dog knee brace acl

A homemade DIY dog knee brace is an excellent option for owners seeking to help their dogs ease their pain and gain mobility. A homemade knee brace is an effective knee brace for dog back legs. You can make a knee brace for dogs with arthritis, as well as a knee brace for dogs with torn ACL   

If you notice your dog cringing in pain when walking, it is probably because it has arthritis in the knee joint or has sustained a knee injury. The pain can be excruciating for the dog in most cases.  Elderly dogs experience Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) tears. If your dog’s situation is critical, you must visit a veterinarian for proper treatment. You should consider a homemade dog knee brace for luxating patella for your dog has a dislocation in his leg.

However, if it is just a minor injury, a knee brace might be the best option. The knee brace will relieve the injured knee joint by lifting the dog’s weight off it. The best dog knee brace serves as a support for the injured leg. The good news is that you do not have to worry about buying an already-made knee brace. A homemade knee brace works perfectly if it is properly made. 

dog knee brace acl

This, therefore, brings us to the question you might be asking yourself. How to make a knee brace for my dog? What is the needed equipment for the knee brace? How do you measure and size the knee brace to ensure it fits your dog perfectly? This article will give answers to all of these questions.

You will learn some essential facts about how to make a knee brace for a dog and cater for knee brace dogs here. How to make the perfect fit while considering comfortability.

What Is A Knee Brace?

Knee braces are knee support that alleviates the pains in the knee. A knee brace is not limited to humans; four-legged animals also benefit from the aid it offers. Typically, a good knee brace is s made from plastic or fabric, depending on the choice of the buyer or maker. Knee braces usually have elastic straps that perfectly fit them by holding them in place. There is a knee brace for the dog’s back legs and a left leg dog brace.

Coming as a dog knee brace, it is made of either Neoprene, Lycra, or Nylon.

What Is The Function Of A Knee Brace?

Dog knee braces are usually designed to attach to the knee and create a kind of compression. The compression created by the knee brace is expected to reduce knee pains and probable swelling. The reduction also allows for improved blood. So if your question is, do dog braces work? The answer is yes; dog leg braces do work.

Dogs, especially the old ones, may have to wear a knee brace often due to the onset of arthritis. This is because arthritic pains, if not correctly handled, can lead to leg paralysis in dogs. 

knee braces for dogs

Also, a dog may need a knee brace post-surgery. A dog who has just had a surgical operation might need support for the affected leg so that movements can be pain-free and aid blood circulation for quick recovery.

When a dog is injured, a knee brace might be the right recovery method to employ if it is not a crippling or life-threatening injury.

Benefits of a Homemade Knee Brace for Dogs

Making a knee brace for your dog has numerous benefits. Of course, if you don’t have the time and the enablement to create a dog brace yourself, you can check out the cost of a dog knee brace online and order one. However, if you have decided to build one yourself, below are the benefits offered by the DIY method.

1. Cost: The cost of a dog knee brace is cheaper when you do-it-yourself it compared to buying an already-made knee brace

2. Fit: dogs come in different shapes and sizes. Buying a knee brace for your dog implies that you make do with whatever size they sell. However, when you make a homemade knee brace, it enables you to measure and create an accurate fit for your beloved dog.

3. Necessity: Instead of waiting endlessly for the delivery of the new brace you ordered, you can improvise by making one yourself. Also, in case you have a day set for the doctor’s appointment but you don’t want your dog suffering while waiting, a homemade dog knee brace can come in handy.

4. Safety: If you make your dog knee brace on your own, you have confidence in the safety of the materials used, instead of you buying one that might be made from hard plastic with toxic chemicals. Your own items are the things you probably have at home; hence, they cannot further damage the dog’s legs. 

knee braces for dogs

How a Dog Knee Brace Works

You might be wondering how that little thing attached to your dog’s legs can make any difference. Well, this is how the knee braces work to bring health and wellness to your dog. The primary function of a dog knee brace is that it aids blood circulation. Knee braces typically create some amount of pressure on the veins and arteries. This process enables the free flow of blood and as well prevents any impending swelling.

The following are steps to take while making a knee brace for your dog:  

· Measure

· Cut

· Tape

· Velcro


Knee braces pressurize your dog’s knee joints to keep the blood flowing. The use of knee braces helps limit your dog’s range of motion, protecting its knees against further injury. When movement is limited this way, the healing process becomes smoother and retrogression free. 

acl knee brace dog

Knee Brace Precautions

There are some precautions you need to pay cognizance to before you attempt to make a dog knee brace o. Below are the details you must keep in mind:

1. Ensure that the dog knee brace prevents sideways motions. This is because the injured knee needs stability in the healing process.

2. You need to give the brace a strong support mechanism that will run down the dog’s legs the entire length.

3. Restricting sideways movements doesn’t mean that the leg should be entirely stiff.  There should be some degree of motion in the knee.

Equipment Needed to Make a Knee Brace

The following are the tools and materials you need to make a dog knee brace:

1. Velcro straps

 2. A duct tape

3. Scissors

4. Measuring tape

5. Something to support

aoc dog knee brace

Guides to Making a Dog Knee Brace

1. Do an accurate measurement.

The first thing is to measure your dog’s legs accurately. This will help you get the correct pattern for the cut. Measure the space between an inch beneath and above your dog’s legs. To get the right fit and shape for your dog, you can outline your dog’s legs.

Also, ensure to keep the knee braces the correct length. You can achieve that by measuring the width and circumference of the dog’s legs.

2. Size and cut

This is where you will need the scissors and the duct tape. The support materials you plan to use might be an old plastic lid or whatever you think might work best for support. From the support material, you have gotten, cut double pieces of the same pattern of the leg of the dog.

     3. Tape

The tape helps you to hold the support materials together. Place the two pieces beside each other, and then keep them together with the tape. So, further, tape the entire space to form the brace.

     4. Velcro

The Velcro strips will hold the brace in place on your dog’s knee. You will need two Velcro strips for this; place one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Fixing the Brace Safely and Comfortably On the Dog

dogs knee brace

Ensuring that the brace fits ideally can be a bit challenging. While there should be enough support, it shouldn’t be too tight and, at the same time, too loose. Try putting a finger in between the dog’s legs and the brace. If your finger cannot enter comfortably, that indicates that it’s too loose.

Your dog might be showing signs of discomfort at first; it’s not something to worry about because he needs time to adjust to the brace. You can walk with him for a while until he becomes accustomed to the brace.

Situations, Injuries, and Conditions That Might Require a Knee Brace

A knee joint has three major components. These components are the fibula, tibia, and patella. They all come together to form the stifle or knee joint. Pain can start from any of these structures, including the tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Like every other creature, a dog’s knee carries the weight of the whole body. Hence, knee problems are very common among dogs, irrespective of breeds, sizes, and shapes. Aged dogs usually suffer pain and stiffness in their knees due to the wear and tear ascribed to old age.

Below are three major categories of knee conditions that cause varying degrees of pains and mobility issues. Knee conditions in dogs are classified into three major categories. 

 1. Arthritis

Arthritis is very common among dogs, and it can cause a lot of damage to a dog’s legs. Even though arthritis can occur in dogs of all ages, it happens mostly to older and larger dogs. This situation comes with painful symptoms like joint mobility, swelling, stiffness, and inflammation. If the damage of osteoporosis becomes severe, a dog can lose the use of his legs or, better still, go through knee replacement surgery. The posh knee braces for dogs might be the best option for arthritis. You can check out posh knee brace reviews online to know more about the product.

2. Torn CCL or ACL

Anterior Cruciate Ligament can be torn in both animal’s and humans’ legs. In humans, it mostly happens to athletes who are always active. In dogs, it happens because dogs are also active animals. ACL in humans is the same as CCL in animals, and when it is torn, the pain is almost unbearable. You can buy a dog leg brace for torn ACL online. A homemade ACL brace for dogs works well for this condition.

Dog leg brace for ACL injury will help the healing process of the torn ligament.  You can get the best dog ACL brace, dog knee pad, and neoprene dog brace from Loobani.

  3. Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella is simply a dislocated kneecap. Experiencing a dislocated anything can be severely painful, even for humans. Now imagine what it’s going to be like for a dog. It can happen to a dog of any size or stature, but it’s mostly common among dogs of smaller breeds.

Despite having a fancy name, a Luxating patella is actually a dog dislocated knee brace. As seen in humans, this injury is excruciatingly painful and debilitating. This condition is quite common for some smaller breeds; however, it can be seen in any dog. In extreme situations, surgery might be the only corrective procedure available. Hence, you have to get the best dog knee brace for a luxating patella.

Finally, a dog brace can help a dog through the healing process of any of the conditions mentioned above. An example is the dog ACL brace PetSmart. In fact, it may save them from going through surgery. Note that it is not a speedy healing or recovery method. It requires patience. You can visit your vet for further recommendations.

Types of Dog Knee Braces

Soft neoprene wraps

This type of brace is a breathable compression wrap. Soft Neoprene wraps, without restricting flexibility, provide stability for your dog’s legs.  You can check online for companies that deal with dog equipment like Loobani to get a standard brace for your beloved dog. 

dog knee braces

Neoprene wraps feature comfortable, soft, stretchy materials that come in different sizes and forms. Some come as a simple sleeve with a Velcro strap or as a padded wrap fixed by an over-the-back strap. Some might be configured to allow the insertion of rigid support stays that serve as splints. The splints are to stabilize the ligaments by limiting the knee joint’s motion.

Unfortunately, soft Neoprene wraps are not the best option if you seek a brace for your dog with torn CCL/ACL or a severe condition like chronic arthritis. These wraps weren’t designed to cater to specific injuries or conditions. If your dog doesn’t fall within a specific size range, it might be hard to get the right fit for him. These wraps have limited sizing options. Orthodog knee brace also features products like ortho dog ACL brace.

Lastly, these braces are meant to attend to short time injury. Hence, you can use it for six months, after which you may have to dispose of it.

  Ortocanis knee brace

The ortocanis dog knee brace is a supportive and flexible neoprene. This type of brace is usually made from a good material that you can fix and remove easily. It has received many positive reviews from dog knee brace amazon users. 

You can also get a  hero brace for dogs. This also works as a dog leg brace for torn ACL and dog torn ACL wrap.  Dog knee brace petco and a dog knee brace petSmart are online products that can aid your dog’s mobility.

Thermoformed Semi-Rigid/Rigid Braces

Thermoformed semi-rigid braces are made from a medically approved polypropylene plastic formed around a cast of the dog’s leg. Most times, these knee braces feature hinges, which allow a full range of motion without me hindering support. 

In case you seek to purchase this kind of brace, you can also get it from Loobani, a website that sells dog equipment, the best ACL knee brace, and ruptured cranial cruciate ligament brace for dogs.

The materials used for this custom dog knee brace are lined with comfortable padding. Hence, they provide robust support. Thermoformed custom dog braces are the best option if you want a brace that will fully support your pet’s joints. Posh dog leg brace is an example of an %100 custom torn ACL dog brace, and some consider it the best dog leg braces for torn ACL. Another great thing about this brace is that it works for any breed and size. It can serve as a large dog knee brace as well as a small dog knee brace since they are custom-made.


 In conclusion, aside from deciding to buy or make a knee brace for your dog, it is important to consider treatment options. There are different treatment options like surgery or a wheelchair in severe cases. Of course, you can decide on a knee brace if your vet thinks it will help your dog’s condition.  You can check – dog knee braces near me- online. Wherever you are in the world, you can check out the best dog knee brace for torn ACL-  UK, dog knee brace – Australia, and dog knee brace cruciate ligament Australia.

acl dog knee brace

The beautiful thing about leg braces is that it doesn’t disturb other forms of treatment, it is versatile. This means that even if the dog gets surgery, a knee brace can still help in the recovery process and as well prevent further injury.

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