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Best artificial grass pee pad for dogs

How do I get my dog to pee on the grass pad?

It is the truth that training a pet, especially a dog to get used to peeing on the indoor dog grass pee pad requires lots of patience. Maybe your beloved dog just may use it right off the bat. And for chasing the higher success rates, you may want to try the following:

  1. Get your dog to sniff around more. That is quite normal that the first thing you should do is to let your dog sniff or lick when you introducing any new items to him or her. By doing this, your dog may be getting familiar with those new situations in the household gradually. So you can give it a shot with the artificial grass dog pee pad, and maybe you will get the ways to make things get better.
  2. You can always try to do the potty training one more time. Can you still remember how you potty trained your beloved dog outsides last time? You can try to do the same thing on the indoor dog grass pads you know? When it is time for the bathroom breaks, then you can keep your dog is leashed and try to walk it towards the dog potty grass pee pad. And if your dog does eliminate on that grass pee pad, then you should reward your dog with some treats that he or she loves. Also, you can do this repeatedly so that your dog could use the dog grass toilet instinctively soon.
  3. You may want to put the artificial grass dog toilet away from beds. I think you must know that your dog may not soil the areas where your dog would sleep onto. So the chances of training your dog to get used to using the green grass dog pee pad may be a little low you know? So I think you may placing the dog potty tray grass in the bathroom as a good beginning. At the same time, you may also do the cleaning job like the spills or accidents very easily, right?
  4. One more thing does not try to clean the dog’s synthetic grass pee pads deeply. Every time your dog finished the business on the dog bathroom grass pad, you just rinse it with some mild water and a little amount of mild soap if you want. In this way, a mild scent would still be left to it so that your dog can trace for it easily next time you know?
Best Artificial Grass Pee Pad For Dogs

A few questions you may ask :

Q1: Is it okay for a dog to do the business on the fake grass pee pad?

A: Yes, it is surely safe and absolutely fine to do the training job on your dog with a fake grass pee pad for dogs, regardless of indoors or outdoors. Unlike some real grass pee pads for dogs, those artificial grass pee pads for dogs will not die forever, and the moisture can just go through them easily. And if there is also a potty tray below to catch all your dog’s urine, that could be better. Since the dog grass pee pad is artificial, so you could clean it manually in the ways you like. Also, you can choose the best dog pee pads grass for your dog online very easily nowadays, such as LOOBANI dog pee pad or LOOBANI extra large porch potty tray would be the choices for you.

Q2:Can a dog go to the bathroom inside the house?

A: Yes, you totally could train your beloved dog to use the bathroom to finish the daily bathroom breaks if you want. But you need to know that not all the dogs in this universe can get the tricks to sit on the toilet, then do the business with no messes making. So here is the reason why the best grass pee pads for dogs to pee on can be so important. Because that may provide the ultimate help for you and your dog if sometimes you were unable to go to any outside places or you and your beloved dog are living in the apartment etc…

Q3. Does the dog grass pee pad smell when a dog pee on it?

A: The dog grass pee pad may be smell after your dog peed on it if you do not clean it nicely. Just like some other surfaces you can imagine about, like the real grass pee pads, I bet you may want to do the cleaning job on that grass like pee pads for dogs regularly in case the smell buildup. If you are a dog owner who cares about sanitary a lot, I bet the artificial grass pad with potty trap should be the best artificial grass pee pad for you and your dog, and if you do not have enough time to do the cleaning job regularly.

Best artificial grass pee pad for dogs

Q4.Does a dog need the grass to do the bathroom breaks?

A: Normally a dog does not really need any grass to do the business. However, if you were training your dog with the insides potty tray, then the artificial grass turf pee pads for dogs may be very helpful for you up to some points. Because this could simulate the nature outside grass so that your dog could have an easier time when doing the bathroom breaks. Maybe you could just place the grass inside the bathroom so that you can keep the odor away, and make it much easier to keep the sanitary as you wish.

Q5.Will the bathing soda neutralize the urine from a dog on the grass?

A: Sometimes the baking soda we use in our daily life could be a very effective cleaning agent which may be helpful for neutralizing some organic odors, those included your beloved dog’s urine and poop, etc… But you could try to use the mixing baking soda with a little bit of white vinegar to wash the dog synthetic grass pee pads

Which you let your dog use, maybe some pet-friendly cleaner is fine, just do not use some chemical detergents on the kinds of stuff those your baby dogs would touch. Then you just need to ensure that you will rinse all those cleaners you put on, and let the dog synthetic grass pee pads dry out under the warm sunshine or cool wind totally. Afterward, you may use the best dog pee pad grass you chose for your beloved again.


Having the best fake grass pee pad for dogs is crucial for every responsible dog owner you know? And the best one for a dog normally depends on every different dog’s own situation, right? And I bet you already know that the artificial grass pads for your dog to potty on could let you manage your dog’s potty training much better p to some points you know?

By applying your best dog pee pads grass, you could take the time needed to tell your dog where should do the bathroom breaks directly much shorter somehow. Because that comes with the additional advantages of being more convenient and easier to make things work. How do you think?

And I would highly recommend you to take a look at the LOOBANI dog pee pad grass replacement and the rest products upon its catalog OF GRASS PEE PAD, which showing us more than three types of items. Just go ahead and pick the best artificial grass pee pad for your dog, I am sure you can get it and manage your cute dog’s potty training like a boss in a very short term with what you chose for your dog. 

Hopefully, this article makes sense and may inspire you with something useful, or may give you a head start on the quest with the best artificial grass pee pads for your furry family member. Good luck to you all!

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