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do dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

Have you ever wondered if our dogs get full nutrition in their dog food? Or any nutritional deficiency symptoms in dogs that we can know ahead? Since our beloved dogs live with us, that means he or she was dependent on our choices totally to receive the dog food, but that does not mean we would not make any choices by the dog food requirements. Then we need to make our decisions with the best of intentions the dog nutrition guide to make our dogs’ life much healthier and happier…

First of all, maybe we can check our dogs physically. Like what do our dogs look like from the outside? It’s too thin, too fat, or just looking good?

The fact is that some wild dogs may have the ability to know what to consume and how to get full nutrition in their dog food instinctively. Hence, if our dogs can not get enough nutrition to consume, or if someday we found out that our dogs were scrounging around inside some human garbage, then maybe showing us an issue like malnutrition out there. We can imagine that street dogs from some impoverished countries …

do dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

What shows if the dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

As a consequence, if our dogs do not show us anything like the absence or insufficiency of any dog nutritional requirements of the normal growth, and development.

On the other hand, some diseases of dog nutritional deficiency was being defined as some illnesses associated with the absence or insufficient provision of some essential dietary nutritional supplements for dogs.

A few examples of dogs do not get full nutrition or too much nutrition

  1. The anemia may be caused the iron deficiency in dog food. 
  2. liver damage may be caused by consuming too much Vit B3 in dog food. 
  3. An uric acid, a calcium imbalance, and kidney stones, etc..may be caused by consuming too much Vitamin C.
  4. A phosphorus imbalance is usually caused by consuming too much calcium in dog food.
  5. Vitamin E imbalance is usually caused by consuming too much-polyunsaturated fat, for example, fish oil and so on.
  6. The calcium or phosphorus imbalance is usually caused by consuming too much Vitamin D daily.

Consequently, we just don’t want to get carried away with all these examples up there, we just trying to let you all be clear about what may happen if our dogs were not fed plenty of fresh natural food in a way for dogs’ daily nutritional needs.

do dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

Why would our dogs not get full nutrition in dog food?

The nutritional deficiency in dogs can rarely happen with some dogs fed a commercial store getting the dog food. Regardless of how bad the ingredient qualities could be, we believe that there the micro canine vitamins and minerals and some other fundamental nutrients for dogs that were met applying some prepared vitamin premix that ought to be added to the dog food after the processing. Do you know that?

Now let’s check some other factors that why our dogs may why to get full nutrition in dog food.

  1. Fat dogs should be the common nutritional deficiencies in dogs, which are caused by getting too much dog food to consume.
  2. If our dogs do not get enough dog food to consume, then they may not able to get enough essential nutrients for dogs to sustain their health regularly.
  3. If they were living off the nutrient requirements, our dogs ought to get more nutrition because that means our dogs may have some parasites in their bodies up to some points.
  4. If our beloved dogs have any dog health issues  and may not absorb the dog food into the nutrient components properly, to ain’t homemade dog food in his or her health. Have you ever thought about that?
  5. If we decided to prepare some special dog food content by ourselves, then maybe we can heat from cooking destroys with knowing what nutrients do dogs need in their diet. That could cause a deficiency of some vitamins that dogs needed easily. If we don’t understand the natural balance between organs and meat bones completely, then we may feed too much muscle meat to our beloved dogs, which may cause imbalances in the essential minerals for dogs.
do dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

Do we provide a full vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs?

Deciding what supplements are good for dogs is not that easy. However, excessive supplementation for dogs could destroy the balanced nutrition for dogs, or could be harmful to our dogs up to some points. Even though we believe that lots of supplementation are very necessary, particularly if we do the cooking for our dogs frequently. Maybe Mother Nature could offer the perfect healthy dog nutrition only.

Although some extra nutritions did add to the dog food, we still need to know that maybe our dogs were not able to digest and metabolize all this nutrition for assimilation properly… Because some abilities of our dogs’ bodies to metabolize the dog nutritions could be affected by some following factors:

  • The general dog health state
  • Some drugs and medications
  • Our dogs’ age and breeds 
  • The type and quality of the used dogs’ nutritional supplements

Besides, if our dog is a special dog, like sick, or if has a chronic health problem, then I think you may need to wonder if he or she may not get enough vitamin inside the body? Maybe that could be correct, but we do know that we might need some time to figure out which vitamin or mineral was not enough? At any rate, we should not bother to try to figure it out right now!

Nearly certainly, our beloved dogs could benefit from some whole dog food supplements. Which could address the problem of not getting full nutrition in dog food overall, and also can help restore some nutritional balance while speeding the treating process. Too much supplementing could be very dangerous, similar to not doing anything though, thus we can consult our veterinarian for help if we were not that sure.

do dogs get full nutrition in dog food?

Final note

To conclude, there is a lot that we can do with do our dogs get full nutrition in dog food besides all these we talked about above, right?

But we can try with the basic routine for our dogs daily, like checking him or her state every single day, spending more time to get to know him or her as we can, learn more related knowledge about the full nutrition in dog food in every way we can reach, or just go to see the veterinarian figure it out directly and completely..Anyway, that depends on our own needs and own situations, regardless what we are going to try and how we are going to do it, we believe that we can do a good job on it since we are the creatures who love our dogs the most! Thank you very much and good luck to you all!

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