Dr. Sara Evaluate LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

Veterinarian Sara Ochoa

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Career Profile 

I, Sara Redding Ochoa, was born and raised in north Louisiana, United States. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science. During my undergrad, I worked as a kennel assistant and veterinary technician. After completing my undergrad, I moved to Grenada for veterinary school. I studied in Grenada and volunteered at spay and neuter clinics in Honduras.
I graduated from St. George’s University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Since veterinary school, I have been working at a small animal and exotic veterinary clinic in Texas.

About Loobani:
My partner brand-Loobani is a professional pet dog brand manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products, including dog walking assistance, dog toys, pet feeder, and other pet dog products. We also have a blog where we share information about pet products and pet care.Our goal is to help pet owners take care of their pets in the best way possible.
Shopping at Loobani is easy and convenient. You can browse the website to find the perfect product for your pet. We also offer a loyalty program where you can earn points every time you shop. You can then use these points to get discounts on future purchases.If you’re looking for a trusted retailer that offers quality products for pets, Loobani is a perfect choice. We have everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.
Loobani is a social business that works with animal shelters and rescues to help them find good homes for the pets they have up for adoption.

LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector
Make your dog comfortable with the anti-slip Loobani dog paw protector. These pads are ideal to protect your pup from slipping on hardwood floors. Also, you can take him out in winter or summer, on beech or concrete, for hiking or running, without the fear of blisters on the paw.
Let’s unveil the magical power of these small paw protectors.

Product Audience

Loobani dog paw protector is helpful for weak, old, and sick dogs. Also, the dogs who refuse to wear anti slip shoes or socks can conveniently use these pads.
Active dogs that love to go to beech or hiking, or want to walk on the roadside, often tend to damage their paw pads. This flexible rubbery thin pad protects their paws from heat, burn, cold, and rough surfaces.
Furthermore, dogs that tend to slip on hard wood floor and don’t like the anti-slip mats you.

User Population and Analysis

Paw pads provide more than aesthetic purposes. They aid with stability and balance in both dogs and cats as they increase friction when they walk. Due to many purposes and many advantages, dog owners use paw protectors for their friends. Other pet owners also use it but mostly pet paw protectors are important priority of dog owners.
A recent survey on the user population of dog paw protectors with region shows that there is a huge number of population in Europe and North America people are using paw protectors for their pets. In other areas such as Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America also have significant number of population who is using this best solution for their dogs.

Review Report on LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

                                                                            Dog Pad Market by Region 

Dog owners want to provide their friend protection and luxury. Dog paw protectors are best for it but not all; there are many paw protector that can cause skin problems for your dog. Loobani dog paw protectors are best. A lot of population is using it from recent years due to many unique and beneficial features of them.
Here is the user population analysis with respect of its types you can see the user population using mostly which type of paw protector.

Review Report on LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

                                                                          Dog Pad Market by Type

Selection Criteria

For your faithful friend, you need a paw pad that can protect it from any kind of trouble and damage in walking and playing. So, you need a best solution of dog paw pads because we know that you can’t compromise on the health of your dog. Loobani is offering new Loobani Dog Paw Pads V2.0.
You can choose the size according to our guide and type of dog you have. To choose one of the best and suitable solutions you have to keep in mind the following things;

Criteria for Selecting Loobani Dog Paw Protector

What’s the point if the protectors peel off after barely any use? You should choose pad protectors that firmly adhere to the pad and won’t come off while yours pet is moving, Loobani dog paw protectors are best for it.

You can only get the firm grip you need to avoid slipping if the surface is the proper kind of substance. Loobani pad protectors with rubber reinforcements if you can to increase their anti-slip qualities.

To ensure a great fit, carefully measure your pet’s paws. If they are too big, they will stick to your pet’s hair, and if they are too little, they won’t offer the advertised traction. There is a variety of Loobani paw protectors are available according to your dog dimensions.

It should have an ergonomic layout that is simple to use for extended periods of time as Loobani dog paw pads.

The best dog paw pads are easy to install as Loobani dog paw pads. You can install it with viewing a short video on installation of it.

Loobani paw pads are simple to clean you can get rid of any dust or debris that may build up on it over time.

Product Evaluation

Let’s evaluate (from a vet’s point of view) if Loobani’s dog paw protectors are suitable for your dog.

Adipose (fat) tissue and elastic fibers make up every dog paw pad. The thickest type of canine skin, which is strongly pigmented, can easily be damaged by the rough surface.
Increased contact area between the dog paw and the floor- thanks to the Loobani paw protector’s additional rubber area allows your dog to stand and walk steadily while reducing the force on its rear limbs.
These protective pads are made with Acrylate polymer, Ethyl Acetate, Tackifying Resin, and Nitrocellulose.

Why We Choose Loobani Dog Paw Protectors

Here are reasons to evaluate some significant benefits of dog paw protectors to explain why it should be your first priority while choosing paw protection for your friend:


  • Easy to Walk

Dog anti-slip paw pads can enable your frail old dog or ill dog (arthritis, spine disease, etc.) regain confidence and give your puppy from stability on tile and smooth floors.

  • Durability

Loobani dog paw pads are able to survive repeated use without breaking or wearing out.

  • Safety

The dog toe grip includes a unique, hypoallergenic approved adhesive that is breathable and gentle (much like a band-aid). It won’t harm your puppy’s paw pads’ sweat even if he wears it all day.

  • Easy to Put on

The paw protector pad is self-adhesive and disposable. Maintain clean and dry feet for the dog, trim the dog’s nails, and paste the sticker on the paw.

These paw guards from Loobani are really easy to use; they just adhere right to your pet’s pads. They are a terrific alternative for pets that despise traditional dog booties and keep attempting to remove them.
They are held on for 2 to 7 days by a specific hypoallergenic and sticky coating. The newly revised grips have more rubber surface area and increase paw pad contact with the ground, giving your pet greater traction and reducing stress on their delicate rear legs.
In this way, Loobani dog paw protectors perform in an excellent way to protect your dog from all kind of injuries and keep them healthy.

Loobani dog paw pads are different in their features and performance having different capabilities. Here are some properties of Loobani most innovative dog paw pads:

  • High Quality Material

Loobani dog paw pads material is very good in quality as it is mixture of many useful substances such as Acrylate polymer, Ethyl Acetate, Tackifying Resin, and Nitrocellulose.

  • Good Performance

As it is mentioned above Loobani dog paw protectors have 100% satisfactory performance and satisfaction, keep your dog safe and happy.

  • Assist in Walking

The dog anti-slip paw pads can assist your frail, elderly, or ailing dog when walking.

  • Sleath Technology

The dog toe grips are a terrific alternative for pets who don’t like their anti-slip booties or socks. They are barely 0.04 inches thick.

  • Breathability

The dog toe grip contains a unique, hypoallergenic approved adhesive that is soft and breathable. It resembles a Band-Aid. It is breathable and comfortable for your pup – all day long.

Applicable People

  • Applicable when your dog is unwilling and avoids going on walks
  • To prevent from too cold and heat surfaces
  • When traveling from one place to another, your pet may hobble.
  • For dogs who lick or chew at their feet all the time.
  • For active dogs who love to go for hiking, walking, and playing.
Review Report on LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

Applicable People

As dog owners, sometimes it becomes difficult for all of us to select a suitable paw pad for our pet.
Loobani dogs paws pads are an ideal solution for the canines who want to walk but can’t do it due to some reason.

  • The paw pads on your dog are likely delicate and sensitive to touch if they are rough, scaly, or may have hairline fractures. Try to make paw pad strengthen.
  • The paw pads of your dog will benefit from conditioning to help these cracks mend and relieve pain. So, paw pads material should be very comfortable.
  • Most of the world is seen by your dog’s paws. Conditioning them will help to keep them safe, but be careful not to make them too supple. Avoid over-conditioning.

Product Optimization Suggestions

Here are some product optimization suggestions to make it comfortable and durable for your pet:

  • Get the Right Size for Your Dog: Try to get the right size of dog paw pad to make it more comfortable to put on and walk for your friend.













  • Keep Your Dog in Mind: If you want to get the most out of dog paw pads. You should keep your dog in mind when purchasing the paw protection for it. Here is a chart showing the adequate paw protector size as per your pup’s weight.
  • Bring Innovations: You should leave the old paw pads products and choose the most innovative products such as Loobani dog paw pads 2.0 version for your friend to keep it comfortable.
  • Check Review: If you want to get the perfect product for your dog, you must choose a reputable brand. How?
    You can check the brand reviews and rating to see the company reputation. Loobani reviews and rating shows their customer satisfaction having 4.5+ rating with good reviews.

Product FAQ

Many questions may hit you while purchasing dog paw pads. These are:

  • Are Dog Paw Protectors Safe?

The dog paw pads are totally painless, safe, and kind. They don’t in any way harm the dog. It is safe to use paw pads.

  • How Do I Order Dog Paw Pad from loobani?

You have to visit our website and choose the product according to your dog kind and features of dog paw protection and order it.

  • How Long Does a Paw Protector Last?

It depends on your pup’s activity and the surface on which he is walking. Rough, too hot, or cold surfaces tend to damage the protectors quickly. However, they may last between 2 – 7 days.

  • What Sizes of Dog Paw Protectors Are Available on Loobani?

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large are available on our website. The sizes are:



















  • What If I Choose the Wrong Size of Dog Paw Protection?

No issue! Try the protectors on your dog’s paw without any glue. It should fit perfectly. You can occasionally cut the protectors to make it the correct size. Alternatively, just return the product, and we’ll swap it out for a different size.

  • What Colors of Dog Paw Pads Are Available?

The dog protectors by Loobani come in a range of hues and color schemes like blue, black, and red. You can choose from the available colors after selecting the suitable size for purchase.

  • Can I Ask a Question from Loobani Team About Any Issue with My Dog Paw Protector?

Yes, you can. You have to visit Loobani website to get the contact information. So, you can contact Loobani team and ask any question you want answer.

Who Is This for

Loobani dogs paw pads are for every dog. Dogs love to walk and play. They can enjoy without any pain if having paw protection:
Generally paw protection is for dogs such as:

  • It is to protect your dog in emergency breaks.
  • To walk in much heat and cold
  • In case of any injury
  • In case of arthritis and other problem

How We Pick

A dog’s paw protectors could be the most remarkable aspects of a dog’s feet.

  • Dogs’ paw pads insulate their feet, and they work especially well in bitterly cold weather. Paw pads are made of Acrylate polymer and Tackifying Resin that do not freeze or pass the cold to your pup’s soft paws.
  • The paw pads on working dogs and those who spend a lot of time outside or on uneven terrain develop calluses and become harsh to the touch. There for these protectors’ help to keep the paws soft and safe.
  • Dogs rarely lose their footing or slip. Loobani paw protector’s extra traction and stability prevent slipping.
  • Dog paw pads develop into highly sensitive and adaptable to the ground as they get older. This clarifies why dogs act so uneasy or tentatively when forced to wear dog boots.
Review Report on LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

How We Test

We have researched a variety of dog paw protectors of different types. We came at the following conclusion after conducting extensive research:

  • Some paw pads are simple to install but don’t have adequate adhesive.
  • When walk on a tiled or wooden floor, some create noise.
  • Some are made of materials that are not good for all dogs.
  • Some are difficult to put on and some are difficult to use.

We have put Loobani dog paw pads through tests and given them our seal of approval. According to the dog’s size, and safety, our investigation is finished. Compare it to comparable dog paw pads available on the market:

This TEOZZO product is multifunctional. They function as a pad and can also be worn as footwear. These pads come in many sizes and forms. The size can also be chosen by utilizing a chart for calculating paw length that is readily available. They are constructed with premium materials.

Comparison with Loobani

The LOOBANI brand is renowned for its fantastic paw pads. However, to suit the client’s need, they have enhanced the prior dog paw pads. This professional version has extra traction areas, allowing for a better grip. They have trimmed the corners of the pad to provide a precise fit, allowing for greater processing of the little details.

VALFRID brand introduced its dog paw pads in recent years. They use premium-quality materials to manufacture this product in their factories. The Nano protection glue, a specific adhesive-certified substance, is also employed. They have a robust sole and are created with high-quality textiles making them anti-slip preventing paw troubles.
Additionally, they are supple and breathable

Comparison with Loobani

They are the best brace for weak dogs in terms of performance. Some dogs have a lot of difficulty walking for a variety of reasons, such as painful paws. Don’t worry, now, LOOBANI pads will give them their life back. They are far better at traction than ordinary pads. They are ideal to use on a hot or slick surface.

Pet paws respond well to Roilpet anti-slip pads. These top dog paw pads have a larger rubber base and cover the entire surface of the paws.
Referring to the product’s composition, they utilize hypoallergenic approved adhesive for it. These substances are not harmful. They are therefore ideal for your dog.

Comparison with Loobani Dog Paw pads

These pads are produced with strong, non-toxic, medical-grade glue that is non-toxic. They make sure the pads don’t break when they make contact with a sharp substance allowing the ultimate protection from injury. In our opinion, this is one of the best paw pad alternatives.

Roilpet Anti Slip Pads

Loobani Aniti Slip Paw Pads

Teozzo Dog Boots Paw

Valfrid Dog Paw

Upgrade version

Anti-slip technology

Adjustable brands

Great function

Brace for weak paws

Breathable and safe

Reflective straps

Easy to use

Easy to use

Super flexible and comfortable

Protective Dog shoes


  • Easy to Apply and Clean

It’s crucial to wash or wipe the areas between the toes and the pads. The dog paw protectors are easy-to-apply and clean.

  • Comfort

Safety is a crucial factor to take into account before making your intended purchases. Your safety is of utmost importance, and the best course of action is to take precautions to prevent incurring medical expenses in lieu of the product itself.

  • Conformal

It maintains its shape and quality, no matter what type of puppy you have. It is, unlike many dog paw pads that lose its quality with respect to time and can cause damage for your dog feet.

  • Toughness

The toughness of Loobani dog paw pads shows their quality and strength.

  • Flaws but Not Deal Breakers

Like all other products, Loobani dogs paw protectors might have the room for improvement. Like:
1.They might last for only a day if you take your dog for walk.
2.Sometimes, you need to apply an adhesive to stick the protectors to the pup’s paws.

Our Choice

For your young and senior dogs, however, we advise that you get the dog paw protection.
As dog paw pad protectors, these must have certain properties. All breeds may use it, and the extra money is well spent.

What to Expect

This dog paw pads meets your needs in a satisfactory manner. It may:

  • Protect your dogs from injuries.
  • Keep your dog safe.
  • Protect from water and heat.
  • Keep your dog away from bacterial diseases by covering its paws.

Expert in the manufacture of dog paw pads, Loobani guarantee that the dog paw protection is of the highest caliber. The quality control teams tested it and used premium materials that are safe for pets.


  • Musher’s Secret Natural Paw Protection is a best option for dogs who facing heat stock. It is also a good option for dog owners.
  • Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot is a water resistant option for every kind of dog. In comparison of Loobani, these dog paw pads are also an option with an affordable price.
  • Paw Savers Disposable Dog Paw Pads are best for dogs with paw problem of any kind. Usually these paw pads can be used for any kind of pet.

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