelchair saves cost. How much does a dog wheelchair cost? The cost of a dog wheelchair in the market is between $190 and $500. This might be on the high side for someone running on a low budget.

 However, when you decide to build a wheelchair for your paralyzed dog, you will spend below $100. This is because you are buying the equipment yourself, and some of the needed tools are things you probably have in the house already. Hence, the cost of a DIY wheelchair is something affordable for low-budget dog owners.

Another advantage of a DIY wheelchair for dogs is that it enables you to identify the faulty parts in the case of damage. By doing that, you will be able to know what exactly to repair or replace. Below is a detailed guide needed in learning how to make a dog wheelchair for front legs and dogs wheel back legs.

Tools Needed For A PVC Dog Wheelchair

To build a standard PVC dog wheelchair, you will need some simple but expedient tools. As I earlier mentioned, most of these tools are what you already have in the house. Below are the needed equipment or tools required to make a wheelchair for your dog:

ü A Saw: You will need a saw to cut the aluminium you will use and the PVC pipes.

ü Adjustable or fixed wrenches

ü A drill

ü A set of clamps

ü A vise

Aside from the tools mentioned above, you would also need some sewing materials for the leather and other things that needed sewing and clipping. Such as:

ü A pair of scissors

ü Straight pins

ü A sewing machine

ü  Needle and thread.

ü Straight pins

Necessary Parts for A PVC Dog Wheelchair

With the abovementioned tools, you will need to build your dog wheelchair. However, you will have to purchase some necessary body parts for the dog wheelchair. You will need to buy quality PVC pipe, aluminium, and wheels. Because of the dog’s weight, the dog wheelchair must be lightweight. Note that you will use the same parts for large dog wheelchairs and wheelchairs for small dogs.

dog in wheelchair

Dog mobility wheels are practically made of aluminium and PVC pipe, except for the wheels. You can get the wheels from the online market. Check online for high-quality, budget-friendly wheels. Dog wheels come in different sizes and colours. The prominent colour is black. You should not get these parts for more than $50. You can even get them at a lesser price if you go for recycled materials. Some discount stores even have the dog wheelchair for sale at a low price. You can get things like straps or harnesses from thrift shops or other shops that sell at a discount. You can also consider the possibility of getting a free dog wheelchair.

The following things are important:

1. Lawn mower wheels

2. Nuts/Bolts for Axle

3. T&L Connectors(×4)

4. PVC Pipe Caps

5. PVC Pipes (12pcs)

6. Velcro Pack

7. Clear PVC Adhesive

Do-it-yourself dog wheelchair allows you to personalize based on your preferences. You get to pick your choice of fabric, stickers, paint and more.

Measurements for A DIY PVC Dog Wheelchair

A perfect fit is a result of accurate measurements. Before cutting or sizing the materials you bought, you must correctly measure your dog to get its exact size. Before you start measuring, ensure that your dog is in a standing position. This will help you get accurate measurements. If the dog’s rear leg is paralyzed, prop it up on something stable.

You can also have someone hold it up while you measure. While you are measuring the length of the dog’s rear area, include the tail if it is drooping. However, if the tail is up, measure the dog’s rear the way it is. Note that this measurement depends on whether you are making a dog front leg wheelchair or a dog hind leg wheelchair.


 After placing your pet on a surface, below are the steps to guide you in the measurements of the dog to get the right size for the wheelchair. After that, stand to measure the width of the dog while looking from above the dog. In this case, you measure the most expansive area of the dog straight across.

Measure the following:

1. Rear height from height to hips to the floor.

2. Length of back from shoulder blades to base to the tail.

3. Inside distance from the heel of the dog’s front foot to the toes of its back foot

4. Girth or circumference all the way around the dog’s chest, right behind the front legs.

5. Front height from top of shoulder to the floor

6. Width of shoulders straight across

7. Width of hips straight across

8. Groin to the floor

The Procedure for Making A PVC Dog Wheelchair

The first thing is to do a test fit of the parts you already cut. Note that it doesn’t require glue to fit. Fit the rear cross brace and the lower cross brace. Pick the T connectors for wheel arms and the T connectors for the lower brace. Then snug each piece for 90° angles throughout. A rubber mallet would probably work best. After that, attach the shoulder support and front strap sections.


The next thing to do is to install the caps. The caps will prevent the straps from coming off. After fixing the straps properly; the next major step is to assemble the wheel. First, place a washer on both sides. Wheel arms are pre-drilled half from the bottom. Next is the placement of nuts. Then, insert the wheels angle arms 5° out. Then attach the abdomen brace appropriately. Adjust the abdomen brace so that it is not too tight. After doing that, fix the wraparound body strap and top shoulder strap.

Now, after ensuring that everything is fixed correctly, do a test fit on your dog? Take the strap wraparound, and lift the shoulder support up while you tighten the strap. Then attach the top shoulder strap while you lift the support just below the jawline. 

pet wheelchairs

Dog Conditions That May Require a Wheelchair

A pet may need a wheelchair dog DIY for numerous reasons. Conditions ranging from old age to accidental injuries, any unforeseen circumstances may call for this invalidate item.

Some mobility issues that may spur you to make a DIY dog wheelchair include:

1. Amputations

Nobody wishes his or her pet a sad fate like an amputation. A wheelchair can be a great support to your pet in situations such as this. However, stuff like accidents and infections cannot be predictable.

Many dogs do suffer post-surgery depression. However, access to a wheelchair is an introduction to freedom for them.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is not only a human challenge. It is a popular problem among the canine population, especially the old ones. There is a level of daily pain attached to advanced arthritis. The pressure of the weight of your dog might prove to be too much on the dog’s limbs.

In this case, your dog may experience mobility. However, there is excellent news; a DIY dog wheelchair can make a great difference by improving mobility and quality of life. Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair can help your pet in no small way.

3. Recovery/Rest post-surgery

This is another reason you might want to consider a wheelchair for your dog. This is one major and efficient use of the dog wheels. A dog might require surgery for different reasons, like lifesaving procedures and routine operations. Getting a dog to rest after surgery can prove challenging. Therefore, a wheelchair is helpful for recovery and rehabilitation equipment.

4. Neurological Issues

This is a mental issue that might affect your dog’s mobility. The kind of wheelchair to get will depend on the severity of the condition. In some cases, you might need stirrups for the leg’s protection. In the case of less severity, the doctor might recommend strengthening the limbs. In this situation, you can lower the chair to give the limbs safe and minimal access to the get.

Features of A Wheelchair

A few essential needs to consider when considering a wheelchair for your dog. It does not matter whether you are buying or going for a homemade dog wheelchair or a used dog wheelchair. Dogs who cannot use their front or back limbs will require a full support dog wheelchair.

On the other hand, dogs with partial use of their kind would need the quad-chair, which has adjustability that allows a diverse level of support. This type of wheel for dogs is also the rear support dog wheelchair. It will hence afford the dog freedom of movement for the legs while it is touching the ground. An example is the small dog back leg wheelchair. A quad wheelchair or a two-wheeled chair are the two famous styles of dog wheelchairs.

A Quad Wheelchair or a Two-Wheeled Chair

In making a two-wheeled chair, you must put the function into consideration. Naturally, the design of a two-wheeled chair provides support on any of the dog’s sides. This type can be used as a small dog wheelchair. This style of wheelchair is designed to have lightweight on the shoulders while fully aiding your pup’s weight.

The general perception of people about a wheelchair is that it is a support small dog wheelchair for back legs. However, there are numerous cases where the front legs require some support.


Quad chairs support dogs with weakness or paralysis in all four limbs. The quad chair can be handy for post-surgery rehabilitation as you can adjust the level of assistance the chair provides. This is a type of wheel cart for paralyzed dogs. Also, they are used as wheels for large dogs’ back legs and front leg dog wheelchairs. They allow your dog’s paws to touch the floor and use a full range of motion for a safe and gradual recovery.

Will Lifting My Dog In And Out Not Hurt Him?

Lifting a dog in a wheelchair and out of a doggy wheelchair cannot hurt him unless you are not doing it correctly. Standard quality wheelchairs are typically comfortable and supportive in all cases. Hence, you should be able to comfortably put the dog in a wheelchair and remove the wheelchair. However, you must endeavour to be as gentle with the dog as possible, especially when taking a dog out of the wheels for paralyzed dogs and wheels for dogs with back leg problems. Take everything slowly, and do not be in a hurry to fix or remove fog from the wheelchair.

Can A PVC Wheelchair For Dog Work?


Animal wheelchairs work the same way human wheelchair does. Therefore, the way a child can use a perfectly supported wheelchair and an adult can use one comfortably, so also it is with the canine.

A large dog wheelchair is the same as for small dog wheelchair; the only difference is the height and size.


Building a do-it-yourself dog wheelchair is an opportunity for you to give your dog a life-changing gift. In no time, your dog will be up and around again. This wheelchair will allow your dog to do every activity it loves doing. You can take walks or even go on hiking with your dog. A wheelchair dog is not limited to walking. Helping your dog regain mobility is another great way to show love to your dear friend.

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