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How To Correct Unwanted Dog Behavior

Getting a dog is a great excitement, but getting him finally trained and well-behaved, is a whole new level of happiness. Can you imagine how relieved you will be once you teach your dog not to pee indoors, not to jump on everyone, not to chew your stuff?

So today, let’s discuss how to correct unwanted dog behavior.

What Is Unwanted Dog Behavior?

Correcting the dog’s bad behavior means modifying his actions and habits to increase or decrease the desired or undesired dog behavior.

Dog behavior specialists hold behavior correction procedures. However, if you want to train your dog yourself, you need to be very determined and committed, follow the training guidelines, and seek some professional advice as well.

Before I share some dog behavior correction techniques, let’s first discuss the examples of unwanted dog behavior.

  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Jumping
  • Counter surfing
  • Separation anxiety
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Begging
  • Chasing
  • Biting
  • Aggression

Each component of the list requires special treatment and training, which is quite time-consuming. However, dogs are eager to learn new stuff, do what the owner says. Here’s free dog care advice from me: start understanding dog behavior by reading canine body language. What do their gestures, tail, and ear positions mean? Knowing your dog’s nature will help you find the right way to approach him.

Basic commands, basic obedience training, physical exercise, and treats can make all the dog behaviors that need to be corrected reduce or disappear shortly.

How To Correct Unwanted Dog Behavior

Importance Of Training Your Dog

Teaching your dog to sit, come over, or lie down does not seem to be related to barking, jumping, or chewing problems, but it does. Active reward-based training will tell your dog that when he does what you ask, good things will happen-he get the reward for it.

It strengthens the bond between you and provides mental stimulation to help him reduce the possibility of his misbehaving. While reward-based training, introduce a new command every week and continue to practice the old ones. When your dog understands the basic commands, the rest of the training goes easier.

Exercise To Release Energy

A tired dog is always the best dog. I understand that we, owners, are usually very busy. Sometimes, we take our dogs out for only potty reasons, not exercising. However, not enough exercise might make your dog invest his unspent energy in something destructive.

The excess energy may be caused to chew on your shoes or drag you on a leash. Puppies are generally more energetic and require more training than adult dogs. Also, your dog’s breed can affect the level of physical activity he needs.

So, let your puppy invest his energy in something, give him his chewing toys, get him tired.

LOOBANI Dog Outdoor Bungee Hanging Toy is my favorite choice for exercising a dog. Not all the owners have the energy to get their dog tired, so that this toy will do its job itself: You just need to tie it up on the tree. Your dog will start tugging, pulling, and swinging the toy. What else does he need to get tired of?

How To Correct Unwanted Dog Behavior

Prevent From Learning Bad Habits

The puppy thinks he has to protect your house, and he might destroy your plans and shoes as he might see them as intruders.

Keep your shoes and toys somewhere hidden, and don’t leave houseplants on the floor.

Keep monitoring the puppy, even in your fenced yard. Once you see your pup starting to do something terrible, prevent it from the beginning. It is easier to prevent bad behavior before it becomes a habit. 

Reward Desired Behaviors

If your dog is lying still rather than jumping or barking, praise and pet him. If your dog walks with you on a leash, tell him what a good dog he is. It’s easier for him to tell him what you want him to do. Rewards are always the best way to correct bad dog behavior.

Use their favorite treats while you train them, and the whole process will be more and smooth effective for these glutton furry buddies.

Stay Consistent

It’s one of the common dog behaviors to beg for treats. If you don’t feed the dog from the table, but your spouse or child gives him snacks, he will learn to beg. Or, if you ignore him because he jumps on you, but other people can’t resist saying no and giving them treats, he will simply go to them and won’t obey you. They’ll become his favorite humans. When setting standards for dog behavior, everyone must follow the same rules.

Use Time-Outs

Timeouts eliminate opportunities for reinforcement. If your puppy bites your hand while playing, you can use any desirable vocal word to describe pain once your dog’s teeth touch your skin. Then stop playing for several seconds. When repeated several times during the game, the puppy will know that the reason to stop playing is his teeth on your skin. He will try to avoid biting you in the future to keep the fun going.

Still, timeouts require perfect timing and must be used consistently. For example, if your dog doesn’t know what’s stopping the game, he may become confused, frustrated, and depression can lead to an increased destructive behavior in dog. So, choose timeouts wisely.

Socialization Is Key

Getting your pup socialized will make life so much easier for you. Socialization helps your furry buddy get familiar with other dogs, not stress in crowds, not bark while traveling, etc.

Owning a socialized pet means less pressure to go on pleasant trips, an animal hospital, a dog park, etc.

When your social dog faces strangers, dogs, and strange places without fear, his life will be happier and more confident, making your job as a dog owner more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Seek For The Reason Of Bad Behavior

There’s always a reason a dog does things we don’t want our dog to do. Dogs may become anxious and exhibit behaviors that reduce anxiety, or dogs practice behaviors that we don’t like because they’re fun.

So, as an owner, your job is to figure out why your dog does this. Will jumping on you catch your attention? Can entering the garbage dump alleviate boredom? Will running around in the house with a sponge tempt you to play far away games? Does pulling on the leash mean that the dog will drag you and make you wait at the source of an interesting smell?

Before you can effectively prevent unwanted behaviors, you must be able to determine what is reinforcing the behavior, either to eliminate the reinforcement or to satisfy the dog’s needs in another way.

How To Correct Aggressive Dog Behavior

A dog’s aggressive behavior refers to any actions related to an impending attack. This includes becoming still and stiff, roaring, baring teeth, biting, or biting.

The first step in preventing this behavior is to figure out what is causing your dog’s aggressive behavior. For example, some dogs growl when someone approaches them while eating or chewing on bones. Others react fiercely to kids or strangers.

The attack is not necessarily directed at one person. Some dogs become aggressive towards only specific animals or inanimate objects such as vehicle wheels or garden equipment.

Health problems often cause aggression, so first, it is always recommended to visit the vet and check it.

Dog Aggression has different forms. If your dog is healthy, and you still try to figure out how to correct possessive dog behavior, or how to correct protective dog behavior, or how to correct territorial behavior in dogs, Loobani academy will help you find the answers. We provide detailed guidelines for dog training. Aggression in your dog can be cured, so don’t stress about it. Follow us, learn the tips, and you and your dog will quickly overcome them.

How To Correct Unwanted Dog Behavior

Wrapping Up

Dogs don’t really like surprises and changes. They love sticking to the feeding routine, going on a walk simultaneously each day, potting at the fixed time every day.

Dogs are the creatures of habits. Routine, systematic training on fixed time each day covers the biggest part of your puppy’s training.

So, you have two options: start training from a young age, eliminate chances your dog has bad habits, or try hard to make new desired behavior their habit.

Correcting dog behavior is not what takes hours or several days. You might need whole months of constant training and repeating, but once your dog realizes what you want, what is wrong, and what is correct, he’ll never make you mad again, as this really is not his interest.

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