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People have three emergencies(shitting, pissing, and farting), and so do pets. Are you still struggling with your dog pooping anywhere? Are you still struggling with toilet training?

We know that scent is one of the most important mediums for dogs and cats to transmit and receive information. In nature, they will circle their territory by their excrement and also avoid danger by sniffing other animals’ excrement, which is their evolved survival instinct.

But when they enter human life from the wild, this instinct causes us a lot of trouble, especially for families with young pets or new pets, which need to clean up the “traces” of these little ones almost every day before they are taught to defecate.

If you are also in this frustrating situation, then a dog pee patch will be a good choice for you.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

What are pet pee pads?

  Just like diapers for human babies, pee patches are hygienic items designed specifically for pet dogs or cats. Generally speaking pads for dogs to poop is super absorbent and the specially designed surface material is sure to keep them dry for a long time. Pet pee pads can greatly help you to keep your home hygienic and clean, and also help your dog to form good habits of scheduled defecation.

Are pee pads a good idea? Yes, pet patches are easy to use, they can be placed and put away anywhere, either as an outdoor pee pad or indoor potty training for dogs. It can improve our quality of life and save us a lot of valuable time in dealing with pet poop every day. It is an essential “necessity” for almost every pet owner.

How should we choose pet pee pads?

  • The primary choice of pet pee pads is to choose different sizes according to the size of the dogs. The size of the dogsis generally divided into small dogs, small and medium dogs, large dogs.
  • Absorbency: good absorbency of the pee padso that the puppy’s paws leave the padwhen not kicked urine.
  • water locking ability: good water locking ability of the pee padcan make the dog step on also not wet dog paws, dog paws are not wet, the floor from then on there will no longer be plum prints.
  • Antibacterial ability: good antibacterial ability can eliminate odor, inhibit the growth of bacteria, maintain good family odor, and protect the health of family members.

When we type in a search for “pet pee pads”, how do we choose dog pee and poop pads for our dogs? We are often faced with many choices of artificial turf pee pads. The pee pads on the market are broadly divided into two parts: disposable pee pads and reusable pads like grass pee pads. We can compare disposable pee pads and puppy grass pee pads and choose according to our needs.

Dog Grass Pee Pad
Dog Grass Pee Pad

Disposable pee pads VS Dog grass pee pad

Disposable pee pads

Dog grass pee pad

Disposable pee pads are more focused on these situations: young dogs that may not yet be able to control their bowel movements; older dogs that don’t have the strength to run out to pee; and physiological bitches that are always sorry to dirty the floor of the house. But for the daily use of our healthy dogs, disposable consumables are not necessary to buy.

l Poor durability, disposable pee pads are disposable consumables that need to be purchased monthly, which costs a lot of money and is not environmentally friendly.

l Not strong water absorption. It is easy to leak, then soak easily to have a smell, and easy to breed bacteria. The owner needs to change it every day from time to time.

l It is easy to be torn by the dog, get everywhere with crumbs.

l Many dogs are not interested in paper pee pads.

Fake dog grass patches are more suitable for most dogs than paper disposable pee pads. Half a month of disposable pee pads can be replaced by artificial grass that dogs can pee on that can be used for many years.

l Its material is stronger and can be used for many years.

l In line with the habits that dog like to defecate on the lawn, it makes dogs are more interested and easy to develop habits of peeing on the fake grass pee pad.

l Long-lasting antibacterial, easy to clean, and more environmentally friendly.

l Strong water permeability. Separation of Urine and feces will not get the dog’s feet wet, which stains your floor and sofa.

After the above comparison, we know the respective advantages and disadvantages of grass pee pads and disposable pee pads. I opted for the more convenient former. Although disposable pee pads don’t require you to make any effort to clean them, you need to change them at any time, and sometimes you will miss wetting the bottom newspaper and pee pads. Besides, dogs, also prefer and agree more with grass pee pads. Don’t ask why, the way they behave when you take them for a walk on the lawn, you’ll understand how much they love the grass. If you want to change the pee pad you are using to a grass pee pad. I’m afraid that the dog will not accept it suddenly, then look down and some advice will be given.

From Disposable Pee Pads to fake grass pet potty outdoor

Many dogs may be used to urinating and defecating on Disposable pee pads in the house from a young age, and as dogs get older and larger, owners want to train their dogs to go outside and pee on the fake grass pee pad for dogs to maintain the hygiene and air of the house. But many owners find that training their dogs becomes a big challenge.

First of all, since the dogs have developed a habit, they are not advisable to say that the pee pads in the house are directly replaced with grass pad in an attempt to quickly get them to accept the grass pads. The result of this is that they suddenly can’t find the pee pad that has been with them for years and they will pee on the floor and on your couch, which I think is the situation you don’t want to see. In addition, this will increase the dogs’ resistance to artificial grass dog pee pads.

So, if we want our dogs to accept the change from pee pads to pee-pee grass pads for dogs better, we must not rush. We can start by putting the pee pad on the grass pee pad. When we find that the dogs have formed the habit and accepted the grass pee pad and consider it to be their toilet, we can proceed to the next step – remove the pee pad and leave only the grass pee pad. At This time, you put the grass pee pad outside the house or anywhere, the dogs will find their toilet when they need to pee.

If you are not sure whether your dogs can accept a grass artificial mat, or maybe you find a grass pee pad a bit expensive, you can also make one yourself. Then the question arises: How to make a homemade grass dog pee pad? You can try to do it by following the steps below.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

DIY (Do It yourself) pee pads for dogs

  • Purchase a pack of inexpensive pee pads (such as children’s pee pads) and prepare a waterproof tray. They can be purchased at your local supermarket, pet store, or Amazon. The tray is about the same size as the pee pad, so you can choose the right size pee pad and tray for your dog’s size.
  • Purchase some fake grass or fake turf. Cut it with scissors to the size of the tray area
  • Get some newspaper and put it in the tray, then put the fake grass on top of the newspaper and press the whole thing tightly.

If you can complete the production successfully, then congratulations to the dog for having a unique changing pad from the owner, and at the same time saving money. If you can’t do this whatever you do, then forget it, open Amazon, and search some words like artificial grass turf for dogs or dog grass pad training. then many kinds of pee pads will come. If you don’t know how to choose, I hope my advice can help you. After researching how to pick the best pet-friendly artificial turf, I found products that I felt very satisfied with. As a personal suggestion, I hope it can serve as your reference—loobani dog grass pee pad. (https://loobani.com/product/loobani-dog-grass-pee-pads-x2/.https://loobani.com/product/loobani-35in-x-23in-extra-large-grass-porch-potty-tray/.) It offers two sizes of pee pads according to the size of the dog, so we don’t have to struggle with what size to buy for our dogs. A small patch (14×18 inches) is compatible with 16×20 inches Puppy Potty Trainer tray. The pet potty large size is 35 inches X 23 inch makes it ideal for medium or large dogs. Besides, it’s very thoughtful that we can get 2 packs a set. Conveniently, you can use the other one while you clean one. It can be placed outdoors or when you don’t have time to take your dog out for a walk to defecate, then it is a good tool.

Besides, when you search on Amazon, you can find that the grass pee pad is very popular. Except for the reason why people like it is that it is more natural and more acceptable for dogs, the fake grass pee pad has many powerful advantages that other pee pads do not have.

Dog Grass Pee Pad

Advantages of artificial grass turf for dogs

  • The material is resistant to breakage and deformation.
  • Generally made of professional antibacterial grass yarn.
  • Grass pee pads can generally be fixed to prevent the dog from carrying them elsewhere.
  • Environmental protection without odor, no secondary recycling materials.
  • Take full waterproof design, easier to clean.
  • Dogs are interested in training dogs to defecate more easily.


Finally, what I want to say is that training dogs to pee at regular intervals may be a headache for every owner. Because the dogs pee in a variety of strange and varied ways, they want to put up signs at home: no urinating or defecating anywhere. However, no matter how skillful they are in peeing they all have one common feature “Don’t try to make me pee on the pee pad.” How in the world can you expect them to pee and poo at regular intervals and don’t want to spend time teaching them? But now that you understand your dog’s psychology, you’re going to get some practical tips.

How to get a dog to pee on a grass pad?

When you plan to let your dog go around your house to pee and poo on a dog’s synthetic grass pee pads, the first problem comes – it doesn’t go on top of the pad, so how do we solve this problem and guide them?

Dogs usually have a habit of smelling and circling when they defecate, but they don’t do it to like the smell of urine, they do it to leave their scent. If trained with newspaper or throwaway pee pads, dogs will feel like they just left their scent, and then their owner will take it away, which in turn will make them not know where to pee. In addition to liking the smell, dogs also like the feeling of their paws touching the ground, so many dogs like to pee on top of the cloth.

Before training your dog to use a green grass dog pee pad, you should circle a training area and let it move around in that area first. Place bowls, toys, beds, etc. on one side of the training area and deodorized diapers on the other side to induce your dog to use the pee pads by taking advantage of the fact that they don’t defecate where they sleep. If the dog is young, you can first spread pee pads all over the isolation area and let it find the right place before gradually narrowing it down, and eventually remove the isolation area and leave only the patch of grass. It is also important to note that as the size of the dog increases, the choice of pee pads should also be changed. The size of the pee pads should also be increased as the dog grows, otherwise, it may not be able to pee well on the pads.

When the dog has peed in the right place, we can let it out and praise it, if it is wrong to restrict their range of motion at will. Training should be done with appropriate coaxing and encouragement to go to the fake grass patch. Praise them when they get to the pad, encourage them to defecate on the pad, praise them afterward, give them a treat as a reward, and let them out. After every time your dog voluntarily goes to the pee pad to defecate, then comes the task for you as the owner. After all, dogs can’t clean up their feces and clean their pee pads. So do you know how to go about cleaning the pee pad?

Dog Grass Pee Pad

How to clean dog grass pee pad?

Artificial grass dog pee pad is a great choice for homes with pets. Pet owners can rest assured that little extra maintenance is needed to keep the artificial turf looking good and that the material and feel of the artificial turf are friendly to small animals.
Most pets have their favorite spots, which makes it a good idea for small dogs and cats to pee or poop on their property to leave a scent. All you need to do is hose down your artificial turf to get rid of the smell and excrement and restore the beauty of your artificial turf.
Of course, it is also recommended that you use a “deodorizer” to prevent the spread of the odor and eliminate it.

What a novel creation. You can put the grass pee pad in the house, on the balcony, or in the yard. Dog grass pee pads are a savior when the dog can’t go out for a walk to defecate and is a good helper for the owner to train the dog to pee at a fixed place. One last thing, remember to clean it regularly.

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