Even though we always want our pets to have long and healthy lives, this isn’t always how things turn out. Due to their propensity to run around and jump from one amusement to the next, dogs frequently suffer cruciate ligament injuries in the area of their rear legs. Consider knee braces for dogs with torn ACL to support an injured leg or prevent damage to a weak limb.

aoc dog knee brace

What Is a Dog Knee Brace?

A knee brace under a veterinarian’s supervision might help your dog’s joint issues. Some older dogs are not good candidates for surgery, so choosing an alternative method of pain management, such as utilizing a brace, may help your dog.

This is because, in principle, an ortho dog knee brace enhances weight distribution, offers extra support, and keeps the joint warm by acting as insulation. By supporting the joint, knee braces may also aid healing and benefit traumatic knee injuries.

Do Dog Knee Braces Work?

The standard query we listen to casually is; are dog knee braces effective? Yes, a dog knee brace can be helpful in many situations. Your veterinarian could advise wearing a knee brace for your dog depending on the precise sort of injury. Braces can be used for sprains, arthritis, rehabilitation, or to assist in stabilizing the knee and fend off further damage.

A dog with a damaged cranial cruciate ligament can benefit from a well-designed, custom-fitted knee brace because it supports the joint as scar tissue develops stability. Additionally, arthritis and post-surgical cruciate support can be treated using knee braces.

A best dog knee brace for torn ACL UK can support dogs with arthritis, knee sprains, or strains, in addition to helping with CCL rips. If your dog exhibits signs of weariness or limping, your veterinarian could advise a knee brace.

Advantages of Dog Knee Braces

Unaware of the precise methods in which knee braces can be helpful, many people are aware that they can aid with joint problems. Among the various ways, knee braces are beneficial are as follows:

· They increase the distribution of weight. Knee braces can assist in removing weight from hurt joints. This can make it easier for your dog to stay active and recuperate more quickly.

· They offer extra assistance. Braces give a damaged joint more support, reducing the risk of falls and facilitating your dog’s daily activities.

· They enhance mobility while the body heals. Braces can aid in keeping your dog’s joints in place while they recover, facilitating Fido’s continued mobility.

· Leg brace dogs may ease the pain. Neither are knee braces magical or inherently effective painkillers. Relieving pressure on an injured joint can, however, lessen the amount of pain that many dogs experience.

· They could prevent surgery for your dog. Knee braces might occasionally be a workable substitute for surgery. This is especially true for minor knee injuries.

· They are frequently less expensive than alternatives. While “off-the-shelf” dog braces usually cost < $150, personalized braces are often costly.

Type of Dog Knee Braces

Braces come in a variety of shapes, colors, and features, such as being waterproof or able to be adjusted for a tight fit.

· Soft Neoprene Wraps

Neoprene, the material used to produce wetsuits, is highly resilient and can support the stabilization of your dog’s knee. If your dog walks outside in the weather, choosing a waterproof brace can help keep it from getting ruined. The cloth is additionally soft enough to put your dog at ease while wearing its brace.

knee brace for dog acl

These wraps come in various shapes and sizes, are constructed of soft, elastic materials, and are comfortable for your dog to wear. One type is a short sleeve with a Velcro strap, while another is a cushioned wrap secured by an over-the-back strap.

In some designs, it may be possible to stiff implant support supports that act as splints, restricting joint motion and strengthening the ligaments. 

· Thermoformed Semi-Rigid Braces

A cast of your dog’s leg is used to produce medical-grade polypropylene plastic into thermoformed semi-rigid/rigid braces. These knee braces frequently have hinges that permit a full range of motion without sacrificing support.

Since the materials used for custom dog knee braces give robust support and are lined with comfortable padding, these custom and semi-custom dog braces are an excellent alternative for fully supporting your dog’s knees.

How to Decide What Dog Knee Brace is Best for Your Dog?

Different materials are used in the making of dog knee braces. Pay attention to the components that went into creating each mount. In addition to ensuring the materials feel good against your dog’s skin, you also want to ensure they are strong and will last for a long time.

Neoprene braces could be an intelligent choice to take into account. Neoprene, the material used to produce wetsuits, is highly resilient and can support the stabilization of your dog’s knee—additionally, waterproof neoprene. If your dog walks outside in the weather, choosing a waterproof brace can help keep it from getting ruined. The cloth is additionally soft enough to put your dog at ease while wearing its brace.

Different Materials Use in the Making of Dog Knee Braces

· Neoprene 

Neoprene is the industry standard material for orthopedics and other fields. This material is ideal due to its lightweight, breathability, moisture absorption, scratch resistance, and excellent heat retention. 

This fabric is best as a compression wrap that stabilizes the dog’s knees without compromising the flexibility that is required in an orthopedic knee brace for dogs.

· Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Sbr is a durable and waterproof material that provides similar benefits as neoprene. Sbr braces offer coordinated and controlled muscular movement. This material minimizes muscle energy wastage and keeps the knees warm to relieve pain and improve blood flow. 

knee braces for dogs

You can check the loobani SBR hock joint brace to provide maximum support to your dog against arthritis and knee injuries. These braces are available in three main sizes and adjustable designs. Neoprene and rubber both come in the category of chewy dog knee braces because of their flexible nature.

· Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal braces are recommended for mild compression and are lighter than neoprene. Bamboo braces increase the blood flow by massaging the soft tissues of the knees while walking. The continuous massage enhances the blood flow that relieves pain and soreness in the knees.

· Aluminum Alloy

The aluminum alloy ortho dog knee brace is the stiffest and most durable, ideal for no to minor knee movement. These braces are best for unstable kneecap conditions. They are prone to corrosion and other damage that help them last for years.

· Nylon Blend

This material is usually a mixture of spandex and nylon, offering flexible compression on high-pressure movement. These are non-slip bands that keep the knees warm and improve blood flow. This dog ortho brace has stabilizing and elastic effects that are ideal for long-term recovery.

Things to Consider While Buying a Knee Brace for Your Dog

It’s crucial to decide exactly what you want before looking for the best knee brace for dogs. Make sure you choose a ccl knee brace for dogs that will suit your needs and expectations and eventually aid your dog’s recovery and improvement using the features discussed below.

· Consider Dog’s Injury

Dog injury is the first and most important thing you should consider when choosing a brace. Dogs can have acute to chronic knee problems like traumas, sprain, chondromalacia, cruciate ligaments (ACL, CCL), arthritis, tendonitis, and immobilization.

So, before purchasing the brace for the dog leg, make sure that you pick the right one for your dog’s condition. Other than injury or disease, you can also check the loobani leg brace to cover the surgical wound of your dog. These will be excellent anti-slip walk assistants for your fur friend. 

dogs knee brace

· Choose the Right Material

As mentioned before, different materials are used in knee braces formation. So, even if you are familiar with the ups and downs of these fabrics, it’s better to consult your veterinarian for better advice. It is because not all the materials are suitable for every knee injury/issue.

For example, after surgery, your dog needs breathable knee pads for quick recovery, while warm and thick materials are preferable for compression and pain. 

· Dog Brace Fitting

The effectiveness of a knee brace highly depends on the fitting and sizes. When designing custom leg braces, people usually did not understand how to get the best fit. There are up to 400 different dog breeds worldwide, and all have their specific body shape.

Other than hip and knee brace for dogs, the measurement of hips, chest size, height, and weight is also needed in knee braces. You can use the measuring tape to take all the measurements. But remember to take measure everything when the dog is standing.

These factors are not all essential for every type of brace. For example, a cruciate knee brace for dogs demands height measurements that might not be required in many other cases. However, sizes for special breeds like the dachshund leg brace for dogs are slightly different than standard.

For your assistance, here are some charts showing the relationship of all these factors with the knee brace dogs size:

Chest Circumference

Braces Size

Chest Size









Dog’s Height

Brace Size

Height Measurements








> 32”

For yorkie knee brace you might need customization as their average height is 6”-7” and same is for chihuahua knee brace as the Chihuahua is known for their purse size.

Thigh Circumference

Brace Size

Thigh Measurements







If your dog’s measurement doesn’t fit in these ratios, you can go for custom dog braces. Remember, these measurements can vary for dog knee brace front leg.

· Support Level

Not all dog knee injuries demand equal support. The knee braces are divided into categories based on their support level.

More or less support than required might cause problems or may not be much effective. Here are the three knee braces support levels that you can pick.

1. Mild

2. Medium

3. Maximum

Bamboo braces are the best option for mild support. This support level is required for very little pain, swelling, and sprain where the dog needs compression.

dog rear knee brace

Medium support levels can be used for various knee conditions, from tendonitis to arthritis. This level restricts the knee movement and keeps it warm to relieve pain.

Maximum support braces are usually recommended for chronic illnesses where surgery cannot be a possible and safe option. Usually, surgery is required for this stage, but depending on the dog’s health condition, maximum support braces can be an adequate replacement.

The hero dog brace is a fantastic non-surgical maximum support option for your dog’s knees, joints, wrist, and ankle. You can check the hero brace reviews online for more information and queries—a customize hero brace costs around <$1000, which is pretty cheap than surgery.

· Dog Bracing Type

The dog knee braces are available in different styles, and here are some of those;

Hinged Knee Braces

Hinged knee braces provide maximum support level and are recommended for post-surgical conditions. These braces maintain the knee’s alignment, stabilize the injured part and avoid further severe consequences while walking and bending.

Other than wound protection, hinged braces can also be used to reduce pain and swelling. Due to the adjustable design of these braces, it’s a highly used type. However, hinged braces are a bit heavier than other styles.

Wrap Around

Wrap-around brace style is quite convenient to use. These braces are lighter than hinged and are used as a dog rear knee brace for complete coverage. This style is used for mild support like compressions, which you can use for improved healing.

The wrap-around braces come up with multiple straps for size adjustment. Size adjustment is required for different stages of recovery. This style also offers a double knee brace for dogs.

Support Sleeves

Support sleeves are designed to provide mild support compressions. These sleeves are usually used for pain and minor swelling to avoid serious issues. Support sleeves help deal with the initial and minor knee issues that might lead to severe problems if left untreated.

If the dog feels little pain from walking discomfit, you can use the dog car ramp to stop your dog from jumping from high places.

Hot and Cold Wrap

Not all knee injuries demand warming insulation. There are many knee issues where ice wrap therapy is needed.

Hot wraps are the ones we talked about in previous points. These wraps keep the knees warm to increase blood flow and pain relief.

However, cold wraps use ice packs for cold therapy. The cold wraps are effective for instant pain and inflammation relief.

· Budget

When considering braces, it’s natural to gravitate toward the less expensive choice. Although a soft neoprene brace is less costly, it might not be the best treatment for your dog. A personalized dog knee brace is a perfect choice.

best knee brace for dogs

How Are Knee Braces for Dogs Legs Made?

Custom braces, often known as knee, stifle, ACL, or CCL braces, are made by various manufacturers using various components and techniques. Canine wrists, ankles, hocks, and hips can all be braced.

· First, put a muzzle on your dog to prevent it from biting you. Even if your dog is generally calm, an injury can aggravate it.

· Roll up some newspaper or cover a stick with fabric or a towel. To generate immobility, use a newspaper roll or a pole that protrudes past the damaged region on both sides.

· Gently place the newspaper or stick along the hurt leg. Avoid moving the leg; doing so could aggravate the injury.

· To hold the newspaper or stick it in place on your dog’s leg, use medical tape or strips of fabric. Secure it firmly enough to stay in place but not so firmly that the portion will be compressed.

It’s the same method used in a homemade dog leg brace and industrial posh brace formation.

What Is Best for Dog Knee Injury? Knee Brace or Surgery

Many dogs usually face knee problems, which can cause lameness or loss of mobility (in severe cases). The dog knee joints are also called stifle joints between the thigh and lower leg bones. The most common knee problems that affect most dogs are Luxating Patella, Dog Arthritis, and Torn CCL/ACL.

Most of them occur in the rear legs of dogs. These problems severely affect the life of dogs and thus need to be counted as soon as possible in the best fashion.

Two types of treatments are used worldwide to treat this problem in dogs. One is surgery, and another one is Knee Brace. Both of them are discussed below in detail with their particular specifications. 

· Surgery

It is the most severe and last option to cure knee injury in dogs. This method is recommended after the complete assessment and tests by the doctor and is generally ignored if other possibilities of cure are available. 

cruciate knee brace for dogs

Different surgeries are used when the conservative treatment fails, including metal plate joints, synthetic ligament attachment using tie rope, etc. Dog’s age, weight, behavior, movement, and medical history are considered before recommending a particular surgery. A few weeks to months are required for a total recovery of the dog after surgery. 

· Knee Brace

It is the much cheaper, efficient, easiest, and most recommended treatment for knee injuries in dogs. Knee Braces provide external support to the joints, which help to recover the damage naturally or after surgery. 

A walkabout knee brace dogs relieve the joint’s pain and ease the dog’s movement during injury. Different types of knee braces are used for different damages, but these provide a solution for almost all problems of knee injuries or skeleton fractures. 

For example, the homemade dog knee brace for luxating patella is an effective option that might minimize or eliminate the chance of surgery. It is the best solution for older or weak dogs who could not bear the surgery. Different heat creams are also applied inside knee braces to fasten the recovery. 

ccl knee brace for dogs

Regular light exercises also speed up this recovery process. Knee braces also help to reduce symptoms of the injury. When the knee braces are used for extended periods, a regular massage must be given to the affected portion to avoid tuberculosis. However, after painful surgeries like TPLO, tplo braces help quick healing.

Thus, Knee braces are the best-recommended solution for less severe knee injuries in dogs. 

Best Dog Knee Braces of 2022

Whatever the reason is for your dog’s need for knee support, you should make sure you get the appropriate one. Therefore, we have chosen 10 of the best dog knee braces to discuss in our shopping guide to aid you in making your choice. Let’s get going!

· Labra Extra Supportive Braces

This hock joint brace aids joint ailments and provides more support for your dog’s leg by stabilizing it. There are four different sizes available, so use the chart to choose the one that corresponds to your dog’s breed.

knee brace for dogs with arthritis

You can check the labra dog knee brace reviews online to ensure their quality, flexibility, and durability. These braces are indeed supportive and comfortable for your dog’s leg. It is simple to use and vet-approved. Remember that the vet-approved brace must be taken off every two to three hours at night to allow your dog’s leg to breathe.

· Argon Canine Rear Hock Braces

This brace for dogs leg is made of a soft mesh sheet so it won’t irritate your dog’s skin. Strength and flexibility are combined in the nylon material. Also, washing your dog and not wearing it is pretty simple.     

This dog rear leg brace will help your dog whether they require additional stability and support after surgery or pain relief following an injury. Your dog’s mobility won’t be impacted, so they can keep moving normally.

· NeoAlly Braces

These braces are available in two packs if you want to purchase a set for your dog’s two legs. Several luminous straps boost visibility in the dark, and the angled shape ensures they won’t slide down, making it simpler for people to identify your furry buddy.

Neoprene and nylon are both soft and strong, won’t irritate your dog’s skin, and are used to make braces. This best dog brace for torn ACL offers the support your dog needs against sprain or ACL tear.

· MyProSupports Compression Brace for Dog Leg 

This compression sleeve was created to support dogs with ligament, tendon, and joint laxity. They are made to fit the front or back legs and improve blood and oxygen flow to muscles and compressed limbs. 

This improvement in circulation may aid in easing discomfort. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, there is a money-back guarantee and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

· Back on Track Dog Brace

Clinical studies have shown that this canine leg brace reduces chronic inflammation and discomfort. It is constructed of a neoprene outer shell and ceramic-infused Welltex cloth. The brace’s infrared warmth aids your dog’s muscular relaxation and joint pain relief. The brace has four connected strips that let you simply tighten and remove it as needed. It is the kind of product that may be used to both heal from injuries and prevent them.

woundwear dog knee brace

How Much Does a Dog Knee Brace Cost?

Dog knee braces can range greatly from $100 to $1000. Here are a few high-qualities and well-known knee braces options for you at different prices:

· Balto dog knee brace price: $125-$175

· Custom dog leg brace price: $500-$1000

· Animal ortho care knee brace price: $650-$950

· Posh knee brace price: $945-$980

You can check Amazon, Walmart, and other online websites for more options. Additionally, specialty shops sell braces that can be customized, although these usually cost significantly more.


Joint issues alone are not a justification for euthanizing a dog. Instead, it would help if you thought about your dog’s overall quality of life with the assistance of your veterinarian. When a dog with joint issues cannot walk and is obviously in agony with even the tiniest motions, it may become a candidate for euthanasia.

Being immobile risks one’s life and indicates poor quality of life. To save the life of your pet, the best decision is a dog knee brace. 

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