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How to House Train a Dog in 7 Days

The behavior a dog shows is all due to his training. It depends on the dog breed you have, the family, and its lifestyle. 

The house training your dog helps you tackle the difficulties of owning a new dog. 

Do you want to house train your dog? 

Guys, it will be best if you have some planning, dedication, and, most importantly, patience. 

By following these fundamental principles, you can house train your buddy in no time. 

Please read this to gain information about house training a dog.

1.What Is House Training?

The house training means teaching your puppy some basic obedience skills and guiding him to do his business at some specified place.

Train your dog to remove his waste at a marked place in the house, backyard, or in a crate.

Learning how to house train at the right time and place is the greatest thing you have to do for a better and happier life together.

How to House Train a Dog in 7 Days

2.Explain the Methods to House Train, a Dog?

Are you conscious of the cleanliness of your own home? 

Do you want your house to look pleasant? 

You need to follow these steps to establish a good routine that is beneficial for you and your dear dog. 

Consider these dog training tricks and effectively house train your dog in 7 days. 

Assemble Training Accessories

Gather all the house training accessories to focus entirely on training despite rushing towards the stores. 

However, Loobani offers fantastic high-quality dog products that make the training period successful. 

The supplies you must have with you are:

  • Crate 
  • Collar 
  • Leash 
  • Chew toys

Step 1# Make a Routine

We all love to create a solid and intimate relationship with our dogs. If you want to house, train your buddy, use dog training bells, and get him up at dawn time. 

Before you take a step out for a morning walk, ask your dog to pee at the marked place. 

When you are walking with your companion, wander as much as you can until they sign. 

Try to spend some time playing with your doggy, and make him exercise well. 

When you set a schedule, you make them learn that there is time to eat, sleep, play, and eliminate their waste. 

In my view, do not let them wait for a longer time as this may result in accidents. 

Being a trainer, you should know how to train a dog to pee on a pad

Step 2# Choose a Designated Point for Toileting

Command your dog to use a place in the garden or backyard that fits best for toileting (stool release). 

Recognize your buddy’s cues and send him to that specific place for relief. You should know how to train your dog to poop outside. 

Use a consistent command to refer to that place of toileting. 

Use the spoken word ” Go ” whenever your dog reaches that point. Use the spoken word “Go.” 

You can also train a dog to use the litter box for toileting which is essential for house training. 

When you both are outside the home, try to carry away a plastic bag following the city’s ordinance. 

“Healthy environment, healthy you.”

Step 3# Crate Training of a Dog

A crate is the best place to rest your dog. It provides good comfort and is a safe place for your puppy. 

Decorate your pups crate with chew toys and blankets for sleeping. 

Sometimes, you can also place a pad inside it for potty training in a restricted environment. See how to crate train a dog for potty training. 

Never use a crate as a punishment place for your dog as he will become frightened when ordered to get into that place. 

Step 4# Dog’s Signs

Please pay special attention to learning your dog’s sign to house train him in a better way. Some signs are:

  • Barking 
  • Scratching
  • Restlessness
  • Squatting
  • Sniffing
  • Whining

Step 5# Keep a Check at Your Dog

To house train your honey friend, keep a close eye on his activity whenever he comes out of his crate. 

Wherever he roams in the house in his free time, you should vigilantly watch him stop doing accidents.

Also, you need to train a dog not to chew everything.

Step 6# Clean Your Dog’s Mess At Once

If you want to avoid inevitable accidents with your dog, immediately clean the stains or messes in front of him.

In this way, you will teach him it’s not a good habit to relieve inside the house. 

Step 7# Praise Your Dog

If you see that your puppy eliminates his waste outdoor, praise his behavior and provide him with healthy supplements or a new toy as a mark of celebration. 

You can also make homemade soft dog treats for training.

You can also take him outdoor to your neighborhood as a reward. 

In this way, you will provide humane society dog training with ease.

Pat your dog when he poops outside. This appreciation results in reinforcing such an act. 

Step 8# Act friendly 

When house training your dog, communicate in a friendly tone and never use harsh words.

If you are using a loud voice, shout in a way that does not frighten your doggy. 

Never yell or jerk your dog in unconscious accidents. 

Step 9# Avoid Punishing Your Dog

Do not yell or jerk your dog whenever you encounter accidents in a training session. 

When you yell at your fluffy little partner, you provide the worst training, which you need to avoid. 

Provide a friendly relation by remaining calm. Be patient. Do not scold your dog. 

If you see an accident in your free time, command “STOP” and “GO.” 

and gently take him outdoor to finish his business. 

Whenever my potty trained is having accidents, I follow these steps to be a good house trainer. 

You all should do the same to establish a strong relationship with your dog. 

Step 10# On-Leash Training

When you are house training your puppy, treat your yard as any other place in the house to stay. 

Allow him to walk without a leash only when your dog is fully house trained. 

Repeat all these tricks seven days to house-train them until their routine is established. 

How to House Train a Dog in 7 Days

3.Which Is the Best Age to House Train a Dog?

Don’t you know how long do dogs take to potty train? 

Check this to widen your knowledge. 

Dog of every age and size can be house trained, but the required training depends on intellect and training level.

House training of your dog is about positive reinforcement, motivation, and consistency. 

You should start house training at an early age of about six weeks to eight weeks

However, dogs fully develop their bladder at the age of 12 weeks. 

4.Which Type of Dog Breed Is Easy to House Train?

The easiest dog breeds to house train are listed as:

  • German Shepherd
  • Bearded Collie
  • Mini Schnauzer 
  • Labrador Retriever 
  • Poodle

These breeds are the most intelligent in picking things. They serve as the best human companions. 

We do not have to put an entire effort into training them. Once you teach your puppy any command, it understands it quickly. 

5.What Type of Dog Breed is Hardest to House Train?

It is pretty challenging to house train a stubborn dog. You have to work hard to provide better behavior training. 

To let you know, Jack Russell Terrier takes a lot of time to get house trained. 

6.Enlist the Exercises for Your Actively House Trained Dog?

Excellent house training happens when you take your dog on a walk, play with him, and indulge in exercises to make them active. 

Here are some of the exercises to better train your house dog:


Riding is an essential exercise for dogs. The more they walk or ride, the lesser is the risk of health issues. 

Riding a dog by accompanying you for a more extended period makes them active. It is the first-class manner to residence educate them. 


Do you have wanderlust? 

Do you love to explore new places? 

Guys, it’s the best exercise you can do with your dog. Make a plan and set out for hiking and exploring the areas. 

The more you hike, the more you gain knowledge about places. It is possible that you can better train your dog to potty and pee issues. 


Play fetch with your dog. It is a pretty exciting game.

Make your dog bring a ball or any other toy. Run him up to the hill or within the park to retrieve the lost thing. 

This activity proves effective in house-break training. 


Obedience game is helpful in house training of a dog. You must practice retrieving, recalling, and reinforcing commands to make your buddy obedient. 


It is one of the best exercises to train your dog to be highly active.

A treadmill workout helps establish endurance in your dog and positively prepares it for house-break. 


I assure you, your tug will not get bored of pull.

Play a tug game with your dog that proves fruitful in building muscles and creates a good relationship between both of you. 

These exercises make your dog active and increase their mental capacity, due to which they learn things quickly. 

Loobani offers various chew toys and other toys to house train your dog.

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