Dr. Sara Evaluate LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

Veterinarian Sara Ochoa

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Career Profile 

I, Sara Redding Ochoa, was born and raised in north Louisiana, United States. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science. During my undergrad, I worked as a kennel assistant and veterinary technician. After completing my undergrad, I moved to Grenada for veterinary school. I studied in Grenada and volunteered at spay and neuter clinics in Honduras.
I graduated from St. George’s University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Since veterinary school, I have been working at a small animal and exotic veterinary clinic in Texas.

About Loobani:
My partner brand-Loobani is a professional pet dog brand manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products, including dog walking assistance, dog toys, pet feeder, and other pet dog products. We also have a blog where we share information about pet products and pet care.Our goal is to help pet owners take care of their pets in the best way possible.
Shopping at Loobani is easy and convenient. You can browse the website to find the perfect product for your pet. We also offer a loyalty program where you can earn points every time you shop. You can then use these points to get discounts on future purchases.If you’re looking for a trusted retailer that offers quality products for pets, Loobani is a perfect choice. We have everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.
Loobani is a social business that works with animal shelters and rescues to help them find good homes for the pets they have up for adoption.

LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys
Interactive dog toys are the best source to keep your pup busy while you are away. Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are helpful to keep your canine fellow engaged, entertained, and active.
Let’s get into the details of how the food puzzle feeder toys contribute to the pup’s IQ development.

Product Audience

This product is helpful for puppies who:

This product is helpful for puppies who:

Furthermore, this toy is a good option if you need to go out occasionally and there is no one home to take care of your furry fellow. It will keep him busy for hours, and you may find your furniture safe on return.
Secondly, you can conveniently fulfill your daily chores, online meetings, and home assignments while keeping your pup busy with the fantastic food puzzle feeder toy.

User Population and Analysis

Pet parents consider their pups as part of their family. For this reason, the user population of dog interactive toy buyers has ballooned in the past few years. Owners spend generously to provide their canine fellows with luxuries. Furthermore, dog owners demand pet toys more than other pet owners.  

recent survey shows that 63.4M of American homes owns a pet dog. It makes up 53% of American households. Dog ownership has risen to 22% since the year 2000.   

Review Report on LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

Similarly, the pet ownership statistics in the UK is shown in the image below.

Review Report on LOOBANI Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys

This increase in user population leads to the increased demand for dog toys and accessories. Loobani is one of the best pet supplies provider. We know your pup’s requirements and bring the ultimate solutions accordingly.

According to customer reviews, Loobani ranks #28 among the best dog slow feeder sellers. 57% of users give 5 stars to the food puzzle feeder toy.

The toy’s sturdiness is its best feature. One pet lover claims that the Loobani food puzzle feeder for dogs is the best among 1000 other toys. Moreover, more than 1000 customers gave positive feedback about this fantastic product. They say the toy holds treats well, has excellent material, and works perfectly. 

Selection Criteria

For a forager like your furry fellow, you need to have a puzzle feeder that may put his foraging instincts to work while utilizing excess energy. Loobani has covered you and offers 2 generations of dogs food puzzle feeder toys.

To choose the best play-and-eat puzzle feeder, you need to consider the following things:

Criteria for Selecting Products

Easy installation saves your time and effort. You can effortlessly assemble Loobani dogs’ food puzzle feeder toys by joining the solid bamboo board frame, and the toy is ready in no time for your pup.

Before you make a purchase ensure that the toy is easy to wash, Loobani’s puzzle feeder toy consists of a tumbler made of polypropylene. Durable and dishwasher safe.

Your canine fellow tends to chew everything. Choose a toy that is made with pet-friendly material. Loobani puzzle feeder toys are made with bamboo wood and polypropylene snack tube that are entirely safe for your puppy.  

Toys with variable parts to provide variations while playing keep your pup busy for longer. Similarly, the toys with removable parts last longer. Because you can replace the parts conveniently, if broken.

Loobani provides you with both perks. You can fix the rubber stoppers in variable ways to increase the difficulty level for your pup. Also, you can replace the snack tube if damaged.

Loobani dogs’ food puzzle feeder toys suit all dog breeds and sizes. You can quickly adjust the height of your toy according to your pup’s size.

Young puppies or dogs new to puzzle feeders may not like this toy.


Because the difficulty level makes them exhausted and they give up. For this reason, choose a toy that is easy to use, and your pup can effortlessly learn to play and eat.

Loobani puzzle feeder 1.0 is relatively more manageable for young puppies. With your help, they can learn faster and enjoy playing and finding treats.

Product Evaluation

Let’s evaluate (from a vet’s point of view) if Loobani’s dogs food puzzle feeder toys are suitable for your dog.

Loobani dog food puzzle feeder toys are made with bamboo frames, and its tumbler is made with eco-friendly polypropylene. Bamboo is neither too hard to damage your pup’s teeth nor too soft that it can’t hold the frame.

Studies show that dogs love chewable toys. Therefore, the bamboo frame is ideal for this purpose. It is a safe-to-chew material that is a renewable resource. 

Teething puppies, while chewing on the bamboo frame, feel relaxed. At the same time, it is safe for older dogs with aggressive chewing habits.

Bamboo is a naturally strong material. It not only makes the toy durable and long-lasting but also satisfies the chewing instinct of your canine. Similarly, PP (polypropylene) is safe for your dog. It contains contaminants that are less hazardous for your dog than other synthetics.

Bamboo is a safer material compared to plastic, rubber, or silicon. For example, it doesn’t cause GI upset in your pup if he ingests a small amount of bamboo.

Bamboo boards used in constructing Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys ensure a strong base. It can conveniently withstand the kicks and paws of your aggressive pooch. 

The same is true for the polypropylene tumbler. It is solid and durable and can conveniently withstand the canine’s attacks.

You may find uncountable dog toys in the market made with variable materials. These materials are:

Vinyl is used to make soft and flexible toys. This material is not safe for dogs. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) may cause health issues (as severe as cancer) in your pup. So it is better to avoid such toys.

These are used to make rope toys or different stuffed toys. It is a common material for making soft dog beds and couches. The dog’s eating habits make this material appropriate for moderate chewers, as aggressive chewers may tear them apart and ingest the stuffing that may have choking hazards.

Also, plush or cotton toys are painted with chemicals to make them attractive. These chemicals are toxic and unsafe for your pup. They might contain DDT, dioxin, or formaldehyde. Also, as this material is highly flammable, manufacturers use flame retardants to make it safe. But the chemicals used in the process may cause health hazards for your pup.

Rawhide is the skin of the cow. It is used to make chewable dog toys. It is one of the most popular materials as pups love to chew it for a prolonged time.

However, it is not as raw as it is supposed to be. Chemicals are used as preservatives and cooked at a very high temperature, making them hard to digest by the carnivores. It may choke your pup and cause vomiting or obstruction, leading to surgery.

Rubber is trendy when it comes to the dog toys making industry. It produces durable and flexible toys. These toys are suitable for dogs having moderate biting habits. Toys created with rubber tend to be torn into smaller chunks easily, which may lead to choking hazards.

Plastic is another most commonly used raw material. It is used to manufacture beautiful, soft, durable, and playful dog toys. However, it is not a safe material as it may contain some chemicals like phthalates, BPA, PCBs, dioxins, and lead that (with time) may cause severe health issues in your furry fellow.

Furthermore, BPA-free plastic toys are hard enough to damage your pup’s gums.

It is used to make soft toys. However, it is suitable for dogs that do not chew aggressively. Otherwise, it will be torn apart in no time and may choke your pup.

Natural materials are the best to give to your pup. Material that is chemical and toxin-free, unbreakable, and safe for chewing and digesting is ideal for your canine fellow.

For this reason, Loobani chooses the natural bamboo boards to construct the unique food puzzle feeder toys. 

Comparison of Loobani Food Puzzle Toys


Dogs Food Puzzle Feeding Toy 1.0

Dogs Food Puzzle Feeding Toy 2.0

Bamboo Board Frame

Number of Spinning Tumblers



Adjustable Height


Adjustable Difficulty Level





Easy Installation



Variable-Sized Holes



Stain & Odor Resistant


Easy Cleaning


Removable Parts



Whether you choose the three-bottled food dispenser or the single spin-and-get-the-treat toy, both perform well. The bottles are easy to spin, clean, and refill. You can get the toy in medium and large sizes. Also, you can adjust its height. 

Moreover, your pup can quickly learn how to spin the plastic bottle with his paws to get the treats. These toys keep the canine indulged for a long time. The strong bamboo frame provides a stable base for the toy. 

You can change the difficulty levels by adding and removing the rubber stoppers. It will keep your pup engaged and indulged.

Applicable People

These toys are the best solutions if your dog:

  • Eats fast
  • Destroys furniture
  • Stays bored 
  • Wants to play all the time
  • Doesn’t find ordinary toys interesting
  • Teething or aggressive chewer

Product Defects

Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are appreciated worldwide. However, some dogs may not like it at an early stage.


Some dogs keep trying to spin the bottles and get the treat. After multiple failures, they get disappointed and leave the toy.

You need to give time to your pup and play with him with this new interactive puzzle feeder. The more you play with him, the earlier he will learn to handle it.

Defect Discovery

However, if you find any defect in the material – bottle or wooden frame, you may contact Loobani. We will replace the damaged part immediately without extra charges.

Furthermore, you may also get separate bottles if your pup damages them.

Advantages of the Product

Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are trending because they are beneficial in several ways. Like they:

  • Keep your pup busy. He can conveniently turn the tumbler with his paws without hitting it on his head.
  • Help in the cognition developmentof your furry fellow. He uses this information in new situations by combining and comparing that.
  • Help to reduce the chances of CCD(mental decline in older dogs) by stimulating their thinking process.
  • Are an ideal pastime. You can sit with your canine and play with him in several ways after a hectic day. You can enjoy his intelligence by playing tricks with this toy.  
  • Help the pup release his anxiety.
  • Keep the dog from eating fast. Ultimately the toy preventshim from bloat or vomiting.
  • Are portable. You can take the toy with you while traveling, on a picnic, or camping.
  • Are adjustableto suit every breed.
  • Have a strong and durable baseto last long.

Selection and Affirmation of the Evaluation Organization

When choosing a toy for your pup, it is mandatory to check whether an organization approves it. Which organization affirms and selects the appropriate dog toys?
Unfortunately, there is no such organization that could certify that the toy is toxin-free for the pup. Then how could you judge whether the toy you choose is safe and your dog can chew on it?

Certain factors could help you to find it out. For example, you can:


  • Ask the manufacturer
  • Read the product packaging for the materials used and the chemical concentration it contains
  • Do It Yourself by the 3M Instant Lead Test
  • Send it to the test laboratories for pet products.

For your convenience, here is the list of safe and unsafe materials for your canine fellow. These are:



✓ Natural and organic

✓ Rubber

✓ Plastic

✓ Nylon

✓ Plush (under supervision)

       ꭙ      PVC

       ꭙ      Phthalates

       ꭙ      BPA

       ꭙ      Lead

       ꭙ      Chromium

       ꭙ      Melamine

       ꭙ      Bromine

       ꭙ      Arsenic

       ꭙ      Formaldehyde

Loobnai dogs food puzzle feeder toys are made with 100% safe materials for pets (dogs and cats). For more information regarding the material, feel free to contact us anytime.

Product Improvement

As dog owners, sometimes it becomes difficult for all of us to select a suitable toy for our pet. You enjoy watching your dog playing with a toy. For this reason, you spend money to choose the best among the thousands of toys available on the market.

But what if your dog ignores it?

Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are an ideal solution for the canines who love to get treats (foodie – in other words). So, what about the furry fellows who love to chew, chase things, cuddle, and move around while carrying something in their mouth?

Table Showing Toys and Their Purposes

Type of Toys



Improve the motor and retrieving skills

Chew toys

Help dogs during teething
Develop neck and face muscles

Noise toys

Make dogs social by familiarizing them with unusual sounds
Also, teach the dog cause and effect

Interactive toys

Suitable for mental stimulation
Reduce separation anxiety

Soft toys

Provide comfort

Loobani has got you covered. The food puzzle feeder toy, with its unique play-and-eat design, gets the attention of most of the pups. Dog toy studies show that dogs love to play with different toys. They get bored with a single toy. 

Similarly, dogs love to play with chewable toys. Loobani dogs food puzzle toy is made with bamboo, which is chewable. 

Dogs love to play with toys that smell like food. This toy smells like food and dispenses small treats that keep the pup indulged. 

The dog toy studies also reveal that pet dogs like toys that make a sound. It is missing in the Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys.

What if it has a small hanging bell on it?

It might amuse the pup more. It might keep him indulged for a little longer.

Product Optimization Suggestions

Here are some valuable tips to optimize Loobani food-dispensing puzzle toys.

  • Get the right size for your pup:Adjust the toy height according to your pup’s size. Easy dispensing will help him to learn faster.
  • Teach, play, and involve with him: First, teach him how to play with it and get the treats. Make it easy for him in the beginning.
  • Keep his choice in mind:Put the treats your doggie likes most. In this way, he will be attracted to the toy more.
  • Keep changing the recipes: You can try new things in the dispensing bottle. It will retain the interest and curiosity of your four-legged fellow. Not to forget, consult your vet and ask which and how many treats shall your pup has per day.
  • Low-Calorie treats: You may also add low-calorie treats if you want your pup to lose some extra pounds.
  • Bring innovations: Play with your pup by changing the difficulty level. You can put the bottle on a carpet in the single-spinning-bottle toy (dogs food puzzle feeder toy 2.0). Your puppy may experience rolling it on the floor and getting the treats.
    Similarly, you can change the height or put rubber stoppers in the bottle to break the monotony.
  • Smaller treats to avoid aggression: Ensure you put small-sized treats in the dispensing bottle. Bigger and hard-to-bring-out treats may cause aggression in your dog, which might be dangerous for you and others.
  • Outdoor experiences: Another way to make the most out of this toy is to take it with you while camping or on a picnic. Your furry fellow will love to play with his toy in new surroundings. Also, you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family by keeping your pup busy.
  • Regular cleaning: Ensure you clean the toy regularly. Please dispose of any leftovers. Old food may harm your pup’s health. Therefore, always give him fresh food.

Product FAQ

Many questions may hit you while purchasing an interactive dog toy. These are:

These toys keep your pup busy, indulged, active, and relaxed. 

The dog spins the bottle, plays with his paws, and learns to get the treats out. This activity triggers his intellect. Your pup takes it as a challenge, and he completes it using his curious instinct.

Yes, they do. These toys not only fulfill the energy requirement but also help the dogs to burn some extra calories. They jump, play, and struggle to get the treats, which is an excellent way to slow down their eating speed and burn calories.

Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are made with a solid bamboo frame. It is explicitly designed to bear the weight and aggression of your large dog.

Food puzzle toys at Loobani are designed to be played in variable ways. These variations in the difficulty level, removable feeding bottles, and adjustable heights help to maintain your pup’s interest in the toy.

These are ideal for dogs resting in a crate after a surgery or injury. The puzzle feeders keep them indulged. The toy serves as a perfect continuous reinforcement. The play-and-eat activity also helps them to burn calories. Furthermore, they tend to relax and sleep in the crate after playing with the toy for a long time.

There is no specific time; it depends on your pup’s involvement. However, reviews and an average dog’s play routine suggest that, compared to other toys, pet feeder puzzles take longer to finish.

Firstly, you need to put as much food in the bottle as needed for one-time feed. Secondly, it is entirely safe for your pup to play and eat for as much time as he likes because the struggle he puts into getting the treats consumes the energy.

Loobnai dogs food puzzle feeder toys are made with pet-friendly and chewable material. Bamboo and polypropylene are tested and affirmed materials safe for your pup.

Dogs with arthritis cannot move around much and don’t have many activities to burn calories. For this reason, they tend to get bored and suffer from early mental decline.

Puzzle toys may or may not be ideal for your suffering pup (it depends on his condition). Please consult your vet before purchasing a food puzzle toy.

Who Is This for?

Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys are for every dog. Dogs love to play with new toys. They enjoy the food smell. Their curious nature excites them to find what’s inside the bottle.Dogs love chewable things. They are intelligent. That’s why they learn to quickly get the treats out of the bottle. Your time and attention may help them to do it even quicker. So, whether your pup is an aggressive chewer, a bored pooch, an active canine, or a teething puppy, a food puzzle toy is helpful for all.

How We Pick

Keeping in mind the American and European market trends, Loobani manufactures a vast range of toys for your pup. The love for pets is increasing day by day on both continents. People love to have pets in their homes and treat them as family members.

The trending toys in America and Europe are:


  • Interactive dog toys
  • Food dispensing toys
  • Puzzle feeder toys
  • Tug toys
  • Wishbones
  • Balls and discs
  • Squeaky toys
  • Rope toys

According to FMI, the category-wise insight is:

Toy Type


Pet Type

Chew toys (Top selling)

Rubber and Plastic are the most trending raw materials

Dogs are the most loved pet animals, cats to follow

Plush toys (Runner-up) Expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7% in 2021-2031

Plastic takes up 27% of the share whereas; rubber is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% in upcoming years.

Toys for small dogs take up more shares. However, the demand for large toys is expected to increase.

Loobani has got you. We have a molar toothbrush chew toyoutdoor bungee hanging toyslow feeder pet bowlinteractive dog bone toys, and many more. We manufacture variable toys for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We keep the market trends in mind and use high-quality raw material to come up with the best solutions.

Dog toys can be divided into categories depending on the dog’s interest. Some are chewable, and some are interactive toys. Some dispense treats while others train your pup.

Loobani puzzle feeder toy has it all. It dispenses treats, triggers the IQ, trains your pup to keep trying and get the perks, and is chewable.

How We Test

We have studied many dog food dispensing toys. After thorough research, we concluded that:

  • Some food dispensing toys have smaller parts that can easily be chewed and swallowed.
  • Some make noise when dropped on a wooden or tiled floor.
  • Some are more challenging and are tough for the dogs.
  • Some are made with material that cannot tolerate the aggressive chewing of large breeds.
  • And some toys are made with material that is not safe for your pup’s health.

We have tested and approved that Loobani food puzzle feeder toys are durable and long-lasting. Our research is concluded according to the dog’s age, size, and safety. Let’s compare it with similar toys in the market:

1.TRIXIE Mad Scientist Turn Around Dog Toy is a similar-designed toy. It has three dispensing bottles with a frame. It is made with plastic, and you can change the difficulty level by adding or removing the lids. 

Comparison: When compared to Loobani dogs food puzzle feeding toys, Trixie mad scientist is suitable for intermediate players only. It cannot withstand the aggressive jumping of your large dog. Moreover, chewing on the plastic material may be unhealthy for the pup.  

TRIXIE Mad Scientist Turn Around Dog Toy

2.Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a non-toxic puzzle toy suitable for all breeds. It releases boredom and keeps your pup busy for some time.

Comparison: Compared to the Loobani dog food puzzle, this toy is suitable only for beginners. The dogs tend to learn and get treats out of this brick puzzle quickly. And there is no option to increase the difficulty level. So your dog gets bored with it soon and wants a new toy. You need to give him a tougher opportunity if you have an intelligent and active pup.

burrow interactive dog toy

3.Nina Ottosson’s Dog Tornado Toy is a puzzle food dispensing toy for all breeds. It has many compartments, is toxin-free, and is a boredom killer.

Comparison: However, it is too difficult for a small puppy or not-too-intelligent dog. A more intelligent dog may learn it after trial and error. Otherwise, the dog becomes frustrated and annoyed if he doesn’t get treats out of it after several attempts. 

Interactive Dog Toys for IQ Stimulation & Mental Enrichment Treat Dispenser

Therefore, the adjustable height and difficulty level of Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys make them appropriate for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Other factors that make this toy stand out are:

The frame and feeding bottles are easy-to-assemble. The removable bottles are easy to clean, wash, and refill.  

The easy usage makes this toy comfortable and a favorite.

It maintains its shape no matter how aggressive chewer your pup is, unlike many plastic feeding toys that lose their shape when empty or chewed.

Its strong bamboo frame maintains balance and can bear the kicks, paws, and chewing.

The polypropylene bottle is stain and odor resistant. Therefore, the toy remains neat and clean after several uses.

Like all other products, Loobani dogs food puzzle feeder toys might have the room for improvement. Like:

  • It has a large footprint. It takes up more space.
  • In comparison to many dog toys, this toy is expensive.

Our Choice

Any toy that may dispense food can be your pup’s favorite. But we will suggest you to buy the dogs food puzzle feeder toys (1.0 and 2.0) for your young and old dogs.


Because these toys have the features that a puzzle feeding toy must have. Suitable for all breeds, and worth spending some extra bucks on it.

What to Expect

This puzzle feeder fulfills your expectations adequately. It may:

  • Keep your pup busy
  • Help to develop your doggie’s intellect
  • Allow you to do your work
  • Slow down the eating speed of your pup

Loobani is an expert in the dog toy industry. We ensure that it is a top-quality food puzzle dispenser. It is made with high-quality pet-safe material and tested by the R&D and quality control teams.  

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