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A Natural Choice For The Health Of Your Dog

We all desire natural food options for ourselves and our loved ones nowadays, including our fluffy companions. Natural dog food is what you should consider when feeding your puppies, regardless of their age or breed. How dogs live healthy life depends on what food we provide. So today, we will solve the mystery of natural dog food and help you get your dog the natural food to take better care of it.  

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A Natural Choice For The Health Of Your Dog

What Is Natural Food for Dogs

Many foods made with natural components are likewise free from artificial additives, additives, and dyes. But what precisely does that imply? Although there is no legal meaning for this phrase, a natural dog food brand will not contain any ‘man-made’ components other than vitamins, minerals, and minor nutrients. Chemicals, preservatives, or by-products are also absent.

Generally, “natural” refers to materials produced from plants, animals, microorganisms, or minerals that haven’t had anything added to them and have only been exposed to physical processing to make them appropriate for dog food. Also, The term “natural” should only be used to describe pet food components derived from plants, animals, microorganisms, or minerals that haven’t had anything added to them and have only been subjected to physical processing to make them suitable for pet food production while maintaining their natural composition. Freezing, concentration, extraction, drying, pasteurization, or smoking of components is permissible as long as the native design is preserved. All are allowed with the phrase “natural,” microbiological and enzymatic reactions, hydrolysis, and natural fermentation processes.

Health Benefits of Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food is the source of nourishment for your pet at all phases of life. Nutritional supplementation can help your pet look and feel more fabulous than ever before.

Natural dog food, despite its somewhat higher price tag, can help your dog maintain a healthy weight, gastrointestinal tract, skin, and hair. This makes it a particularly appropriate alternative for dogs with fragile stomachs and skin. However, the more readily accessible minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats will benefit all dogs. It also contains fewer processed ingredients, which reduces the chance of allergic reactions and other negative health effects on your pet. It also tastes better.

Ingredients that promote shinier hair, better-nurtured skin, vital energy, immune response support, a solid gastrointestinal system, and sustainable weight management may all be found in a healthy diet.

Animal-derived sources such as turkey, lamb, duck, and salmon; whole grains such as rice; starches such as potato; vegetables such as carrots and peas; herbs such as rosemary; extracts such as cranberry and seaweed.

What Are the Basic Needs of a Dog in Food

Natural dog food includes a variety of forms, and selecting the correct one for your pet is simple if you understand their nutritional requirements and how to satisfy them. To provide natural dog health food, we need to as “what does a dog need as basic nutrients?” 

  • Water

H2O is the lifeblood of all living things. Water makes about 60% to 70% of an adult dog’s body weight, and losing just 10% of it can cause your puppy to die. Because of its magical activities, pure water is required for a dog’s health at all times: dissolving and transporting nutrients to cells, helping in the regulation of body temperature, hydrolyzing other nutrients for digestion, cushioning bodily blows, and removing waste.

  • Protein

Protein is the body’s foundation and fuel. It is what makes up the body and gives it its vitality. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are essential for development, reproduction, and self-healing. Amino acids are found in cells, tissues, organs, enzymes (which are intimately associated with the immune system), hormones, and antibodies. Meanwhile, when carbs are in short supply, protein can be used as an energy source.

Chicken, beef, fish, mutton, and other animal-based meals provide protein to dogs. Eggs are a protein powerhouse because they include all of the amino acids your dog requires. Vegetables and grains are also high in protein. Soybeans are a high-protein food.

A Natural Choice For The Health Of Your Dog
  • Carbohydrates

Sugars, starches, and indigestible fiber make up carbohydrate macronutrients. They generate energy by producing glucose and vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant-based substances. Carbohydrates are also beneficial to your puppy’s intestines.

Fibers are worth mentioning among the many carbs since they can affect the bacterial populations in the small intestine, allowing you to monitor and regulate your dog’s bowel movement. The fermentable fibers are the ones you go for. Certain vegetables and gluten-free grains can provide fiber to your dog.

  • Fats

Fats are the most efficient energy source. Vitamin absorption, cell building, and hormone production all require them. Fats can also protect internal organs and keep the body at a constant temperature. Because of a consistent diet of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid, omega-6, and omega-3, your puppy’s skin and fur are also healthy.

More nutritious food sources, such as salmon, flaxseed, hempseed, sunflower, and olive oil, can be included. However, watch the amount of fat you consume and don’t overdo it. Pancreatitis and digestive problems can result from eating too much fat.

  • Vitamins

Vitamins are carbon-based chemical compounds that are needed in small doses for proper metabolic function. Vitamins, as micronutrients, are an essential element of a dog’s healthy diet. Some vitamins, such as V-B and C, are water-soluble, whilst others, such as V-A, D, E, and K, are fat-soluble. Because water-soluble vitamins are not maintained, vitamins must be taken from food because the body is incapable of producing sufficient quantities.

Since dogs get health issues because of a lack of natural vitamins, you’d want to provide your dog with the optimum nourishment, including animal organs and muscles, as well as specific vegetables and fruits, in its diet.

  • Minerals

Minerals are inorganic compounds that constitute the last portion of a dog’s fundamental dietary needs. They have required for metabolic functions as well as the formation of bones and teeth. As a result, dogs must consume them through their food. Calcium, magnesium, and salt are essential minerals for dogs.

Minerals may be found in abundance in a variety of meals. Bones, for example, are high in calcium, while seafood is high in zinc.

What to Give Dogs As Natural Healthy Food

Here is some natural healthy dog food you can add to your pooch’s daily diet. And many of them are natural remedies for pets’ health issues on dogs.

  • Bone Broth

people with dogs should know how to make bone broth. You can make bone broth by boiling bones for several days with apple cider vinegar, allowing all of these nutrients to break down and become highly accessible to the body slowly. It might provide your dog with a lot of advantages. It’s a healing potion in the truest sense of the word.

Bone broth aids digestion and aids in the healing of the intestines. It’s high in gelatin, which aids in the digestion of proteins and lipids. Glycine, a potent precursor for the formation of glutathione, a powerful detoxifier, can also help in liver detoxification. Bone broth also relieves joint pain and strengthens bones and joints, as well as providing nutrients and increasing their absorption, as well as boosting the immune system, improving skin health, and supporting cognitive function! It is one of the natural dog health remedies, and having bone broth is one of the natural ways to promote joint health in dogs.

  • Raw Goat Milk

With vitamins A and D, MCT, and Omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, proteins, and minerals like calcium, this one is one of the most nutrient-dense meals available.

Raw milk has several health advantages. It has been demonstrated to boost immunity and lessen allergy symptoms. It’s helpful for gut health since it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. It can even help heal leaky guts and improve skin health. You can get high-quality raw goat milk from dog natural health stores.

  • Organ Meat

Dog, as a general type of carnivores, enjoy organ meat. It is an integral part of every diet, whether commercial raw, handmade meals, or anything else. Organs and glands are nutrient-dense organs and glands. The liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, brain, stomach (tripe), and heart are included. Strengthening foods include liver and other organ meats (also known as blood builders). Blood tonics are what they’re called in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We also know that carnivores prioritize organs such as the liver (vitamin A, B, amino acids, minerals), kidney (vitamin A and B, minerals), and heart (vitamin A and B, minerals) (vitamin B, amino acids, collagen).

  • Eggs

For a dog, eggs are considered a nutrient-dense food. They’ve been dubbed the “most complete protein” since they’re 100% bioavailable. They are high in protein and amino acids, as well as vitamins A, D, E, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals. Cardiovascular health is one of the benefits of eggs, so don’t believe the propaganda of the previous few decades that says eggs are bad for your heart! The cholesterol in eggs helps to control cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, cholesterol is essential for appropriate brain and liver function. They’re also healthy for your puppy’s eyes and skin.

A Natural Choice For The Health Of Your Dog
  • Berries

Berries are adorable, tasty, and incredibly nutritious for your puppy! For dog carers, we must know that they’re high in antioxidants and low in calories and sugar. Strawberries, in particular, are high in vitamins C, B1, and K. They also include a unique enzyme that is beneficial to the teeth. Vitamins, indigestible fibers, and water abound in blueberries. Raspberries can aid in the prevention of ailments such as heart disease. Cranberries and blackberries are also abundant in beneficial vitamins, which makes them dog heart health natural remedies.

Blackberries and raspberries, on the other hand, contain a natural toxin that, if consumed in high quantities, can be hazardous to your dog. As a result, please only feed them in moderation. You may also mash or boil berries to avoid choking while serving them. You may freeze them, But dogs should not have too much sugar, so you are suggested to serve them without any sugar or syrup. 

  • Mushrooms

You can use mushrooms on a regular basis. Mushrooms contain some of the world’s most unusual and powerful natural remedies. Because of their potential health effects, they’ve been employed in Chinese herbal formulae for generations.

Prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants are just a few of the vitamins and nutrients found in medicinal mushrooms. One of the most well-known advantages is the incredible immune system boost. They’re also healthy for your dog’s digestive health and have anti-cancer properties, which means they are a kind of natural health food for dogs.

  • Omega-3 Oils

Omega-3 oils provide several health advantages. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are beneficial to the brain, joints, kidneys, hearts, skin, and eyes. Fish oil, notably krill oil and calamari oil, are omega-3 oil sources that contain the highest concentrations of vitamin A and D, DHA and EPA, and are the most sustainable with the least negative impact. You can find them in many natural dog health products.

  • MCT Oil

MCT oil is another medicinal power food that I like to suggest to all of my patients. MCT is an acronym for medium-chain triglyceride, which is a healthy fat. It’s thermally stable, which means it won’t oxidize quickly even when heated to high temperatures, making it ideal for cooking.

MCT oil enhances cognition and aids in the prevention of dementia. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals, which help to decrease inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and improve skin and mouth health. It is essential for oral dog health, which makes them one of the natural health supplements for dogs.

  • Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are a source of probiotic microorganisms (probiotics). They generally have a greater range of bacteria than extra probiotics and include higher concentrations of microorganisms. They’re also beneficial to the immune system. The nutrients in fermented foods are one of the reasons they are so beneficial. Vitamin C, K2, and B are produced during the fermentation process and enzymes that aid digestion and metabolic function and lactic acid, which suppresses cancer cells. Yogurt, fermented vegetables, and kombucha are some of the greatest fermented food alternatives.

A Natural Choice For The Health Of Your Dog
  • Watermelon Cubes
  1. You’ll need 2 cups of watermelon cubes and a quarter cup of plain yogurt.
  2. Mix and blend the watermelon and yogurt in the food processor.
  3. Pour the mix into the ice cube trays or molds.
  4. Freeze the molds for around 4 to 5 hours. Take the cubes out whenever your fluff wants a taste of summer! 
  • Fruit Sticks
  1. Half a cup of pumpkin mash, 1 banana, 1 cup carrot stripes, 1/4 cup sugar-free apple sauce, 1 cup flour, 1 cup oats, and 1 tsp dried parsley are all needed.
  2. Preheat the oven and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Blend the ingredients in a large bowl and unfold them at the prepared baking sheet.
  4. Cut the mash into small sticks and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
  5. Take the treats out and cool them before serving the delicacy to your pooch.
  • Veggie Salmon Treats
  1. You’ll need 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 squash, 3 potatoes, 2 salmon chunks with skins, and 1 head of broccoli.
  2. Prepare the vegetables except for potatoes, mix and steam/bake them with olive oil.
  3. Air-fry the potatoes with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
  4. 1 teaspoon olive oil to pan-fry the fish. Remember to start with the skin on the bottom and work to the top before flipping it and placing it in the bowl.
  5. Remove the veggies and potatoes from the pan and combine them with the fish. Allow 15 minutes to cool before serving your puppy’s food!
  • Chicken Rice Mix
  1. 3 cups water, 1 cup brown rice, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 chicken breasts, and 2 pounds mixed peas and carrots are required.
  2. Cut the sweet potatoes into cubes
  3. Put in order the rice, the chicken, and the veggies into the rice cooker and pour in the water.
  4. Start cooking for 8 hours(overnight) on low gear.
  5. Remove everything from the pan and shred the chicken into bite-sized pieces, then combine the rice, vegetables, and chicken shreds in a mixing bowl. And you’re all set to go!

*Tip: Divide the stew into parts and freeze them so you can take them out, heat them up, and serve them the following time.

  • Turkey Dish
  1. 2 pounds turkey, 5 chicken livers, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 zucchini, 2 carrots, and 1 broccoli head are required.
  2. Slice the vegetables into small pieces.
  3. Take out a double boiler and add the 3 cups of water in.
  4. Steam the veggies tender and then add the turkey and chicken livers.
  5. Take out all the ingredients and wait for the veggies to cool off a little.
  6. Put the veggies into the food processor and start churning—pulse 3 times during the process to fully mix the veggies.
  7. Add turkey and livers and start churning again until everything is perfectly mixed. Cool before serving the delicacy to your pooch.

Final Note

As you look after your dog, you need to give your dog a healthy diet with natural food. For many dogs, any food modification for dogs should also be gradual to minimize gastrointestinal distress. Begin by gradually substituting a bigger percentage of your dog’s regular meals with the new diet, preferably over the course of seven days, until they’re enjoying eating a complete plate of natural food. Of course, if you need assistance or guidance, you may always call the vet.

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