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How to Get Active with Your Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world, with over half a billion around. And for good reasons: dogs are intelligent, loyal and energetic companions who provide us with unconditional love. But there’s more to it than that. They can also help you stay active. With so many ways to get active and activities to do with your dog (walking is just the beginning), So, what will you choose? I will talk about plenty of ideas on how to get active with your dog. The best part? They’re all fun for both of you.

The Best Part of Getting a Dog is. . .

The best part of getting a dog is that it can help you stay active. I used to be a couch potato until I adopted a dog who really needed me. She actually dragged me out of the house and onto our first walk together on the second day we met. Since then, she’s just gotten on my nerves with her pawing at my feet if she can’t go outside for some time.

It also helps that there are so many fun things to do with an active dog or activities to do with dogs on walks. For example, you could teach your dog some tricks or do basic obedience training with positive reinforcement. All these activities will keep your dog engaged and provide physical activity for both of you.

Getting started with sports to Do along with your dog

To get started, I would recommend choosing a type of physical activity with dogs. Most dogs enjoy running or playing with other dogs, so you could go for one of those outdoor activities with your dog. Then there are activities to do with dogs when it’s too hot outside, like, you can try activities to do with your dog inside.

Another option is to teach your dog tricks. For example, you can use clicker training or marker training for this activity, both of which are great ways to teach your dog without using physical corrections that are often associated with more traditional training methods.

You don’t have to do any trick training to have fun with your dog. I love going on walks or runs together and letting my dog sniff around or just go out into the open fields nearby. But since we are talking about how to get active with your dog, I assume you are not a very active person to go out on walks regularly. This is where tricks training comes into play. And talking about play, how can we forget about the interactive toys.

Getting the Right Breed of Dog Can Make All the Difference

You might not be a very active or morning person, but getting a dog of the right breed can make all the difference. While Huskies and German shepherds are great for those who want to take walks with their dogs, you could also consider some of the smaller breeds if you’re just looking to keep yourself active and not necessarily do anything too strenuous or any outdoor activities to do with your dog.

No matter what type of physical activity with dog you choose, remember that it should always be fun! So, keep training sessions short and playful so they don’t become a drag for either of you. And no matter what kind of commands or tricks you teach your dog, always use positive reinforcement so that they know when to listen and when it’s okay to have fun!

If you want a healthier lifestyle or just to have some more fun with your furry friend, get out there and explore what are some fun activities to do with your dog. You might even find yourself enjoying it when you find out what kind of activities to play with a dog.


How to Get Active with Your Dog

So, Which Dog Breed Should You Choose?

There are a million and one different breeds of dogs, and each one has different personality traits and energy levels. If you’re looking for a dog that will help keep you active, it’s important to do your research and find the right breed for you. But don’t worry, because I have already done it all for you.

Most Active Dog Breeds

Some of the most active dog breeds include Huskies, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and Bulldogs. These dogs were bred for hunting or herding, so they love running and playing. These dogs never let their owner worry about things like, “why is my dog panting with minimal activity?”
However, if you’re not an active person or don’t have time to go on long walks every day, these might not be the best breeds for you.

Smaller Breeds of Dogs

On the other hand, there are also plenty of smaller breeds of dogs that you might want to consider. For example, terriers, toy breeds, and lapdogs were bred to be companion animals. You can also consider them like dogs with low activity level. If you love being active but don’t have a lot of time for long walks regularly, these kinds of dogs might be perfect for you. With them, you also don’t have to worry about seasonal outdoor activities such as winter activities with dogs outside, activities to do in summer with your dog, or even fall activities with your dog. Still, there are a lot of activities to do with dog in winter that you can do inside your cozy apartment.  

Let’s talk a little more about these breeds and how amazing companions they can become for you.


These active dogs love to explore and sniff around. Don’t be surprised if you come home and find your terrier digging through the trash, trying to get at some hidden treasure. Terriers will need a fenced-in yard for exercise, or else they’ll find their own way to get it. But they aren’t as active as the ones I have discussed above. The problem with those breeds (Huskies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies) is that they need to go on long walks regularly. This can be too much to do since you are not that active already.

Toy Breeds

If you want a dog that’s just as happy lounging on the couch with you as they are playing at the park, then toy breeds should be at the top of your list. They might not handle outdoor activities as larger dogs can, but their small size makes them perfect for apartment living where other breeds might not do so well.

Here are some of the most common toy breeds:


If you want a well-behaved and calm companion, the chihuahua is perfect for you. These little dogs will love to snuggle up next to you under the covers. They do still need exercise, though, so be sure to take them out for walks or playtime at least once a day. Don’t worry. There are many exercise activities to do with your dog that don’t require much effort from you. These are mentioned inside the coming sections.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are adorable balls of energy that prefer to be active indoors with their owners. As long as they get your attention and some playtime every day, they’ll be happy sleeping all day on the couch while you’re gone at work.  


When talking about indoor activities with dogs, how can we forget about Papillons? These little fun-loving dogs like to show off and make people laugh. They also love to play and run, although they do well in small spaces like apartments. If you have a yard, they also enjoy playing outside.

Toy Poodle

These bright canines love to learn new tricks and be the center of attention at all times. They are very intelligent, so training them to do tricks or follow commands should be fun for both of you. They love to play inside with their owners, too, so you will never get tired of giving them your attention.


The lapdog is another small breed that doesn’t need lots of exercises outdoors but prefers spending time indoors instead. Being around their owner is key to keeping these dogs happy. They’ll keep you entertained with their sweet personalities and always stay close to you.

They’re great cuddles by your side–and they’ll never complain if you want to take a nap instead of going outside for a walk.

Dog breeds are different in so many ways, so being aware of what kind of dog would work best with your lifestyle helps your new furry friend have a happy life. Just because you aren’t the most active person doesn’t mean you can’t have an extremely active dog! You just need to know which breed or mix is right for you.

How to Get Active with Your Dog

Tricks Training: A Way to Get Active with Your Dog

Dogs also need the training to learn how to listen and follow your commands. One type of training involves teaching dog tricks rather than basic obedience skills. With positive reinforcement from their owner, dogs will enjoy learning tricks just as much as any other kind of work.

You can teach your dog some fun tricks for playtime. Here are some of these fun tricks you can teach your dog:

Sit Up for a Treat

Teach your dog to sit up on its hind legs for a treat. This is fun and easy to teach and provides some physical activity with dog owners. To begin with, you can put your dog on its hind legs using your hand to hold it up so it’s standing straight. Next, give the command “Sit” followed by “Treat.” Next time you say “Sit,” your dog will likely understand that it needs to stand straight on its haunches on all fours for a treat instead of sitting normally.

Jump Through a Hoop

Another trick for dogs is teaching them to jump through a hoop on the floor. This might seem like something simple but actually takes some effort on both owner and pet. To start, place treats around the outside of the ring or hoop. When your dog goes to take one out of the hoop, try not to guide him with your hand–your dog needs to learn that this is something he needs to do on his own.

Once your dog gets used to going around the hoop for treats, move it slightly away from where you are standing so he has more ground to cover when he jumps through. When your dog is successfully jumping through the hoop, make sure you give him lots of praise and a treat every time he gets it right.

Shake Hands

Your pup will need an understanding of the “shake” command before you can move forward with teaching them how to shake hands. First, show your dog what you mean by taking their paw in your hand and gently shaking it side-to-side. Once they have this down pat, start using the word “shake” as you take their paw in your hand and give a few gentle shakes. Your pup will soon learn that it’s time for a handshake when they hear this command.


Use the same method from the previous trick by showing your dog how to wave by starting with their paw in your hand and slightly wiggling it up and down. When you see them start to get this trick, say “Wave” as you give a few gentle waves with their paw.

Roll Over

To teach your pup to roll over, begin by lying down on the floor and rolling back and forth. Then show them what you mean by rolling toward them so they can follow suit. Repeat several times with slow rolls. Finally, when you feel that your dog is getting the hang of this move, tell them to “Roll Over” as you do it yourself for them to copy.

Play Dead

Start by standing very still with your dog and then kneel down to perform this trick. Put one hand under their belly to support it as you put the other hand on their back–this will make your pup feel as though they’re falling over backward. Then, in a slow-motion, move your hands away from each other as you say, “Bang!” Let them fall to the floor so they can understand what is expected of them for this trick. Then, give them a treat when they get up.


You may have seen service dogs who can respond to signals from a bell or buzzer that means it’s time to eat. A fun way for a pup to learn this signal is through music. First, make sure that the bell or buzzer is far away enough, so they need to go get it. Then, play the sound of the bell or buzzer at random times throughout your day when you’re around your pup. Soon they’ll know that when they hear the jingle of the bell, it’s time for their meal.

After teaching these tricks to your dog, give him plenty of praise every time he gets it right! It’s always best not to keep bringing treats out unless you really want to encourage their activity level–a simple round of affection usually does the trick. If you play with or train your pup often enough, there will never be a lack of physical exercise in its life.

How to Get Active with Your Dog

Tricks Are Great Exercises for Smaller Dog Breeds

It might not come naturally for everyone, but getting active together is easier than most people think. You don’t always have to take long walks or go hiking if exercising isn’t something you love doing on its own. Instead, teach your pup some new tricks to keep them engaged and active, whether it’s rolling over or playing dead!

When you work on more difficult tasks like these with your dog, they’ll be a well-rounded companion who loves spending time with their owner. These will also serve as the best bonding activities with your dog.

It Sure Takes Some Time, But It’s Always Worth Trying

It’s not always easy to work exercise into a busy day but consider trying these tricks for dogs as an option next time you’re feeling low on energy. Your pooch will definitely look forward to learning something new together as a team after seeing how excited you are about taking them out for playtime.

It might take some time for dogs of any size or age to learn new tricks, but they are undoubtedly worth all of the hard work. Making training fun will make an obedient pet even more special. As long as you keep at it every day, your dog will be one step closer to becoming an expert trickster. Combine these tricks into a circus-type show for friends, family members, or just yourself. We all know that dog is man’s best friend–let him help remind you that you are too.

Anyone can be an active person–you just need the right incentive. With positive reinforcement training, you can teach your pup to do anything. Just make sure to spend time with them every day–activities or not–and they’ll be happy to keep up with whatever pace you’re at.

The most rewarding parts of training dogs are those moments where you put your fingers up, and your pup does exactly what you want them to do. It might take some time, but keep at it, and they’ll be more obedient than ever before.  

Final Thoughts

If you are not an active person, it is important to look for a breed of dog that gets along well with other dogs and children. This way, your pup can get plenty of exercise without too much work on your part. You might also want to consider teaching the right tricks or basic obedience training if you don’t have time for long walks every day. Positive reinforcement will keep both of you engaged in fun activities while still getting physical activity throughout the day. And that is how to get active with your dog.

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