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How To Be More Active With Your Dog

Some people may not think that animals can teach us anything. But, if you really think about it, animals are the only beings on this planet that do exactly what they want to do. So, if you are looking for ways on how to be more active with your dog, you are searching for the right thing.

Animals do not let others push them around or make them behave in ways they feel uncomfortable with. If an animal wants to be active and playful, it will find a way to fulfill its desires. No one is going to tell them otherwise.

Dogs Are Naturally Playful and Curious

We should all learn something from our dogs! Just spend some time watching your dog play outside. Can you even imagine trying to stop him while he’s tearing after that tennis ball? It would be impossible. Dogs live in the moment so much so that it is difficult for us humans to follow suit.

A dog’s natural curiosity to explore makes them want to move no matter how old they are. On the other hand, humans grow out of that lifestyle at a certain age because it becomes socially unacceptable. However, finding time to keep yourself healthy should never be considered an inconvenience or something that could wait until later in life. It is so important for our well-being.

The point is, dogs will always remain active regardless of what flooring you have in your home or whether someone tells them it’s time for bed. They want to do what they experience is pleasant. What can we say? Dogs are just better than people sometimes. Whoa! That might be going a little too far, but you get the point. Humans have a lot to learn from dogs, and it can be done while having lots of fun.

How To Be More Active With Your Dog

Activities to Do with Your Dog

To start, there are many activities to do with your dog. There is a wide range of indoor activities to do with your dog. Then the list of outdoor activities to do with your dog is not short either. Some examples include fetch, tug-of-war, hide ‘n seek, interactive toys or even just some old fashion running around outside together.

Outdoors offers so much more activity with dogs to do together than staying stationary in your living room all day long. This doesn’t mean walking around the block every couple of hours, either. Instead, make plans to explore new places like parks or forests where trails exist for walking (or running).

But wait, we are going a little too much all at once. So let’s break down all these fun activities you can do with your dog one at a time.

So, what I have done is, I have broken down each type of activity into different sections below. This way, you can plan it well and do one thing at a time because we don’t want you to do everything all together and then do nothing for the entire week. Here is the list of all the activities you could imagine doing with your dog.

  1. Indoor activities
  2. Outdoor activities
  3. Winter activities
  4. Summer activities
  5. Rainy day activities

1. Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

There are a lot of activities to do with your dog indoors. And the best part is you can do them all the time, no matter what weather it is outside.

Hide and Seek

One of these indoor activities with your dog could be playing hide and seek. You might have seen some funny videos on the internet where the dog owner hides, and their dog comes running to seek them. It not only keeps you active but also gives your dog something to do. So if your dog is active, you should always keep it busy with such movement.

Scent Games

Talking about hiding and seek, there are other indoor things to do with an active dog, such as scent games. You can play this game by hiding treats (the scent of which your dog knows) around the house and then asking your dog to find them. It will keep your dog occupied and encourage it to explore new spots in the house. Other indoor activities with your dog when it’s raining could be teaching them new tricks or playing tug-of-war. There are so many activities to do with your dog inside the house that you could do all day long. So while you are indoor and it’s raining outside, you can also come up with your own fun activities to do with your dog indoors.

2. Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

Now, when the weather is nice outside, you can take your dog out to explore new places. You can roam around town together or go hiking in the woods. The number of activities to do with dogs outdoors is endless. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small dog or a large dog. There is always something for everyone.

Playing Fetch

One of the best outdoor activities to do with dogs is to play fetch. It’s simple and easy yet very active since both humans and dogs have to run to play this game well.


Other fun outdoor activities with dogs would be swimming because they absolutely love it! Ice skating could also be good fun for your dog if it’s not too cold outside (in winter).

Playing Frisbee

When I was looking for outdoor activities with dogs near me, the only thing that came to my mind was playing frisbee. But, of course, your dog will also love it, and you can both increase your workout together, making sure that you are both happy and healthy doing so.

Walk in a Park

If you have a park close to your house, take your dog there for walks as often as possible. You could also go jogging with your dog in the morning before going to work so that the two of you stay active throughout the day. But there is no limitation to creativity. If you can come up with other outdoor activities with your dog, you should try them as well.

3. Winter Activities to Do with Your Dog

Wondering how to live energetic with your canine at some stage in the iciness? Here are some of the best fun activities to do with your dog in the winter.

Snowball Fights

There’s no better winter activity with dogs than to spend time on a snowy winter day, playing snowball fights. You can train them on how to catch snowballs and then launch them at your dog playfully. It will entertain both of you for hours.


If you have a big dog and live in an area that snows frequently, you should take your dog on sledding trips. It keeps them active and gives them something to do throughout the day that they will enjoy.

Ice Skating

Just like humans, dogs too love ice skating. Winter is the best time for ice skating outdoors because of snow. So if your dog loves ice skating, try taking it out as often as possible during winter to keep it active and healthy.


Dogs love hiking in winter. You can go on long walks with your dog, throw balls for it to fetch, or just take it out for a walk around the park. Winter is perfect for keeping dogs active outdoors because of the snow and cold weather.

There are many other activities to do with your dog in the winter when there is snowfall outside. For example, you could play in the snow together by building snowmen or making snow angels. It will be fun even if you are all alone with your dog at home during these cold winter days. So, while you are indoors doing nothing but watching TV shows in cold weather, try getting creative and find something fun to keep yourself busy with throughout the day. The possibilities for winter activities with your dog are endless.

How To Be More Active With Your Dog

1. Summer Activities to Do with Your Dog

Summer is the time for water activities. So, here are all the activities to do in summer with your dog.  

Water Activities

Swimming is obviously first on this list because your dog loves being in the water just as much as you do. Next would be beach activity where your dog could run around freely without getting into any trouble since the sand isn’t very harmful to them. If there are no beaches close by or you live in an area with no beaches, you could still play with your dog in the water. If you have a backyard, fill it up with water and let the dog swim around. They love doing that because of how fun it is to swim around, enjoying their free time without any restrictions or boundaries.


Swimming is good for them and for you if you have a pool at home. In addition, you can make swimming competitions between your dog and yourself, which will be fun and will provide both of you with great exercise.

Road Trips

Some other fun summer activities to do with your dog can be going to an amusement park or taking a road trip.

These were just some of the examples of summer activities to do with your dog. But, of course, there’s no limitation as to what you should be planning. So, let your imagination run free and come up with even more summer activities with your dog.

2. Rainy Day Activities to Do with Your Dog

There are many activities to do with your dog on a rainy day. Here are some:

Tricks Training

Train your dog how to roll over, shake hands or do other tricks that would make it feel like they’re playing games outdoors. Engage the dog in something that keeps it busy and entertained while not letting them go out in the rain. It would be good for both of you if you engaged in something together rather than just staying idle throughout the day.

Here are some more fun tricks you can teach your dog.

Balancing Things

Take a cardboard box and balance some things on your dog’s back. First, train your dog to stand still while carrying the things on its back. Then gradually, you can train them to walk slowly while balancing the box on their back.

Jumping Over Hurdles

If you have a big enough backyard, then teach your dog to jump over hurdles that you place in a row. First, place one hurdle down and let the dog practice jumping over it until mastering the skill. Then add two more hurdles so that when it goes for three consecutive jumps, all of them are high enough for the dog to clear easily.

Playing Dead

This trick is a little bit harder to train, so it may take more time. But it’s worth doing because when your dog gets this trick down, they’ll feel proud of themselves for mastering something new and will provide you with entertainment as well.

Running in Circles

Take a hula hoop and instruct your dog to run in circles around the hoop without bumping into it. This is another trick that requires patience, but training your dog how to do this would be one of the most entertaining tricks you can teach them.

So, these are just some activities you can do with your dog during rain or on any other day if you don’t feel like going out because of cloudy weather. These will give you something fun to look forward to every day.

How To Be More Active With Your Dog

Obedience Training Your Active Dog is Also Essential

Since we are talking about active dogs here, it becomes challenging to keep them well-behaved when some guests arrive. This is the reason you need to obedience train your active dog. This will help them understand the difference between having a fun time and one where they need to pay more attention. Therefore, obedience training your active dog is essential.  

In addition, it’s necessary if you’re planning on adopting an animal because this behavior can often be overlooked by people at shelters who don’t know how to spot it until the animal comes home with them. This leaves room for problems in the future that might not have happened if the new owner would’ve known about its lack of obedience beforehand.

So, as you can see, obedience training is crucial for active dogs, especially those who act out when guests arrive or enjoy running around so much that they forget about everything else around them.

It’s also important for your safety because active dogs are more inclined to get into something they shouldn’t. In contrast, a dog with basic obedience commands would understand when to avoid dangerous situations.

Adopting an Active Dog is Challenging but Fun

If you’re planning or thinking about adopting an active dog, or even a not-so-active one, then you should make sure you know what kind of commitment it entails. It’s always best to be informed before making any decisions to avoid disappointments afterward due to lack of knowledge.

In other words, if your lifestyle isn’t really compatible with a dog’s needs, then it’s best to look for an animal of the opposite breed. This may take some time, but in the end, you’ll find a pet that suits your lifestyle more than an active dog would.

For instance, if you prefer staying at home most of the time and only occasionally going out with friends on weekends, adopting a Chihuahua might not be a good idea. This is because Chihuahuas are very active dogs who constantly need people to engage them in mind-stimulating activities.

On the other hand, if you’re always busy running errands around town and don’t have much time at home for exercise, then having an active dog like Corgi might not fit in your lifestyle.

In the end, having a dog means making some sacrifices, and one of them is finding a lifestyle compatible with their needs if you want to keep them active and happy.

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