Dr. Sara Evaluate Loobani Interactive dog toy

Are you looking for a great interactive dog toy? Loobani makes a great interactive dog toy for your dog to play with. I am always looking for a new toy for my dog to play with. This is a great interactive dog toy that can also give them food or treats at the same time. Some dogs are very fast eaters and need something to help slow them down this toy will help your dog eat a little more slowly and less likely to develop issues from eating too fast.

Loobani is a pet toy company that was founded in the USA in 2014. They are committed to helping your pet have the best quality product. I am Dr. Sara Ochoa and have been a small animal and exotic animal vet since 2015. I am committed make sure that the products I recommend I have tested out with my own pets.
When looking for an interactive toy, you may be looking for a toy that works great for your young puppy or even your older dog. This is a great interactive dog toy that works great for dogs of all age and size.
My Selection criteria
When looking for a new product I look for a few different qualities in a product such as:
Easy to assemble
Made from quality material
Donates to help pets in need
This product meets all these criteria. When I was assembling this dog toy, it only took me about 5 minutes to fully put it together. All the materials very strong and durable.
One of the great things that I love about Loobani is that they also donate a part of their proceeds to help pets in need. From every toy that is sold $1 is donated to the ASPCA.

Evaluation of the Loobani interactive dog toy
When evaluating this toy, I looked at these few points.

Material: When putting this toy together I realized that the toy is made of very strong and study wood. This will not easily break from a larger dog playing with this toy too much.

Performance: after I set this toy up, I added treats to the cups and showed my dog how it worked. After just a few minutes she realized how to get a treat from the cup and started playing with it right away. The cups swing very easily, and my smaller dog had no issue playing with this toy.

Applicable people: This product is great for people with pets who eat very fast as this will help slow them down when they are eating. Interactive toys are one thing that I recommend to pet owners each day. This has become one of my new toys that I recommend for people who need their dog to eat slower.

Product Defects
While there is not anything real defect with this product. The one thing is that if you have an extremely small dog under 5 pounds, they may have a little issues getting the cups to turn over. I have a very small dog and while she did sniff at the toy once she was not very interested in playing with the toy as my larger dog was. I think she would not be able to get the cups to flip given her small size.

Advantages of the product
This is a really great product that can be used for many different reasons. These are some of the main reasons that I recommend you to use this product.
Easy to assemble: This product was very easily to put together. I was able to assemble this and my dog start to use it within about 5 minutes. I actually did not even need to assemble instruction as it was very easy to figure out.
Great for dogs who eat fast: This is a great product to use for dogs who eat their food really fast. They have to paw the toy to get the cups to turn over to get their food out. This only allows them to have a few pieces of kibble at one time. If your dog tends to eat their food really fast this is a great toy for you to get for your dog.
High Quality Material: This toy is made of very sturdy material. This is great for larger dog who can be a little more aggressive with their toys.
Adjustable height: Many people have dogs that come in all different sizes. This product can adjust to be taller for bigger dogs and shorter for small dog. This allows you to buy just one toy for many of your pets.
Sturdy base: Many of these type toys will easily fall over. This toy has a very wide and sturdy base that is not easily knocked over when your dog is playing with the toy.
When looking for a high-quality product this is a great product for an interactive toy for your dog.
Ways this Product can Improve
My small dog has very small bites of kibble and when the cups are turned over a lot of their food falls out of the holes. One way that they could improve is to offer a top that contains just small holes for these smaller dogs.

Product FAQ
Why does my dog need this product?
Your dog will love playing with this toy and getting treats out of the cups. They will also be able to eat their food slower. This is a great interactive toy for dogs who eat very fast.