When you have a physically disabled or paralyzed dog, the first thing you would probably think of getting him/her is an affordable wheelchair from a reliable brand. Unfortunately, you should know that a paralyzed dog wheelchair is not a cheap accessory anymore, especially if it a front support dog wheelchair or a modern design wheelchair.

   The top thing most dog with wheelchair owners consider in a dog wheelchair is the price and not what will make the dog walk better or feel happy. Wheelchairs for dogs are expensive because they make your experience of living with a paralyzed dog stress-free. But if you can make a PVC DIY wheelchair for dog from scratch, then you might want to save for a few months and purchase one to make your dog with a wheelchair feel happy and restore his confidence.

Guide Dogs and the Disabled

     Fortunately, you will understand a few things after reading this guide that I have come up with. You will understand what to consider before buying a loobani wheelchair for your dog, what makes dogs wheelchairs expensive, how to get an affordable full support dog wheelchair, and where to buy a dog wheelchair.

So, sit back and relax as I uncover the truth about dog rear leg wheelchair cost.

Step 1: Researching or consulting with a vet about the correct dog wheelchair helps know the wheelchair cost

    The first and most essential thing to do in this journey is to research. Today, you might be confused about which loobani dog wheelchair to buy for your hound because of the price difference. But how do you go about it? And what makes one wheelchair more expensive than the other? Well, many people ask these two questions.

     Luckily, you will find out in a short while.

    Before you start researching blogs and other websites on which wheelchair is best for your disabled dog, it would be a good idea to consult an experienced vet to get firsthand information., K9 Carts, and Doggon’ Wheels provide information and many accessories for handicapped pets. Hence, you should spend some time to read more about doggie wheelchairs.

   Also, I would recommend taking your dog to the clinic for close examination. Dog vets are the correct practitioners to advise you on which dog wheelchair to purchase because of their vast experience handling such cases. Identifying the correct wheelchair might help you save money if you were planning to buy a standard dog wheelchair.

Puppy Checkup

   A dog specialist will closely examine your dog with an x-ray machine and recommend the best wheelchair to buy because, as you know, not all dogs’ wheelchairs function the same. Some wheelchairs are temporary but cheaper than permanent wheelchairs that have more sturdy construction.

a. But does your dog need a loobani wheelchair?

     Look at it like this. If you have a broken leg, you will need crutches or a wheelchair to help you maneuver and do your daily responsibilities.

     This is the same with a dog in a wheelchair or a completely paralyzed dog.

dog wheelchair

     A dog in wheelchair walking restfully from the kitchen to the living room or the outdoors if you buy the correct size wheelchair. As the pet owner, you need to purchase a sturdy wheelchair made from durable aluminum or steel frames to serve your dog better and longer.

    Please do not just buy wheel chairs for dogs because of the cheap price tag. Always remember that a cheap dog hind leg wheelchair comes with fragile materials like plastic or fiberglass and will only serve your dog a maximum of 1 year (with minor repairs in between).

    The other main reason your dog needs a high-quality material loobani wheelchair is to lessen the burden of carrying your dog for walks in the parks. Remember that it is more comfortable to walk with a dog in a wheelchair than to carry a mature 25-pound paralyzed dog in your hands for more than an hour.

puppy wheelchair

b. Online pet websites on dog wheelchairs

Are online forums the best place to look for a dog wheelchair?

Now, after the vet advises you, then the next step is to buy the wheelchair. But where will you get affordable options?

Online eCommerce websites are the best places for purchasing doggie wheel chairs if you do not have the time to visit pet stores in your area. Also, online stores make better options because you will find several different options and brands to consider.

The options below make the best alternatives to finding the best doggy wheelchairs.

pet wheelchair for dogs

Step 2: Factors considered when buying a wheelchair for a paralyzed dog also determine the wheelchair price

old dog wheelchair

    Finding cheap dog wheelchairs for back legs is not an easy task according to my experience. In fact, a front leg dog wheelchair is even more challenging to find. There are a few crucial factors like a stylish dog wheelchair for front legs or a sitgo dog wheelchair you need to consider for your paralyzed dog to get the correct loobani wheelchair (that matches your budget).

a. Your pet’s needs

   Your pet’s medical need is another necessary factor you should always consider when buying a doggie wheel chair. It could be paralysis or hip dysplasia you are trying to deal with to improve the dog’s balance and stability.

    Consider where your pet needs body support to understand the correct wheelchair to purchase. Is it the legs, belly, or entire body?

    Remember that loobani wheelchairs can fit the belly, front harness, rear lift harness, or simple indoor mobility wheelchair support. Thus, all these wheelchairs come with different costs.

old dog wheelchair

b. Wheelchair features

The wheelchair features will also help you choose a wheelchair for your dog.

Here are a few features of a wheelchair for dogs hind legs.

–  Size

There are different-sized dogs. Thus, a determining wheelchair price factor.

The wheelchair you choose should always fit your dog. It should not be too small or too big.

There are five main dog wheelchair sizes you can consider depending on your dog’s size. These include

  • Mini dog wheelchair
  • Small dog wheelchair doggie wheelchair for small dogs
  • Medium dog wheelchair
  • Medium/walkin wheels large dog wheelchair
  • Large dog wheelchair

– Wheels

A dog wheelchair should be sturdy to fit your pet’s lifestyle. However, choosing wheels made with durable rubber is more expensive than wheelchairs with plastic wheels for crippled dogs.

Below are two features I would recommend for you to consider.

Air wheels: Air wheels provide enough support for dogs to enjoy running or hiking. Air wheels are the most common wheels you would find with dog wheelchairs today.

Foam wheels: Foam wheels for handicapped dogs are dense, durable, and rugged. They can be more expensive than air wheels, but they are suitable for any terrain. Foam wheels will not get frequent punctures.

– Adjustable dog wheelchair

Sometimes, you would want to adjust the height, length, and width of a chewy dog wheelchair to fit precisely and not to be too heavy or drag your dog around. Adjustable dog wheelchairs are a great choice but expensive.

c. Is your home or office wheelchair accessible?

Dog wheelchairs should maneuver your home without bumping into the furniture or obstructing your daily routine. So, if you love your dog so much, you will make your home wheelchair accessible or buy the perfect dog wheelchair for hip dysplasia.

The following are ways you can adjust your home setting to ensure it is wheelchair conducive.

Dog ramp: This is like a staircase ramp but a smaller version. You can place it next to your dog’s favorite couch spot to make it easy for them to climb the couch and relax. Dog ramps are accessories that might escalate the price of the wheelchair.

cat climbing ladder

Step 3: Types of dog wheelchairs available in the market also determine the price

Ordinary loobani dog wheelchairs with dog wheels for the back legs are usually cheaper than a dog wheelchair 4 wheels because of their simple construction.

Understand that not every dog wheelchair works for your pet. You can either buy an expensive one or make one using available products to reduce the price.

There are several options in the market. But here are a few options I would recommend in a dog rear wheelchair

a. Main dog wheelchair

Original dog wheelchair

This is the first designed dog wheelchair approved and tested by the Orthopedic Veterinary Hospital to support dog movement.

Most wheelchair designs we see today are duplicates of the original dog wheelchair. They are designed for your pet’s paws to touch the ground while the wheels support the hind legs. Alternatively, you can suspend the rear legs in protective slings if it makes movement easy for your pet.

Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Low-riders

These wheelchairs are built for dogs with long bodies and short legs like the dachshund and Corgis. You can adjust the size and height of the corgi dog wheelchair to fit your dog.

The loobani adjustable wheelchair is comfortable for heavy dogs that need assistance. However, sizes differ and the price of buying one is relatively low.

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Large Dogs

great dog wheelchair

These are lightweight wheelchairs that can support dogs weighing approximately 180lbs and allow paralyzed dog to move around without getting tired. The height, weight, and size also fit large dogs.

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Small Dogs

old dog wheelchair

These wheelchairs support are low and support the rear legs of small dogs. The wheels are dense with rubber treads to make your dog stable.

b. Alternatives wheelchair options

Sometimes, a dog wheelchair for back legs might not be the right option for your pet. Thus, you should know a few alternatives that offer better mobility support.

Dog support sling

A dog support sling is put around the belly to support the dog’s weight while standing up. Also, the dog support slings are cheap but useful to hold your hound as you take him/her for a walk. Lastly, they are ideal for a dog front leg wheelchair

Walking scooter

A scooter is a perfect accessory for supporting the hind legs of a paralyzed dog and making him walk comfortably. It is breathable, lightweight, and cheap.

Dog lift harness

Dog lift harnesses stabilize the dog’s balance and joint support. They are placed on the dog’s body. This accessory is also breathable and makes going to the bathroom easy for your dog.

Step 4: Choosing the correct wheelchair will help you determine the exact cost

The next step in determining how much a dog wheelchair costs is selecting the correct wheelchair for your pet after understanding all your pet’s needs.

The first three steps we have looked at will assist you choose the right accessory. But in this step, you will now be able to know what to buy.

a. Consideration

You need to ask yourself questions to make sure the dog wheelchair and your pet are in line.

How does the dog wheelchair work?

Make sure when choosing the best friend mobility dog wheelchair, you can adjust it easily. Pick one you know or can learn how it works. Do not consider something complicated.

Can your dog adjust comfortably to the wheelchair?

best dog wheelchair

Select a wheelchair that fits your dog’s needs. Make sure your dog can move around with it. For example, if your dog is active, pick a loobani lightweight dog walker with wheels for hind legs.

b. Decide

After thorough research and consideration for your dog’s mobility wheelchair, decide.

Select the perfect fit wheelchair for your dog to assist with its medical needs. After identifying the best wheelchair, purchase it.

Step 5: Is the costs of buying a dog wheelchair Vs. the cost of a DIY dog wheelchair the same?

As you know, dog wheelchair price varies significantly on all platforms. For example, you can find the best dog wheelchair on Amazon at a higher price than the price in Walmart or eBay. So, this scenario makes many pet parents want to know where to find affordable accessories today.

Amazon has the best quality dog walker with wheels products according to my experience purchasing stuff. This particular eCommerce platform also has several different brands on offer. You have a high chance of getting quality dog wheelchairs from Amazon. Customers have reviewed the available options.

Amazon is, however, not cheap compared to eBay with cheap and used wheelchairs. eBay is the other platform where you can get new or used wheelchairs from owners who no longer need them affordably. eBay allows you to bid on a wheelchair that serves the purpose and have it shipped immediately. Furthermore, you can chat with the seller and request more information about the wheelchair before making any payments.

Dog wheelchair DIY

Alternatively, you might consider building a cheap DIY small dog wheelchair or a DIY wheelchair for large dogs if you have all the resources at home or cannot find a used large dog wheelchair. DIY dog wheelchairs are easy to make with the necessary PVC pipes, frames, straps, and used 16-inch tricycle wheels.

Remember that making a DIY dog wheelchair for back legs is cheaper than purchasing a brand new dog hind leg wheelchair from online platforms. You only need a step-by-step guide from YouTube to build a DIY dog wheelchair. There are a lot of homemade dog wheelchair videos with all the steps involved.

Step 6: Place an order, make the payment, and wait for the wheelchair to arrive.

Once you decide the type of wheelchair you want, then it’s time to make payments using a reliable payment plan.

Most online platforms accept visa cards, MasterCard, and PayPal as payment options. Unfortunately, all these payment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The table below outlines the advantages and disadvantages of MasterCard and PayPal as a mode of payment.

pet wheelchair for dogs

Buying a wheelchair with the above discussed methods might be expensive because of the service charges included. Also, there is one trick you should know before purchasing a wheelchair. Always negotiate the price with the buyer if the eCommerce platform offers chat rooms for negotiations. This will help you get a wheelchair at reduced costs.


In this guide, I have talked about everything you need to look for in a loobani wheelchair for dogs back legs so that you can know what makes one wheelchair more expensive than the other. You will now be able to answer the question that most owners with wheelchair dogs ask, how much is a dog wheelchair if you follow the above six steps.  

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