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Activities to Do with Your Dog at Home

Because of the COVID-19 and some rainy days, are you also worried about the lack of time to spend outdoors with your dog? At home, dogs cannot run around as much as outdoors due to the lack of space to move around. If restrict outdoor activities with your dog for a long time, your dog’s energy cannot be expended and will mess up the house. On top of that, they will howl and gain weight. You don’t have to let bad weather and COVID-19 ruin your day with your dog. Although you can’t take our dogs for too many walks outdoors these days, you can increase indoor activities to burn off their energy! Not only is activity important for their minds, but it will help them stay healthy. Today we’re going to go over a variety of indoor activities you can do with your dog and activities to bond with your dog at home. Read on and get started with a variety of fun activities at home with your dog! (Check https://loobani.com for more information about activities to do with your dog at home, indoor activities to do with your dog, indoor activities with dogs, and activities to do with your dog inside.)

What Kind of Activities to Play with a Dog?

It’s miles important to engage with your pets both indoor and outside. Indoor activities include two parts. That is training and playing. For playing, we can divide it into human-dog playing and interactive dog toy playing. Both training and playing can improve your dog’s intelligence and maintain physical and mental health. Here you can browse for information about daily dog training and dog personality development, please click https://loobani.com/category/dog-training/.

What to do with an active dog? If your dog is too energetic and you don’t know what to do with it, try the following indoor things to do with an active dog.

  • Fun game of hide-and-seek

Some puppies will strut like a lion underneath the cloth, while others are more fun and could pop out from below the cloth like a dolphin. This game teaches your dog the three basic command words: show your head, wait and come out. If you want your dog to appear to be swaying back and forth on the cloth, you should choose a light cloth that will be less stressful for the dog.

In addition to normal robust-coloured wrapping material, owners also can select special styles of tour blankets or bathtub towels to modify the environment, which includes Christmas wooden, small snowflake patterns, and so forth. At the Christmas party let the dog perform such a game is very set the atmosphere but also can take pictures for memory.

  • A endeavor to put to your canine’s socks

Through games, dogs are made to think that putting on socks is a game and not a burden. Owners should make sure that their dogs are not particularly sensitive to their feet before putting on socks for them.

You can touch the dog’s feet with your hands before putting on the socks. If viable, make sure to buy slightly tighter socks for the canine in order that they are non-slip and do not fall off without difficulty. Here you can try to put a Loobani non-slip treads mat for your dogs.  (https://loobani.com/product/loobani-non-slip-treads-mat-for-dogs-and-pets/) You can use cotton socks worn by children for putting on and taking off practice, but do not replace the special socks, as this can be dangerous.

Activities to Do with Your Dog at Home
  • Dog crosses between the legs of you

The dog crossed between the legs of you is a game that you and the dog can play together. Not caring about the requirements of the venue and not needing extra props is the charm of this game. This recreation calls for you to use your hands to guide the puppies so they discover ways to move between the legs of you..

Crossing between the legs is divided into two categories: eight crossings and marching crossing. Eight crossings are relatively simple, and to let the dog learn eight crossings, you must let the dog start learning during the break. After learning, you can challenge the difficult crossing in marching. The two-legged crossover is also the most interesting show at Christmas parties and always wins the applause of guests.

  • Playing Loobani Interactive Dog Toys

Loobani interactive canine toys are educational toys to educate the intelligence of dogs. These toys blend dogs’ food into games that require brainpower or special shape to attract the attention of your dogs, so even if you are not overly involved, the dogs can still have fun and exercise their brainpower. This solves most of the problems of gambling round after you want to rest even as the dogs still have closing strength. What’s more, by playing with interactive dog toys, you can also slow down feeding time to help your dog digest and prevent bloat. I highly recommend the feeder puzzle toy for your dogs because it’s perfectly suitable for beginners to exercise pet IQ. (https://loobani.com/product/pet-iq-feeder-puzzle-toy/)

Of course, there is a situation when your dogs with low activity levels or have dog breeds with low activity levels, you can pet them, rest with them on the couch, brush them or massage them. (These gentle activities as mentioned will also work as activities to do with senior dogs, activities to do with older dogs, activities to do with therapy dogs.) You can try to place soft pet beds for them so that they can have a good rest and feel better. I prefer silk wadding pet bed pads because they can be widely used almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Why Indoor Activities are so Important?

Take the previous three fun activities to do with your dog at home, for example, they can improve the dog’s boldness and the bond between you and your dogs.

The game of hide-and-seek exercises boldness and obedience of your dogs at the same time. Most dogs will show fear when a travel blanket is suddenly placed on them. Gradually familiarizing your dog with these types of anxiety-prone events can reduce your dog’s sensitivity to unexpected situations and gradually improve your dog’s boldness. Please note that when frightened, dogs tend to forget to obey their owners’ commands, and training at this time can greatly reduce their obedience.

The game to put on your dog’s socks increases your dog’s trust in you. Dogs do not like to have their feet tied, and this action can make them feel uneasy. If the dog is made to realize that playing with you is not dangerous and is fun, it will greatly increase the dog’s trust in you.

Letting a dog crosses the legs of you can increase the tacit understanding between the dog and you. To do a terrific activity of crossing among the legs, the canine needs to always take note of your actions, which is one of the first-class practice video games to develop a tacit understanding between the dog and you and can be done frequently.

For teething puppies, they need a lot of chewing, which we often say, “grinding teeth”, this time the chew-resistant toys are very important; for naughty and active dogs, toys can keep the dog busy, reasonable consumption of dog energy, so that the owner does not have to be always accompanied; there is a toy is used to exercise the dog’s intelligence. All of these toys could be found in Loobani interactive dogs toys.

Activities to Do with Your Dog at Home

How to Make Dogs Play with Toys?

Starting to play with toys as a puppy is very important to the physical and mental development of your puppy. Puppies are curious and need their owners to help them understand their environment and learn skills, and toys are a great way to help them learn. You can teach your puppy to play with toys from the time he first arrives home. Unlike people, puppies still need toys to keep them company even in their later years. Toys can become lifelong companions. When your puppy loves toys, your life as a pet owner will become easier and easier.

  • Improves bonding  

Gambling with toys together through the years can help dogs and proprietors better understand each different’s behavior and recognise extra honestly what every different’s movements and phrases suggest.

  • Reduce destructive power  

Use toys to sap your puppy’s energy so that he no longer has the strength to chew on furniture and his owner’s shoes. But this requires you to stimulate your puppy’s enthusiasm for toys.

  • Increase exercise  

Playing with your puppy’s toys indoors can also serve as exercise. This is especially useful for puppies that are not fully vaccinated and not yet safe to go outside, and for small dogs that don’t need a lot of exercises.

  • Become smarter  

Puppies that play with toys regularly will remain more curious about the outside world, and such puppies are smarter. From a young age, it can also prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you think that playing with toys with your puppy means throwing them to them and leaving them alone, then you are mistaken. If left unchecked, the process of playing with toys can not only be dangerous but also cause behavioral problems.

Puppies have a wide variety of toys, the most common being balls, knotted toys, and stuffed toys. If you choose a stuffed toy for your puppy, it’s best not to choose one that makes noise, as this can provoke a natural tendency to kill prey and gut it after hunting, and they are more likely to develop a desire to tear open the toy and pull out the stuffing.

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