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How Dogs Improve Health

The care and love that you give to your pet dog come back to you in various ways. Dogs improve your health by keeping you active and involved.

Loobani has been working for pets since 2014. Here you can find pet products, knowledge of keeping the pets, and how they affect your life.

Let’s find out how pets can make you happy and improve your life?

How Dogs Improve Health

Benefits of Animals to Humans

Even though dogs are a breed of wolves and they can be dangerous, you must have heard of the famous quote, “The dog is man’s best friend.”

It is due to the dog’s friendly nature and loyalty that humans started training and breeding dogs.

Cuddling with your furry fellow brings uncountable joys and benefits in your life. Pet animals become your fellow in loneliness. They also indulge you in numerous activities and exercises.

Unconsciously, they create a substantial impact on your physical and mental health. Your pet dog understands your tone of voice. Dogs understand your words, moods, acts, and emotions.

Your pet, especially a canine fellow, understands your emotions. It interprets your moods and accompanies you in highs and lows.

A dog is a very loyal and faithful pet. It stays by your side whenever you are alone or feeling blue. Furthermore, your pet dog helps in minimizing your stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

It encourages you to exercise and becomes a reason to improve your cardiac health. Pet dogs are, undoubtedly, a great companion for children and elders. It brings real change and joy to your life.


Let’s elaborate!

1. Changes in Your LifeStyle

No matter which pet animal you have, you can observe that people with pet animals enjoy better health than others. 

Let’s look at various reasons that how can pets improve your life and make you happy? 

Loyal Fellow

One of the primary reasons why dog friend is getting more popular is its loyal nature. 

You may ask multiple dog owners. It is not a coincidence. Every one of them will mention their pet’s loyalty first.

Wherever they go, whatever they do, their loyalty and sincerity for their owners never change. It brings a positive impact on your health. 

You feel happy and secure that your pet will be there to accompany you whenever you need it.

How Dogs Improve Health

A Companion

Another reason is that they are your fellow in times of loneliness. Whenever you are alone, you have your canine-fellow besides, looking at you.

You can talk to your fellow, cuddle with it, and reduce the feeling of loneliness. All these factors add years to your life. You can stay away from depression by talking and playing with your furry fellow.

Your pet is a joyful and straightforward company to have around. Also, they keep you active.

How do dogs keep you active?

Your pet dog is a kick-start for you to go out of the house and do physical activities. For example:

  • You take your pet for a walk
  • You may find new activities to cherish your pet 
  • Also, you may go hiking
  • Visit some new pet stores or playgrounds
  • Could you take it to the beach to enjoy the sunset?

All these activities give pleasure to your pet and also make you active and healthy.

An Expressive Partner

Dogs are good at showing their emotions and feelings. Whenever you go away, your fellow pet feels sad and looks for you. At the same time, it offers its happiness by jumping and licking you when you come back.

This love, affection, and bonding make this fluffy mate the best of friends. You feel happy that there is someone who waits for you and understands you.

Ultimately, happiness brings positive impacts on your health.

How Dogs Improve Health

A Rescue Agent

It’s the trust that makes your friendship with dogs exceptional. You know whenever it gets down, your little fellow will do anything to save you. 

Even it can risk its life to save yours. No doubt they are the best security agents for you and your family.

What else do we need from our best friends?

An Unconditional Love

The unconditional love your dog friend gives you is priceless. Your pet will love you regardless of what you do, how much money you have, what temperament you own, and how successful you are.

It is the most beautiful thing between human-dog friendships. Once it starts loving you, it’ll love you forever!

This unconditional love makes you confident. This little fellow brings you out of the inferiority complex. Moreover, it makes you feel proud of yourself.

A Cuddling Cutie

Cuddling with your furry companion soothes you, and you may get better sleep than other humans. The soft-touch of your furry fellow quickly manages stress and helps to lower blood pressure. 

Furthermore, your dog friend keeps you engaged and never lets you sit alone, lost in deep thoughts.

You may stay active and healthy by taking your pet out for a walk, playing with them, cuddling with them, and watching TV with them.

You may develop a routine of going out and exercising. This way, you stay active and healthy. Taking your dog out for a walk and playing with it also improves your exercising routine.

The Stress Reducer

Dog friends are a reason to laugh. They stay by your side through thick and thin. While you are under stress, they support you, cuddle with you, and stay with you.

Sometimes in bad times, all you want is solidarity and no contact with friends and family. In such situations, your little puppy supports and stays by your side.

A Reason to Make New Friends

Here are some benefits of walking your dog. When you go out with your four-legged partner, you meet other people too. You meet new people in places like dog parks, hiking, pet stores, and training classes.

It is an excellent reason to make new friends and develop new friendships. It tends to minimize your loneliness, and you start socializing with people you like.

How Dogs Improve Health

A Skillful Partner

A fantastic factor is that dogs possess many skills. They can feel emotions, understand gestures, have intelligence, and learn quickly.

However, the most exceptional is that they serve as medical detection dogs these days. These dogs help doctors to detect various diseases.

It is undoubtedly one good reason to understand the benefits of pets for human health. Your pet cares for you and can help your doctor to detect the diseases.

Moreover, a pet can be beneficial for you to reduce allergies. Watching your pet with joy can reduce your muscular tension. Also, it can be helpful to reduce the pulse rate.

1. Impact on Your Looks and Personality

While walking or playing with a dog, you feel relaxed. It results in your calm and composed personality.

People around you look at you and get attracted by you. Studies show that people with their dogs are more likable than others.

The care you show for your dog impresses the people around you. Furthermore, when you click a photograph with your pet dog, you look more relaxed and happier.

So, your pet dog helps you to improve your looks and attract more people towards you.

How Dogs Improve Health

1. Are Dogs Good for Your Health?

Dogs can help you to improve your physical and mental health. Petting your dog can reduce your stress, and you feel relaxed and calm.

Touching, cuddling, and experiencing mutual affection is the basic need of human nature. Your pet dog fulfills your essential requirement, and ultimately you feel complete and joyful.

It is the reason why dogs are beneficial for your health. Here are a few benefits of animals to humans.

a) How Do Dogs Improve Your Physical Health?

Physical Fitness

Taking out your pet dog for a walk makes you active. You can get rid of some extra pounds. A dog boosts you to go out and walk. It is a kick-start that you always needed.

A regular walk with your pet develops a routine for exercise. In this way, you can achieve the criteria of daily exercise.

Dogs Are Helpful for Weight Loss

Daily walk and exercise with your pet bring benefits for your physical health. You can reduce weight conveniently.

Running after your dog, walking on the beach, or hiking may amuse your fellow. At the same time, these activities keep you fit and active. So, it results in less cholesterol and fats in your body.

Does Owning a Dog Reduce Heart Attack?

Talking and cuddling with your canine friend can reduce your blood pressure, resulting in a lower heart and pulse rate. Studies show that pet owners tend to live longer than those who do not have one.

Pets make you respond to stress. You learn to tackle stressed situations. Similarly, you can cuddle with your dog to release all-day-long tension and stress.

Consequently, your heart stays healthy, and you have less chance of cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, the lower cholesterol and triglycerides due to exercise with dogs result in a healthy heart.  

Even if you are a heart patient, you tend to live longer and healthier if you have a pet dog than others.

Studies show that older people having pet dogs tend to visit their doctors fewer times than those without a pet.

How Dogs Improve Health

Less Prone to Allergies

One of the unexpected benefits of having a dog is that the children become stronger and healthier.


According to the department of pediatrics, newborn babies who grow up with dogs at home are less prone to allergies than others.

These allergies may include dermatitis, ear infection, or wheezing. So, pets have a positive effect on the health of your newborns.  

Exposure to animals stimulates the immune system in newborns. Therefore their powerful immunity system enables them to fight against diseases.

These theories are more appropriate for children who come in contact with pet animals in the early years of their life.

b) How Dogs Benefit Your Mental Health?

Similarly, dogs have many positive impacts on your mental health.  Move on to know about dogs and mental health!

Less Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

People without pet animals suffer from depression more than those having a pet.

How do dogs help with depressions?

Dogs help to give you relief at times of stress. It results in better mental and physical health.

You learn to cope with challenging situations. Your companion supports you in every case, giving you the confidence to fight against all the negativities.

Loneliness is one major factor that causes depression. The primary reason behind your loneliness might be:

  • Unemployment
  • Living alone
  • Away from family due to studies or job
  • Or, having a bad relationship with the one you love the most

Your canine fellow gives you company, understands your emotions, and provides you with a reason to laugh and go out.

These activities keep your mind occupied. Furthermore, the loneliness fades away with the friendship and companionship you share with your pet.

Loobani pet academy is an ideal place to have an in-depth knowledge of the human-pet relationship.

A Calmer and Relaxer

A dog is one of those animals that help with anxiety and depression.

How Does Dog Calm You Down?

When your pet dog cuddles with you, licks you, and touches you, it makes you calm and relaxed.

The level of serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters in your body) increases. These chemical messengers help to regulate your body’s functions. Ultimately you feel relaxed and can have a sound sleep.

For more detailed knowledge of a dog’s impact on your mental health, you can read Loobani’s article.

How Dogs Improve Health

c) Impact of Pet Dogs on Your Emotional Health

It is a common thought that how do dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression?

The main reasons behind stress and anxiety are:

  • Loneliness
  • Rejection
  • Losing loved ones
  • Unemployment
  • Environmental factors
  • Traumatic events

What helps stress and depression?

Just a hug or cuddling and licking can do magic in your life.

Your four-legged partner loves you unconditionally. It makes you realize that you are the best. It indulges you in activities (whether you want to do them or not).

It accompanies you while watching TV, cooking, or sleeping. Various researches have proven that cuddling with your dog results in sound and deep sleep.

A partner who understands your feelings and stays with you no matter what you are going through is hard to find.

Your pet dog accompanies you without any judgments. No doubt, this silent partner does what (sometimes) humans cannot do.

These are the reasons that bring you out of the shell. You start socializing. You enjoy going out with your companion. Walking, playing, and hiking have positive impacts on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

1. Impact of Dogs on Adults

Pets are not for young people alone. They are beneficial for older citizens more than a young person. 


When you get old, you lose many reasons and duties you were living for. You get retired from your job.

You children move away. They get busy and involved in their own lives. 

It is the time when your four-legged pet accompanies you. It gives you a reason to smile. You feel needed and vital. Caring for the dog gives you a reason to walk, socialize, talk, and smile. 

There are many benefits of having a dog. Usually, older people don’t have friends. At the same time, making new friends is neither easy. Dogs help you to socialize and meet new people.

When you walk in the park with your leashed companion, you may meet new people of your age who share the same interests.

How Dogs Improve Health

So, dogs help older citizens to stay connected with the people around them. It gives them strength and pleasure and a reason to live!

It gives you a sense of self-worth and increases optimism. As a result, positivity increases your life and reduces the chances of illness in you.

Moreover, your dog is a reason for you to stand up, walk, and face physical challenges. You take care of yourself and beat the challenges that are associated with aging.

Playing with your dog, going out, and laughing with it strengthen your immune system. Ultimately you stay healthy and active.

The old-age patients of Alzheimer’s disease may feel better with a playful and loving four-legged companion. 

The soft-touch of the dog and its nonverbal communication result in decreased aggressive behavior.

1. Dogs and Children

Children learn many good traits from their pet animals. For example, your child may learn responsibility, empathy, and compassion from its furry fellow.

Moreover, pets help to minimize the chances of allergies in children. Let’s have a look at some uses of dogs at home that are beneficial for your children.

  • Dogs never judge. They never order either. These are the most important things that make your child comfortable with the pet. Their love and soft touch make the child happy.
  • The presence of a pet dog at home gives a sense of security to the child. Even when the mother and father are not around, the child doesn’t feel alone. The pet dog gives him a sense of security.
  • The love and care a pet provides to your child make him feel important. Your child develops a better self-image.
How Dogs Improve Health
  • Your child learns to develop relationships. The friendly relationship with the pet dog teaches your child to make friends and stay with them whenever they need you.
  • Overly aggressive and hyperactive kids tend to calm down with their pet dogs. You need to train your dog and little one to act adequately with each other. 
  • Living with a pet animal develops a sense of responsibility in children. They learn to take care of their companions and friends.
  • Your child becomes confident while having a pet around. There is no fear of rejection while playing with a pet dog. It gives a sense of understanding and empathy to the child.
  • Children develop a sense of patience, trust, and respect while playing with the pet dog.
  • Among many other benefits of having a dog for a child,one is compassion. He learns to take care of everyone around him. It is due to the care he is giving to his canine companion.
  • Your child learns loyalty from the pet dog. He understands how to stay when your friend needs you. He knows how to treat the people whom he loves and cares for.
  • Dogs are an excellent way to develop socializing skills in your child. When your child goes out with the dog, he learns how to talk to others.
  • Playing with the pet dog keeps the child busy. It is one of the best ways to keep your little one occupied and active.
  • Doing little activities with the dog stimulates your child’s brain, and he learns little things quickly. It triggers his curiosity, and he strives to learn new things.
  • Taking care of the furry fellow and giving it rewards teaches the child perseverance and joy.

    Animal Therapy for Mental Health

    Let us introduce you to a new therapy. It is animal-assisted therapy (AAT).

    What is pet therapy?

    Different animals, especially dogs and cats, help people recover from their health issues in this therapy.

    The selection of animals depends on the treatment plan. 

    The relationship between man and animals goes back to ancient times. Keeping the fact in mind, scientists and doctors have introduced animal-assisted therapy. 

    Dogs tend to bring a person out of post-traumatic conditions and depression. Let’s move further to know how does it work? 

    What Is Animal-Assisted Therapy Used for?

    You can observe that people who have pet animals in their homes are happier and satisfied compared to others.

    What is the reason?

    Pet animals, keep them busy and involved. It is the primary thought behind animal-assisted therapy.

    Doctors use dogs to treat the patient. The human-dog interaction results in less depression, anxiety, and stress.

    This therapy is suitable for people having heart problems, mental disorders, or cancer.

    Pet therapy helps to increase the release of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemicals discharged by the brain.

    These chemicals help to change your mood, and you feel happy and good. Therefore, animal therapy for depression is one of the best therapies used for this purpose.

How Dogs Improve Health

Benefits of Pet Therapy in Hospitals

In hospitals, animal-assisted therapy is ideal for curing:

  • Psychological disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Major depressive disorder

Is pet therapy effective?

Yes, of course!

The pet-owner say that they feel more relaxed and happy when their furry fellows are around. Similarly, dogs and cats make it easier for patients to recover from their illnesses in hospitals.

Let’s have a look at the animal assisted therapy benefits on human health.

  • Petting a dog is soothing and relaxing. Its soft-touch helps to reduce stress and gives you comfort. The relaxation hormone in your body, known as endorphins released with this action. Ultimately, you notice that joy and comfort are overtaking the stress.


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