Best Dog Paw Protectors

Best Dog Paw Protectors

Dog’s paws are one of the most sensitive parts of his body- and they’re also one of the most exposed to the elements! Whether it’s freezing cold or scorching hot outside, your pet’s paws will be the first to know it. Not only that it can make your pet feel uncomfortable, but having their sensitive pads left to the mercy of the extreme temperatures can also be painful and cause serious damage to their paws such as burns or frostbite. Of course, even when there are no seriously high or seriously low temperatures to worry about, there are plenty of other issues that would require some form of protection for your pet’s paws. In the winter, road salt can dry out your pet’s pads and cause cracking, and even endanger their overall health if they lick it off their paws. The issue known as paw road rash is caused by walking on the gravel and results in superficial abrasions, and there is also a possibility of cuts and injuries from stepping on sharp objects. Needless to say, your pet’s pads see a lot of wear – and it’s important to properly protect them.

Dog paw protectors come in many forms but they all serve the same purpose: keeping your pet’s paw pads protected from various threats he can encounter when he’s out and about. Naturally, as there are many issues that could affect your pet’s sensitive jelly beans, so there are many solutions that will work to prevent it. Dog paw wax, dog paw-wear such as shoes and booties, socks, and even stick-on pad protectors are all solid options, and the choice will depend mostly on your specific situation- and the severity of it. It goes without saying that while, for instance, paw wax can be good winter protection if the temperatures are really low and there is a lot of road salt, you’d be better off with a pair of sturdy dog booties. Similarly, if it’s extremely hot concrete you’re worried about, you wouldn’t further heat up your pooch with dog boots but rather go for specially designed protective paw-wear.  There’s plenty to choose from- you just have to know what you need to pick.

LOOBANI Dog Paw Protector

Simple to put on, these paw protectors by LOOBANI simply stick to your dog’s pads directly. They are a great option for dogs who dislike traditional dog booties and are constantly trying to take them off. Dog anti slip pads is a special hypoallergenic and adhesive layer that will keep them on for 2 to 7 days. The newly redesigned grips have more rubber area while increasing the contact between your dog’s pad grips and the floor allowing them more traction and less force on the sensitive hind legs. 

The LOOBANI dog anti slip pads are perfect if your pet refuses to wear shoes but requires protection from hot pavements or abrasive surfaces when walking. Indoors, they offer enough traction to prevent slipping, so they can be a great aid to senior pooches or dogs that live in homes with hardwood floors or tiles. Non slip paw pads are also very breathable, so their paw pads can still perspire as needed.


Pawz Dog Boots

Made in the USA from all-natural materials, these waterproof paw protectors will keep your pet’s pads safe from elements. They can be reused or disposed of after use- they are 100 percent biodegradable and they are affordable, so it’s not a concern in any way. The best part is that they offer year-round protection, as they are perfect for creating a barrier between the paw and the hot pavement, muddy puddles in the autumn, or road salt in the winter. To boot, you can put these booties on your pooch when he’s indoors, too, as the traction from the rubber will prevent slipping. Paws booties are available in a variety of bright and vibrant colors and come in sizes from tiny to extra large.


HiPaw Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

If you’re looking for shoes your pet can wear in the summer and still stay cool, these breathable mesh booties are a great choice. The non-slip rubber sole is ideal for walks on hot pavements and will keep your pet’s sensitive pads protected from sharp rocks, abrasive gravel, and chemicals on lawns. The upper part of the booties is made from a dual-layer breathable mesh that allows air to circulate and cool down your pet’s paws, preventing overheating. Choose between black or blue and one of 5 sizes.


Budget-friendly, convenient to put on and great protection in the summer months, these socks with waterproof soles can help keep your pooch safe from the risk of paw burns in the summer. The thin rubber coating will block the heat from the pavement and at the same time, stay lightweight enough so your dog feels like he’s not wearing anything at all. However, they are a bit slippery on ice – so consider another option for wintertime protection.


21st Century Essential Pet Paw Pad Protector

Whether it’s hot pavements or salt in the winter that concern you, this highly nourishing protective paw wax will keep your pet’s jelly beans safe. The combination of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and wheat germ oil ensures that dry and cracked paws get the moisture they need and coating the pads with this waxy formula prevents direct contact with dangerous substances and abrasive surfaces.


Good2Go Rain or Shine Silicone Dog Boots

In case you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, you can’t go wrong with these silicone dog boots. They are a good all-seasons choice (cost effective on its own), made from high-quality, durable silicone, and they are affordable to boot. The silicone will not just keep water, snow, and salt at bay in the colder months of the year, but it is also heat-resistant so you can use these booties in the summer, too.