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how to make a mat anti-slip

There are lots of different anti-slip mat products we can choose on the shores regardless of online or offline. Or if you want something very special for your beloved dog, you may try to DIY by your own hands. For instance, that could be very simple to DIY anti-slip paw wax, DIY dog paw grips, or DIY toe grips for dogs… But today, we would like to talk about how to make the non-slip floor mats for dogs become less slip or anti-slip, you may get something useful out here if you were looking for this.

In our daily life, we know that slippery flooring could be not only a nuisance but also can cause some serve injuries up to some points. Especially some flooring like marble and concrete garage types could be very slippery. Maybe something like pilling the grease, oil, and some other liquids on the surfaces of flooring is usually at the root of the issue, but sometimes some flooring were just slippery even if it’s clean. So let the flooring stay free of debris may help to cut down the slipperiness of the flooring. Or maybe we can try some agents that can add to the flooring which can also work like that. That could be very convenient if you just get one from the store, but also we can make a very simple one if you are into handwork.

If you ever have trouble with slipping or maybe even falling when you and your beloved spend time on the non-slip pet mat? Sometimes, that could be very frustrating when you first get a non-slip pet mat to find your beloved furry friend sliding all around. What’s more, sometimes the sweaty palms or feet could be the reason why casing you or your dog to slip, so we need to figure out some solutions that may work better than those we’ve ever tried.

how to make a mat anti-slip

What is the non-slip dog mat?

First of all, maybe we need to know about what a non-slip dog mat means, which is normally a rubber matting that was used to avoid some slippery, trips and falls in the house and so on… Therefore, we may need to use some non-slip bath mats for dogs, which can be limited to some situations in which the leads of the slippery hazard may not be removed by any other means. Typically, those types of traction mats for dogs were used in some areas where liquid spills on floors while some work processes were common you know? 

Ways to make the non-skid pet mat anti-slip

Chose one side to do some practicing on the mat

Just similar to the new shoes, we can try to use the non-slip rugs for dogs daily for several weeks, which may help to break in the material for way less slipping range up to some points. 

Thus just choose one side of the non-slip dog kennel mats and then make a mark if it’s needed to be noted which side you need to break in for the practicing even the mat you get is the non-slip floor runners for dogs.

And before that, you can spray some water on the dog mats, then layer with some things thin to assist your beloved dog’s sweaty feet if needed. 

Plus, you can try some microfiber traction, which may be a little thinner than some regular towels, place a quick-drying microfiber towel on the dog traction mats may help to increase the comfort of the practicing, but the towels could be good to admit any loss of traction when applying on dog mats.

how to make a mat anti-slip

Remove the chemical finishes on the mat

This should be not recommended for all kinds of dog mat materials, sometimes the apple cider can help remove some chemical finish from the material of the non-slip floor covering for dogs you got. Then this finish could be the main reason for the concern when slipping. How do you think?

You may use caution in this way, like the way you take acid to the dog mat, and then ensure to wash with the organic liquid soap first. Or just give a shot about trying diluting the vinegar with some water before using a sponge to rub it on one side of the traction mats for dogs. 

 Apply a double-sided dog mat 

If you do searching for a new mat, consider a double-sided one with one side normal and the other side made of cotton or some other soft materials, which could make it easier to prevent some slipperiness up to a point. Do you try any of that?  

how to make a mat anti-slip

Do some washing on the dog mat

You know that sometimes one of the most notable ways to eliminate the sleek non-slip rubber matting for dogs should be to wash it! If the dog non-slip mat you chose was made of PVC, accelerate the aging process by putting it in the washer for a few cycles if it’s machine washable in advance. And you can pay some attention to if it’s allowed to be air dry or not.

Maybe some other materials could be washed with some organic surface cleaner to reduce anything on the surface that may make it harder to grip, you know? 

One more way is to try sea salt on the non-slip floor runners for dogs if needed.

That could be an interesting way to use on some dog mats like an anti-slip mat for dogs which can use sea salt on to reduce the slipping up to some points. If it’s the non-slip mat for the dog crate or the dog non-slip feeding mat you were using, then the entire surface of it is rubbed down with the sea salt to make sure everything is good for when your beloved dog using it alone, let the salt stay for over 20 hours before rinsing off with the mild water. 

how to make a mat anti-slip

Do the cleaning job

If you go with some anti-slip dog crate mat like the LOOBANI treads mats, you need to do the cleaning job very carefully regardless before or after you placed the treads mats on. Due to the self-adhesive features, we ought to sweep and mop the floors until it is totally clean and dry. Then just peel off the transparent plastic papers on the bottom, place them together as you wish, you can also do the cutting to suit your areas if needed. And do not forget to do the cleaning, like getting rid of the debris or some other specks of dirt on it, to make sure the dog mat can work well the whole time, not only for less slippery or anti-slip.

Apart from that, some non-slip dog feeding mats can be replaced if one of them just got some destroy. Like the LOOBANI tread mats can be a typical example, we can get the changing job done very easily if one of those just got wet or suffered some unsolvable problems…

No matter what types of dog mats you chose, that is true about we need to do supervision all the time because our beloved dogs unlike us human beings could be that strong up to sometimes. Hopefully, all these make sense, also can be helpful for all of you, or inspire you with something useful at some points. Thank you very much. Good luck to you all!

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